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5 Money-Making Features Your Salon Website Must Have


With many businesses and consumers relying on digital technology, having a well-oiled website is a necessity. But the cost of maintaining a website can be too much for some, not to mention navigating the waters of marketing a salon business online can be very intimidating especially for DIYers.

At Simply Organic Beauty, we strive to help our clients grow their business, so we’re letting you in on our trade secrets! Below are the top 5 money-making strategies you can use to bring in more clients to your salon with minimal marketing effort and expenses.

Must-Have Money-Making Website Features

Newsletter Opt-In

Some people cringe at the thought of creating an email newsletter for their business, but the truth is, it remains as one of the most cost-effective and powerful profit-making machines. In fact, in a 2017 study by B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends, email marketing is still the most successful marketing strategy ahead of social media.1


And it doesn’t come as a surprise. Newsletters help you grow your client list at a fraction of a cost and time. Clients and prospective clients sign up for this service voluntarily. This means they are truly interested in what your salon has to offer, helping you to easily identify who your target clients are and update them on sales and events in a single swoop.

PRO TIP: Our favorite email marketing services for your salon website are MailChimp and Constant Contact. They’re free to start and simple to use. They also offer nice templates if you’re worried about designing your own.

Online Booking

Gone are the days when clients have to personally visit and wait for businesses to open before they can book an appointment. Now clients can do that from the comfort of their own home at any time. By having an Online Booking system in place, you can receive reservations 24/7.

User-friendly Online Booking apps like Vagaro, Square, and Schedulicity allow you to embed their widget on your salon website so clients can view your calendar and book an appointment without having to go to another website. They’re convenient, take the workload off your shoulders, and make for great customer service.

Unlike phone and in-person reservations, Online Booking systems also allow clients to check out what other customers have to say about your salon’s services and products. Which brings us to our next money-making feature.


Here’s a fact: 92% percent of consumers read online reviews and 84% of this number trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Yankelovich, a market research firm, found that 75% of people have negative perceptions about advertising2, meaning they are savvy enough to know when a brand is being dishonest. Hence, they turn to online testimonials to validate claims.

By adding a Testimonials page to your salon website, you are “humanizing” your business and providing prospective customers a glimpse into your salon, which helps convince them to book your services. You can either activate Testimonials on your website or embed reviews from sites like Yelp, Google+, and even Facebook. This way, you get to keep clients on your site and increase your conversions.


Portfolios aren’t just for writers, photographers, and graphic artists anymore. In the age of social media, you’re more likely to encounter a potential client asking about a hair color they saw online. Take advantage of this by including a gallery of your work on your website.


There are hundreds of website plug-ins that allow you to embed pictures (even your Instagram page) on your website. This way you can show your skills and increase your online visibility at the same time.

Gift Cards

e-gift-cardsGift Cards are powerful sales and relationship-building strategy every business should adopt. Unlike discount coupons, pre-paid gift cards have greater perceived value. They provide instant revenue and motivate clients to purchase your products and services immediately. In fact, 2 out of 3 consumers tend to spend more than 40% of the card’s value, and would almost always do repeat business.

Electronic Gift Card tools like Giftly and Yiftee allow your clients to buy gift cards through your site and send it to people they love. It’s one the most underestimated salon website design features!

Learn more here:


1 Content Marketing Institutes. 2017. B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends. Available: http://contentmarketinginstitute.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/2017_B2B_Research_FINAL.pdf

2 Elliott, S. THE MEDIA BUSINESS: ADVERTISING; A survey of consumer attitudes reveals the depth of the challenge that the agencies face. Availanle: http://www.nytimes.com/2004/04/14/business/media-business-advertising-survey-consumer-attitudes-reveals-depth-challenge.html

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Salon Website 101: Elements of a Successful Salon Website

In the age of Google and social media, having a website is crucial for your business. It enables potential customers to find and learn about your salon. But it doesn’t just end in having a website. To take advantage of the incredible benefits of having an online presence, your website should have all the necessary features that will make them feel confident about doing business with you.

Think of a website as an extension of your salon. It should have all the important information about you, your team, and your company. This allows potential customers to know you and trust you with their hair.

We rounded up 4 essential elements of a salon website to help you develop and gain new customers.

Elements of a Successful Salon Website


First and foremost, the main goal of having a website is to provide a convenient way for potential clients to get in touch with you. But if your website does not highlight your contact information, you will most likely lose their business.

