The 5 Body Language Signals You Need

Body language is a fascination, powerful subject. 90% of what we communicate is physical – very little has to do with what we say. Tuning into a few very simple but powerful signals can do wonders for your relationships with your clients. Listening is important, physically watching may be vital.

Facial Expressions
Is she smiling confidently as you describe your ideas for her hair? Is she worried about them? Is she excited?

If her arms are crossed she may be closing you out (although she may just be sitting comfortably). If her arms are open she is more likely to be excited and accepting of your ideas.

If they’re squinting then she’s likely questioning or suspicious. If her eyes are open they are telling you that she is more curious and open to your suggestions.

Nodding the head
It is common for us to nod ‘yes’ or shake ‘no’ when someone is suggesting something to us. Pay attention to the movement of your client’s head as you’re talking to her.

If you find these ideas valuable, picking up a book on the subject would be great. If you consciously look for these signals you will notice a huge difference in your relationships with your clients.