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Your 2020 Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Your 2020 Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Whether it's Valentine's Day or Galentine's Day for you, we know one thing that will put a smile on any loved one's face: holistic hair care and beauty products!…

Ali Reynolds January 28, 2020

6 Things You Must Know When Moving into Your Own Salon Suite

To many stylists, owning a salon is the ultimate goal. Who doesn’t like being your own boss and having the freedom to express your own creativity while making…

Daphne August 29, 2017

5 Essential Steps to Creating an Effective Retail Design for Salons

In the past, salons relied more on their staff to sell products, but as the retail landscape continues to shift, businesses need to rethink how to attract customer…

Daphne August 22, 2017
Hair Stylists: These 3 Questions Will Help You Charge What You Are Worth

Hair Stylists: These 3 Questions Will Help You Charge What You Are Worth

Charging what you are worth as a hair stylist is such an important part of professionalism in our industry. Some stylists start the game with confidence and a deeper…

Daphne August 10, 2017

5 Easy Ways to Retain Salon Clients & Transform Them Into Lifelong Fans

Attracting salon clients takes a lot of work, but the true challenge lies in retaining them. All too often we see many salons looking virtually empty, which sends…

Daphne August 8, 2017

5 Untold Secrets of Social Media Marketing For Salons

Years ago, social media marketing was totally unheard of. Facebook and Instagram started off as fun, alternative way to share photos and experiences. But as they…

Daphne August 2, 2017

6 Tried-and-Tested Strategies to Master Your Salon's Online Reputation

Marketing your salon business today is not as simple as it once was. These days, getting your salon's name out there will require some cutting-edge online salon…

Daphne July 25, 2017
5 Money-Making Features Your Salon Website Must Have

5 Money-Making Features Your Salon Website Must Have

With many businesses and consumers relying on digital technology, having a well-oiled website is a necessity. But the cost of maintaining a website can be too much…

Daphne July 20, 2017

Salon Website 101: Elements of a Successful Salon Website

In the age of Google and social media, having a website is crucial for your business. It enables potential customers to find and learn about your salon. But it doesn’t…

Daphne July 18, 2017

How To Boost Salon Retail Product Sales

Whether you're a booth renter or multi-location salon business owner, knowing how to effectively sell retail products is vital to your success. It's not just about…

Organic Expert November 15, 2016
8 "Tried and True" Retailing Tips for Salons

8 "Tried and True" Retailing Tips for Salons

1. Your Attitude Will Determine Your Altitude. Many Hair Stylists and Salon Owners ask "how can I increase salon retail sales?" Meanwhile, you cringe at the…

admin October 27, 2016

The "Quiet Chair" Salon Experience Trend

The Rise of the Quiet Chair Salon Trend In today's world of technology there are an abundance of ways to communicate. For some it has become a luxury to find…

Organic Expert December 11, 2015

10 Salon Business Tips From Tabatha Coffey

1)If you don't have a passion for the art and business of hairdressing, then you're just cutting hair.  Tabatha has always said the number one key to success…

admin February 12, 2014

Grow Your Salon Business By Changing Your Mindset

Consider change to be the freedom you have been awaiting in your salon business! Be involved with something BIG! The shift in the current salon environment is global,…

admin May 25, 2012

5 Tips on How Salons Can Benefit From the Recent U.S. Debt Downgrade

United States financial history was changed forever when the Standard and Poors credit rating agency downgraded the U.S. government’s top notch debt rating from…

admin August 6, 2011