  • Putting your Contact Information on BOTH your Home and Contact Page is essential. There are clients who don’t like navigating menus, so having your information in a prominent place on the home page allows them to easily find it and reach you.
  • Contact Forms do not cut it anymore. Clients today prefer immediate information. Whether it is a phone call, text message, social media, or email, your website should display multiple points of contact. This also includes your complete mailing address.
  • Use a Call to Action (CTA). CTAs entice a visitor take an action that’s beneficial to your business. Phrases as simple as “Call Us” or “Book an Appointment” can help convert a regular web browser into a paying client.
  • The Internet is here to stay, so whether you like it or not – we must move with the times. Having an Online Booking System allows your salon to receive reservations 24/7 and immediately notify your clients of your availability in seconds. It minimizes your workload and, at the same time, keeps your clients happy. It’s a WIN-WIN!


Your salon culture is critical to your success. It shapes and influences your clients’ attitudes and behaviors toward your business. Many clients go to salons to relax and feel comfortable and welcome. If your website showcases that, earning their business is going to be easy.

Having the following on your website will help:

  • Your Salon Logo & Colors. Believe it or not – keeping your website’s colors and logos consistent with your brand plays a major role in decision-making.

Neuroscientiest Bevil Conway believes that humans are hardwired for certain hues.1

Greens, for example, can have a balancing and harmonizing effect, which is perfect for a Holistic Salon website.

  • Unique and Professional Salon Photos. As much as you can, avoid using generic stock photos. Clients have unique needs, and by using stock photos, your salon will look pretty much the same as the next salon. Investing in professional pictures will help set your business apart from all the others on your street.
  • Your Salon’s Story, Team, and Values. This will help determine if you’re a good fit for them. As Holistic Hair Stylists, we cater to clients who are trying to maintain a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. Highlighting that on your website by sharing your team’s story and values will help attract more clients who are looking to do the same.


Admit it – walking into a salon and asking for the cost of a service can be very intimidating, especially for new clients. Disclosing your services and pricing helps alleviate their worry, and thus are more likely to set up an appointment now that they know they can afford your services.

However, be sure to include proper disclosure regarding your salon policies and procedures to avoid any misunderstanding.


For instance, include in the fine print that prices posted on your website are base prices, and total cost of service will vary depending on the treatments needed as well as the length of hair. We don’t want to lose their business over a simple mix-up.


Never underestimate the power of an up-to-date website. This can be in the form of a Blog, Testimonials, Portfolio, and Service/Product pages.

  • Even though you offer outstanding services, prospective clients want to hear an unbiased opinion. They want reviews from real people to validate your claim, and this is where Testimonials/Reviews page come in. Like personal recommendations, people nowadays turn to online reviews before making a purchase. 2 Testimonials provide a human element to your business, bridging the gap between you and your potential clients.
  • Having a Blog can help you drive more traffic to your website, increasing your website’s SEO performance. This puts you at the top of the search results on Google as well as positions your salon as the expert in your field. A monthly or quarterly blog post is recommended.
  • As Holistic Hair Stylists, our work is our business card. Before-and-Afters are an excellent way to showcase your skills and your ability to improve your client’s hair.
  • For customers, nothing can be more annoying than finding out that their favorite product is sold out. Or when a service had a price increase. This can lead to negative reviews and can cost you to lose their business, so be sure to keep your Product and Service pages updated.


1 Jaffe, E. (2014). The Fascination Neuroscience of Colors. Available: https://www.fastcodesign.com/3027740/evidence/the-fascinating-neuroscience-of-color

2 Anderson, M. (2013). 2013 Study: 79% Of Consumers Trust Online Reviews As Much As Personal Recommendations. Available: http://searchengineland.com/2013-study-79-of-consumers-trust-online-reviews-as-much-as-personal-recommendations-164565

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How To Boost Salon Retail Product Sales

Boost Salon Retail Sales With The 3 Ps!

Whether you’re a booth renter or multi-location salon business owner, knowing how to effectively sell retail products is vital to your success. It’s not just about increasing revenue, it’s an opportunity to build trust with your clientele and ensure their needs are met. 

In this video training, Rebecca Gregory and Tracy Olson will teach you the 3 Pillars of Salon Retail Success and what has and hasn’t worked in their own salons. Spoiler Alert: they also deep dive into an Oway Product Knowledge Session (one of the main factors that will determine your ability to sell salon retail products).

3 Pillars of a Successful Salon Retail Strategy

Promotional Planning

Proper promotional planning is vital component to your salon retail strategy. Not only does it set expectations for your team, it can also help purchasing decisions and your ability to maximize retail product profit. In this training, you’ll learn innovative promotion strategies, and how to effectively plan and implement them.

Psychology & Perception

Communication is both spoken and unspoken. Your client’s perception of you and your business begins the moment they wall in the door. Neglecting sensory details like scent and visual merchandising can be detrimental to your salon’s retail sales without you even knowing it. In this section of our training, you’ll learn how to implement experience merchandising, and how to make sure your salon and staff are speaking the same language.

Product Knowledge

It’s vital for those actively selling salon retail products to exactly what and why they’re selling a specific product, and most importantly, how to use it. In this section, we give our best tips for selecting your ideal retail product line and even a little bonus product knowledge session on our Oway product line.

Can’t get enough retail sales knowledge for your salon? Check out these 8 salon retail sales tips!

Need help implementing your salon’s retail strategy? Customers can give us a call M-F 9a-7p EST at 888-213-4744

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8 “Tried and True” Retailing Tips for Salons


1. Your Attitude Will Determine Your Altitude.

Many Hair Stylists and Salon Owners ask “how can I increase salon retail sales?” Meanwhile, you cringe at the word “selling,” and repeatedly tell yourself, “I’m not a salesperson.”

This is mistake #1.

First, the phrase “to sell,” is clearly in need of a definition makeover, so here it goes:

Selling is the identification and fulfillment of a need – nothing less, nothing more.

Many of you have the same clients for years, even decades. You do their hair (maybe even their kids’ hair). You know secrets about them you’ll take to the grave, and you’re the only person they trust to come near them with a pair of scissors.

What does this tell you?

You’re trusted, and for good reasons!

Remind yourself, you’re not a scammy used car salesman, who will do ‘whatever it takes’ to get someone into a Ford Pinto, today – you are a consummate beauty professional. You know the wants and needs of your clients’ hair better than anyone.

Have confidence in yourself and your position of power, and use it to send your clients home with products you know they’ll need and love. You’re more than qualified to make these recommendations, so don’t feel guilty or scared to do so!

Which brings us to our next tip for a successful salon retail strategy.


2. Product Selection

Choose products you believe in!

Once you choose to only sell products you personally believe in, the idea of retailing in your salon becomes a lot easier. You will no longer feel like you’re selling anything – you’re just simply recommending products you know will fulfill your clients’ hair needs.

Before taking on an entire line in your salon, have every stylist try the products and give an in-depth review. That way, you’ll know if it’s a line that you want to fully commit to and you’ll have different talking points. Hair Stylists with very good client relationships are even encouraged to give their clients a sample to test.

Mauricio of Mauricio’s Hair Studio in New York says, “I give my most loyal clients the opportunity to test and try any new products I am considering. That way, I hear it straight from the source of my sales – they also appreciate the fact that they have a say in which products I carry.”

Say no to salon product diversion!

All of your friendly retail suggestions will come to a screeching halt as soon as your client says, “I can buy it cheaper at Ulta or online.”

Too many companies exploit the expert knowledge and influence of Hair Stylists to gain brand affinity with their clients, then once it becomes profitable enough, they divert their products to large retail stores.

Can you think of a brand that was once salon exclusive, but are now sold directly to consumers?

We can.

So, when selecting the right products for your salon we suggest asking yourself these 3 questions:

  • Do I believe in these products?
  • Are these products unique enough to set my salon apart?
  • Are these products diverted?
retail tips for salons

3. Educate Yourself on Your Products

While it’s great to have an aesthetically pleasing retail shelf, you shouldn’t rely on just the look of your products to make a sale.

There’s a lot of great information to share about the products you carry that goes beyond, “it smells good.”

Hair products at Wal-Mart smell good. Tell them why they’re really investing the money in high-quality salon products.

For example, explain to them the importance of pH, and how your products work at the optimal level to prolong color and improve the health of their hair. If you’re one of our Holistic Hair Stylists, there are a multitude of talking points that help your products stand out – not just from a beauty perspective, but also from a health and eco-conscious standpoint.

Once you’re able to make well-educated recommendations, you’ll start building a trusting retail relationship with your clients. Which brings to our next retail tip for salons.

 4. Consultation is Key: Press for the Yes

A solid, honest consultation is vital for not just retailing products, but for fully understanding your client’s wants, needs, and lifestyle. As a stylist, it is our job to lead the conversation and make sure the client will be happy with their service.

Be sure to listen closely and help your client decide why they want a certain look. Do they keep bringing in a picture of a certain celebrity because they like the hair or because they like the idea of being that celebrity? Do they bring in a picture of them at a wedding because they actually liked their hair, or the nostalgia of happy times?

There’s a reason why Hair Stylists often get the reputation of being therapists or psychologists. Our job is to listen and translate our clients’ thoughts and ideas into a look that radiates beauty from the inside out.

Here are a few basic guidelines for conducting a good consultation:

Ask questions!

  • How often do you plan on returning to the salon?
  • What is your styling routine like?
  • What do you like and dislike about your hair?
  • What challenges do you have when styling it?
  • Are you looking to try out a new look or style? Or do you want to enhance what you already have?

Do the Wet Stretch Test!

The Wet Stretch Test will determine the integrity of your client’s hair, and more importantly, tell you what is missing from the healthy hair equation. Not to mention, it keeps your client engaged with you during the service, as you are educating them on what their hair truly needs and why.

However, understand the consultation does not stop just before your service.

After you’ve completed your cut and/or color, you should have accurate insight into what kind of hair your client has and where their issues lie.


This is where we tell you to softly press for the yes.

Getting a person to say, “yes” a few times before a purchase, is a proven technique to increase the likelihood of a sale.

Here’s an example of some dialogue between a Hair Stylist and her client in salon retail sale situation:

Hair Stylist: You said you use a flat iron and blow dryer almost every day, right?
Client: Yes, I need to or my hair is a mess.
Hair Stylist: I understand, but you are also trying to grow your hair out and hate all of the split ends from your flat iron?
Client: Yes, it’s so annoying.
Hair Stylist: You should try this heat protectant and gloss serum. It will protect your hair from intense heat, and the gloss serum will help smooth down any split ends or frizz. It also contains no plastics, so you won’t have to worry about artificial waxes and petrochemicals that only make the hair appear healthy.

This is just one example. The more you know about your products, the easier it will be to make recommendations that will help build trust between you and your salon clientele!

This brings us to our next tip for selling salon retail.

5. Build Trust

tips for selling salon retail
Trust is at the heart of every successful relationship.

Many of you already know that special connection between a Hair Stylist and his/her client is more of a friendship than anything else. Moreover, most true friendships do not occur over night, and must be steadily earned in time.

It is very important in the beginning stages of your friendship with your clients to focus on earning their trust.

Instead of pushing multiple products on a new client, start with just the basics to enhance and maintain their service. If it’s color, shampoo and conditioner; if it’s a hair cut, just a styling product. If they still show uncertainty, perhaps extend to them a discount they are able to use during their next visit (that is only redeemable with you).

You gain trust through listening to your clients’ problems, you keep trust by solving them!

Once you solve one hair problem, that opens the doors of opportunity to solve more. So, build that trust and be a good friend to your client!

6. Back Bowl/Styling Opportunity

salon retail tips
The time at the shampoo bowl is the perfect opportunity to acquaint your client with the products you are using. Tell them what the products will do to help their hair.

Once you’ve done the Wet Stretch Test, your client should be aware of what their hair is lacking. So, while giving them a nice head massage, explain that this shampoo and conditioner/treatment will add moisture/protein and will heal the hair from the inside out.

Washing your client’s hair should be a relaxing experience, and is an opportune time to stimulate the senses.

Paint a picture for your clients – you are the artist, after all.

For example, if you’re using a lightly floral scented shampoo, try to relax the client further and say, “I love this shampoo – not only does it make the hair shiny, it makes you feel like your lying in a bed of roses.”

The same opportunity that exists at the bowl also exists when you style their hair. So, show off your styling products!

Instead of just jumping in and styling your client’s hair, let them know what you’re using and why. Teach them how to properly use the product and style their hair – they’ll appreciate the tip and be more apt to purchase the product you used!

Another great place to expose your clients to your amazing products is at your retail display.

7. Retail Display Optimization and Visual Merchandising

Bloom Hair Design - Canton, GA

Whether your retail display is large or small, shopping and browsing for products should be an experience!

Try following these guidelines for a successful salon retail display:

  • We always suggest having a few shelf talkers – little labels that highlight the ingredients and benefits of your products. If you’re having a sale on certain items, have a tasteful sale label on your shelf, as well.
  • Keep your retail shelf organized and clean! No one wants to buy a product that is dusty – not only is it visually unappealing, it also looks like no one else liked the product enough to buy it. Try not to have a cluttered retail display, and try organizing the products by color, shape, or brand.
  • If you want to encourage clients to test products, make sure that they are between 22 and 66 inches; these are proven heights for easy accessibility. Also, try an inviting “try me!” label.
  • If space and design allows, try creating an “arena effect.” Having the products surround your clients can give them the opportunity to browse (if they are waiting) from any angle.
  • If your salon allows, try moving your reception desk away from the front door. This forces walk-ins and clients to look at the products before talking to the receptionist.
  • Make your retail area inviting. Having a simple tea and coffee area by your retail area is a perfect opportunity to incentivize clients to rise out of their chairs and to your retail shelves! Notice we said shelves, not cupboards or bookcases – people tend to not like to reach into to these types of displays.

If you only have one wall for retail (not a big deal), try making it stand out with a nice wall color or art that compliments the bottles. Also, be sure your products are well lit – if they can’t see or read your products and shelf talkers, then what’s the point?

8. Retail Training – Practice Makes Sales

If you’re still uncomfortable retailing, we suggest starting off by trying to sell a product to your friend or another stylist in the salon. Have them give you objections to the products, so when a client actually does this, you’re prepared with an insightful and professional response.

Try product flashcards! Other than using the product, the best way to educate yourself is to put your knowledge to the test. Try remembering unique facts about each item you sell. The more you know about your products, the better able you are to make recommendations based on client concerns and needs.

Do you have any tips for selling salon retail? If so, feel free to comment below!

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The “Quiet Chair” Salon Experience Trend


The Rise of the Quiet Chair Salon Trend

In today’s world of technology there are an abundance of ways to communicate. For some it has become a luxury to find a moment of silence, some time away from the constant chatter. In the past few years we have seen a rise in the amount of yoga studios and mediation practices across the world. Many people are searching for a place where they can power down and enjoy some peace.

The salon is also one of those places.

An area that many seek out for some “me-time”. It is somewhere to relax and rejuvenate. But it can also be a business of communication. As stylists, we know the salon is built on relationships. Most of us know our clients well, we form bonds and share stories. Some people come to us specifically for the gossip or the therapy sessions we can offer them.

But what about the people who don’t like to chat?

This is a great option for clients who may have social anxiety. Not every person is interested in having a conversation during their service, but they may also be too polite to ask for the quiet they need.

Think about the ones who always come in with something to read, or who discuss their haircut, then flip the off switch for the next 45 minutes. Salons are now looking to offer these clients their own space. “Quiet rooms,” or just a chair where they can avoid the fear of small talk.

“Quiet Chairs” are a rising salon trend all over the world.

Organic Way, a professional salon brand from Italy, has even created the term, “Head Spa.” A concept that takes a twist on the traditional salon service and makes it a tranquil experience. It’s a holistic approach that involves not just treating the hair, but the whole being. From diffusing soothing essential oils, to Ayurvedic massages and herbal teas, they offer a full relaxation of the body and mind.

And on top of that, a silent space or quiet chair to soak it all in.

The Quiet Room Trend Benefits Stylists, Too.


This offering also takes the guess work out of it for the stylist.

Usually, we can get a pretty good read on who wants to talk and who just wants to relax. Yet if the client can book their seat in the quiet room ahead of time, then it saves us from having to figure out how we should interact with them when they arrive.

Being a stylist myself, there are days where a little silence would benefit me too! All day we interact with new people, helping them to find the perfect cut, color, and style while carrying out lengthy conversations about all kinds of other things. It may be a relief to have a couple of moments in the quiet chair in between.

Overall, this is an interesting new salon trend that can expand your business.

Offering a fresh perspective on the salon and spa experience and reaching out to a new group of people who may have not booked an appointment. And your regulars will have another option to their typical appointment.

So what do you think? Will you be incorporating “silent spaces” or “quiet chairs” in your salon?

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10 Salon Business Tips From Tabatha Coffey


1)If you don’t have a passion for the art and business of hairdressing, then you’re just cutting hair. [Click to Tweet this quote]

Tabatha has always said the number one key to success for Hair Stylists, and salon businesses alike, is passion.

Passion for art. Passion for hair. Passion for making people feel good about themselves. The passion has to be rooted somewhere!

If you or the people you’re hiring lack passion, then you’re missing the major component that drives a salon in a positive direction and gives it sustainable life!


2) You are a lifelong student of hair, no matter your experience level.

Education doesn’t end after cosmetology school, you’re a life long student of the craft.
[Click to Tweet this quote]

Trends and techniques are constantly changing and evolving, and it’s a part of your job description to stay updated.

Tabatha says she keeps up with trends by attending hair shows, subscribing to trade magazines, and forming friendships with distributors and manufacturers. Well, hello there. 😉

In addition, you should be challenging yourself a few times a year (at least) with hair classes and competitions.

These type of events keep us on our feet – I know, we’re always on our feet – but these outings help build better teams, make us better Hair Stylists and overall, facilitates better business.

Plus, there’s no greater fun than when a group of passionate beauty professionals get together, trust us.

 3) Create a memorable and repeatable client experience.

Salons should take a note from Aristotle:

“We are what we repeatedly do; therefore, excellence is a habit.”

So, in order to create the best experience for your clients, you should be staying as consistent and unique as possible.

Don’t worry, consistency doesn’t have to be expensive.

For example, Tabatha Coffey once worked in a salon where they repeatedly had a candy bowl at the reception desk for their clients.

One day, they took the delectable treats away (oh, the horror)!

To their surprise, clients started asking about the missing candy. Even though it was just a tiny detail of their experience, clients had begun to expect the additional pleasure of candy after their service.

Tabatha lists ‘attention to detail’ as one of her essential keys to success, with special attention given to the client experience.

But if we’re being honest, we want you to think outside the candy box and get creative!

Just remember:

Be unique, consistent & stay true to yourself and salon.

4) Exceptional leadership is key to a salon’s organizational success.

Tabatha says the main mistake she sees is the lack of leadership and accountability within salons.

She is an avid proponent of leading by example, and having fair, but firm policies and procedures in place.

Tabatha emphasizes that policies and procedures should be kept simple and precise, and shouldn’t overwhelm staff with a torrent of incomprehensible words and babbling.

She also suggests keeping rules and regulations in the break room or office, along with a signature of each team member, confirming they’ve read and understand each rule.

This helps set a standard in your salon, and everyone performs their tasks better when they have a good grasp on expectations.


5) Focus on hiring and working with the best team of Hair Stylists and employees.

Salon owners and booth renters alike, can benefit from this salon business tip.

The most successful salons have a team of stylists and employees behind them that share in the same mission and above all, value each other.

As an employee or booth renter, if you feel undervalued, taken advantage of, or you ‘just don’t mesh with your team’ you may want to consider looking for employment else where. Staying at a salon that drags you down daily isn’t good for your personal and professional development or for the salon.

As for salon owners, it’s your responsibility to hire people that can work well together, and most importantly, create a working environment that inspires and fosters good team work.


6) Own your role as an empowering and trustworthy leader of your local community.


“Like a therapist… hairdressers are in a position of trust. We are transforming not just how a person looks but how they feel.” Tabatha says. [Click to Tweet this quote]

How great is this position of trust?

In 2008, this study revealed that a hair stylist-delivered message regarding breast cancer health increased the likelihood of women taking preventative measures against it by 70%.

Moral of the Story: Hair salons have serious influence on the health and lives of clients.

And if Hair Stylists can inspire people to start thinking about their health with such effectiveness, can you imagine the greater implications for your community?

You could be using your influential power to organize and lead park clean ups, fundraisers, and other events that empower and help your community.

And trust us, the community role and job of you, the Hair Stylist, isn’t going anywhere.

In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor & Statistics has revealed that Hairdressing jobs are expected to increase by 13% from year 2012-2022.

With your growing power and influence, you should be driving positive actions in your salon and beyond. Once you’ve decided to start building trust in your community, you transform yourself from a local business owner to a local business leader (there’s a difference), and people will take notice.


7) Working in a salon can be chaotic, but do NOT lose your professionalism.


Despite what Forbes may think about hairdressing being one of the ‘least stressful jobs,’ the majority of us disagree.

So, the next time you have a client under the dryer, while doing a haircut, and your next appointment arrives 15 minutes early, and you’ve managed to sustain yourself on hairspray coated coffee, remember this:

Do not lose your professionalism!

Professionalism is another crucial key to success according to Tabatha, and those who lack it, are eventually and rightfully ran out of business.

That’s not to say in order to have professionalism, you must be stiff and formal – stay human – but there are basic professional practices that should stay at the core of every business.


8) Always look for new marketing strategies that puts your work in the spotlight.

Salons and individual hair stylists should be looking for marketing strategies that keep the focus on your work.

When asked, “how do I increase the clientele in my salon?” Tabatha suggested the use of social media, “I think a lot of businesses underestimate it.”

Social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, are great visual and engaging displays of your work, as well as an open door for new and existing clients to check out your salon culture and ask questions.


9) Charge what you’re worth, and don’t feel guilty about it.


The costs of services can vary depending on factors like location and experience, but a big mistake many stylists still make is undercharging for their services.

Some feel guilty for charging more (even as they gain more experience), and some base their decisions on fear that they will lose out on business.

Stop doing this to yourself.

Here are some guidelines when it comes to figuring out your prices:

1) How much you want to make an hour (be realistic)
2) Find out the average price of services in your area
3) Look at the cost of your products

If you’re a salon owner, you’ll have to consider the greater picture, like how much overhead (cost of rent, electricity, etc) you have, and your quarterly and yearly revenue goals.


10) Pay it forward!


Important in life and important in business, paying it forward is one of the greatest things you can do for yourself and others.

For example, if you’re a senior stylist at a salon, offer to mentor a new assistant. “It is important to give back and share your knowledge,” Tabatha says. “Remember where you came from.”

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Grow Your Salon Business By Changing Your Mindset

Consider change to be the freedom you have been awaiting in your salon business!

Be involved with something BIG! The shift in the current salon environment is global, and we must consider different approaches in the way we operate to set us apart from the average.

We live in a time when there are literally salons popping up on every corner and more and more stylists flooding the industry. How are we to set ourselves apart?

We must consider a vastly different approach in which we organize our salons and how we operate in the choices we make. Making quality choices affects us at our very professional core.

The economy has shifted more towards service type of work and soon we won’t be able to run things the old way even if we are set in our current path.

New Products have created intense worldwide competition to the salon business growth and you will certainly find a multitude of competition everywhere to try and keep up with.

Career planning has not been working as you meant for it to? Take control of your career path, if you don’t consider adapting your current thinking and trying new things, how can you ever expect to improve?

It does no good to simply complain or be bitter about what is happening in the industry. In fact, that behavior that will only harm your chance of grasping the new opportunities that await. It is not a time to jeopardize your future on old assumptions on how this industry operates. You have to be the change!

Frankly, the world rewards those that truly catch on to what is happening so invest your energy rather in seizing these opportunities brought by changing your current salon state.

Change always comes bearing gifts!!!

By considering the scope and speed of change these days in salon life, there will be precious gifts and priceless opportunities for those who play by the new rules, position themselves as experts in the new playing field, and take personal responsibility for the salon future.

Meet the challenge: Follow a few simple guidelines for managing your salon during some new industry changes!

Things to consider:

Consider offering products with ingredients that are more natural and even certified organic. Consider going more green in your practices whether in products, materials, activities etc.

Consumers are becoming more aware and educated when it comes to ingredients in their cosmetic products. As a professional, we should add value to your current service by acknowledging the demand for better professional care products in your salon. These consumers are extremely loyal to their salons and are less price sensitive. They tend to understand and accept and appreciate the value of organics. If you patronize this clientele, you will certainly be rewarded as they are more inclined to be focused on the overall salon experience and want to both feel good and look amazing. They know that ingredients matter! You will also reap the benefits as they are typically active in sending you client referrals as they are the type to be fiercely committed to helping and enlightening others.

You should feel passionate about your work and commit to your passion. Clients and consumers want much more quality than ever before. They expect top notch service or they will seek your competition. In today’s world, career success belongs to those committed. To those who work from the heart and invest themselves passionately in their jobs and who can recommit quickly when change is needed, career success can be expected.

Continuous improvement- the Japanese call it kaizen-offers some insurance for your career. Kaizen is the relentless quest for a better way, for higher quality and craftsmanship. It is basically the daily pursuit of perfection. By joining a niche market, you are certain see the expansion of your current clientele. Offering healthier professional products and adding to you valued service will trigger dramatic breakthroughs to your current salon state. Keep abreast of the competition but look for ways to offer them an organic alternative to the current market.

Choose Sustainable products and continue to grow with other green minded networking groups. Network with other Organic Certified Colorists and share your knowledge and current ideas for trends etc.   This will not only keep you abreast of new techniques but can grow your ideas for marketing opportunities etc. strengthening your bottom line.

It doesn’t take long for skills and knowledge to become outdated in this fast changing industry. Technological advances and the flood of new products can make it difficult in keeping up with what is going on. Stylists must constantly adapt to new products and techniques. Lifelong learning is the only way to remain competitive in our market. Invest in your growth and continue to consider new products and services that are healthier for your offerings. Attend workshops and seminars regularly. You must be relentless in your pursuit of the best to offer your clientele. The more you are aware and current in your learning, the better positioned you will be in this market and you will increase your job security and a career will flourish from this. Defend your career by developing a better package of knowledge and skills than the next stylist.

Say No to Diversion of your professional products! Find companies that offer professional products that value you as a professional. This means that you must companion yourself with a company that doesn’t sell to local retailers such as Target and Wal Mart. You are the licensed professional not the corner drugstore. It is important to differentiate yourself from offering the same mediocre supposed professional products that can be found in any store. Recommend products that are salon exclusive and mean it. So choose a product line that offers high end ingredients and have credibility so you can create a loyal following from your advertising. It will set you apart more to advertise that you carry truly exclusive professional products that you recommend and create a loyalty among your customer base.

The era of entitlement is ending and instead take personal responsibility for your salon career. Embrace change and develop new habits and practices that are certain to make you stand out from the mediocrity. Go forward into the future of the Organic salon industry rather than revert to the past. Grow!

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5 Tips on How Salons Can Benefit From the Recent U.S. Debt Downgrade

United States financial history was changed forever when the Standard and Poors credit rating agency downgraded the U.S. government’s top notch debt rating from AAA to AA+ for the first time ever. This will have a very similar impact on the United States economy as a Credit Score decrease for your personal or business credit would have on your salon. The interest expense of borrowing money will rise for the nation and that will have a ripple effect to small business and consumers. Now, the “full faith and credit of the United States of America” is given the same value as countries the size of Belgium and New Zealand! People can expect higher interest rates on mortgages, auto loans, and credit cards as well as smaller wage increases and less money available overall.

Although all of this sounds very bleak, there have been similar situations in other countries that we can learn from. In fact, there are certain key concepts that will actually show how salons can benefit from the recent U.S. debt downgrade. We recently sat down with two successful entrepreneurs to discuss how this recent U.S. debt downgrade can be embraced as a strategic growth opportunity rather than feared as an negative economic indicator.

Above all, salon professionals and entrepreneurs alike should remember that this downgrade is only temporary. Many developed nations have been downgraded in the past and their AAA rating has always eventually been restored. The strong business and professionals will always prevail in the long term.

Expect an Increase in Interest Rates

Because the interest rates that the U.S. will have to pay on borrowing future money has increased, so too will interest rates from banks, credit card, and other financial institutions. As importantly, less credit will be available to your clients who may not be as credit worthy. This will have several important impacts on your salon business:

[list style=”arrow” color=”blue”]

  • Your more affluent clients will become increasingly important to your long term success
  • Your less affluent clients will become increasingly price conscious
  • Your local competitors will continue to gouge prices to attract your less affluent clients
  • The more affluent clients will receive poorer service from your competitors and seek alternatives


Tip 1: Compete and Don’t Retreat

“Now is the time to grab market share by targeting the clients you want to retain long term” says Tracia Harris, the Chicago based successful entrepreneur. “Differentiate your offerings in a way that will appeal to the affluent. Focus your attention on attracting and retaining quality clients that can afford your level of service in the long term rather than attracting the masses that will only find alternatives for coming into your shop whenever they can save money,” Harris continues.

Scott Mitchell, Chief Executive Officer of Organic Salon Systems and serial entrepreneur agrees “when there is change there is opportunity. Now is the time to relentlessly compete and not to cowardly retreat.” as Mitchell explains that truly great businesses enjoy their most significant growth during periods of challenge and change. Mitchell goes on to predict that “Over the next 12 to 18 months salons will be slashing their prices as they attempt to appeal to the masses. In doing so, they will be neglecting their most valuable, sustainable, and most profitable clients. It is the salons that stand ready, prepared, and dedicated to serving and pampering these clients that will enjoy sustainable success.”

Tip 2: Differentiate and Don’t Compete like a Commodity

A commodity is a product or service that can be easily interchanged or compared to a product or service offered by another provider. So, for example, if I want to buy a pound of sugar, it is easy for me to quickly compare prices between two providers for the same pound of sugar. Therefore, sugar is a commodity product.

“There are two things that I am certain will remain critically important to every salon professional. The first is that they will not want to have their clients compare their products and services as a commodity and the second is that they will not want to see their products diverted to the drugstore shelf.” says Scott Mitchell.

If your salon is using L’Oreal, Redken, Wella, Joico, Schwarzkopf, or any other line that can be found in 15 different salons within your town; your service is a commodity and you will be subject to your clients price shopping. Using a niche, boutique, non-diverted line like Organic Color Systems will protect your service from becoming a commodity.

To avoid your salon services from being compared or viewed as a commodity by your clients, it must be as fundamentally different to those services offered by other salon professionals in your local marketplace. Differentiating your products and services is how your product and services will be accepted as niche, boutique, specialized products or services that are associated with pricing premiums and price protections. When you are able to eliminate the ability for clients to quickly and easily compare your products and services to the exact same product and services as others, you are providing price protection to yourself. The only way to do this is to differentiate.

Tip 3: Appeal to more Affluent Clients

“Interestingly enough, it is the most affluent customers who change their service providers most during tighter economic times.” says Mitchell, who knows a bit about the affluent marketplace having founding and serving as the CEO and President for the Affluence Social Network (NASD:AFFU) which he took public in 2008 and is known as the Facebook for Billionaires. “Affluent clients will be left by the wayside as their previous salons begin to neglect them. Appeal to their interest, offer differentiated products and services, and serve them well and they will be your clients for life.”

Tip 4: Make them Feel Good About Looking Beautiful

During tougher economic times, the salon business typically enjoys steady growth. This is because people resort to beauty servies rather than expensive spa vacations as a way to feel good about themselves. Mitchell asserts that affluent clients are even more inclined to need to feel good about themselves. “When the rest of the nation is struggling, the Affluent are plagued with a sense of guilt and self doubt” Mitchell asserts. This assertion is most distinctively supported by the huge increase in charitable donations by the affluent during economic downturns. “Provide your affluent clients with socially responsible, environmentally friendly, safe, and healthy products and services which allow them to feel good about looking beautiful and you will have them for life” Mitchell proclaims.

Organic Salon Systems products are known for being the healthiest, most environmentally friendly, socially responsible, safest and healthiest salon products world wide. The newest O’Right wet line features Tree in a Bottle, the world’s first shampoo bottles that, after used, can be planted to grow a tree.

Tip 5: Remember, the Downgrade is Temporary

Many developed nations have been downgraded in the past and their AAA rating has always eventually been restored. The strong business and professionals will always prevail in the long term. As our politicians in Washington DC learn how to exercise the same fiscal discipline that small business owners and salon professionals intuitively understand, our nation’s credit rating will be restored.

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