Holistic Salon Scalp Therapies & Trichology Training with Oway

Salon Scalp Therapy & Trichology Class for Holistic Hairstylists

In honor of Hair Loss Awareness Month, our Simply Organic Beauty Educator Mariatu Browne and VP of Education Rebecca Gregory held a Trichology Class for Holistic Hairstylists all about holistic trichology, the scalp treatments and products Oway offers to treat hair loss and how to incorporate trichology into your salon business for a bottom line booster.

Get your notepads ready and watch the webinar above or continue reading below for the 5 key takeaways of the trichology class.

Catch the 5 key takeaways from our Trichology Class for Holistic Hairstylists below!

1. A case by case basis.

Unfortunately, there is no one miracle product or treatment alone for hair loss. It is an affliction that can happen for different reasons and presents differently in each person. Everybody is different, so keep in mind as you expand your business into holistic trichology and hair loss, you will be doing treatments on a case by case basis.

That being said, in order to correctly diagnose scalp issues and suggest the correct ritual, you will need a Tricho-Derm Profiler, an innovative wireless hand-held microscope that allows you to identify clients’ trichological and dermocosmetical problems immediately and easily. The 50x – 1000x magnification provides clear visualization of details of the hair and scalp and the 1980 x 1080P resolution gives you high-res photos and videos that turn out clear every time for the most accurate diagnosis and treatment possible.

2. Spend time on your consultation.

Your consultation is your best friend here. Sometimes, a troubled scalp can present with a multitude of different problems that need to be addressed. Taking your time, discussing major irritations and concerns with the clients, getting a list of their at-home products and observing diligently with the Tricho-Derm are all key aspects of a good and efficient consultation.

The main scalp conditions are dandruff, excessive sensitivity, sebaceous secretion and tendency to hair loss. Through asking questions and exploring with the Tricho-Derm, you’ll be able to determine the concern and best course of treatment. Remember, every client and scalp is unique, so use your expertise and knowledge to determine the best all-around solution which will include in-salon treatments and at-home products for care.


3. Use your Treatment Diagnosis Sheet.


This handy sheet from Oway will help you to know exactly what your looking at through that powerful Tricho-Derm Profiler. Plus, it suggests the best treatment for each condition that you might find!

Using this sheet, you’ll know exactly what you are looking at. For example, did you know there are two types of dandruff? Dry dandruff is flaky and will fall out when you brush, while oily dandruff is more of a white buildup. This is just one example of how this tool can help you correctly diagnose and treat scalp conditions.

An additional sheet goes into detail about the treatment types and products in each Oway treatment group which you can find by clicking the button below.

4. Have the right products to treat them in-salon.


Now that you’ve consulted, observed and determined the correct ritual for your client, you need the best holistic products to treat them in-salon!

Luckily, Oway offers an amazing range of products for in-salon scalp treatments that naturally heal problem areas. We have a huge range of packages you can choose from to save on all the products you need. Whether you’re focusing on hair loss during Hair Loss Awareness Month this August or need the staple Purifying, Soothing, Rebalancing and Hair Loss products, we’ve got ways for you to save.

Plus, if your client has more than one issue that needs to be addressed, you’ll be prepped and ready to plan your process and cocktail treatments accordingly. To go back to takeaway number 1, scalp treatments happen on a case by case basis, so as a holistic hairstylist you will know the best way to move forward.

5. Send them home with the correct retail.

The treatment is a process consisting of both in-salon treatment performed by the professional and the retail products to continue at home. Good hair and scalp health start in the salon, but it is no use if clients go home and continue to use the products that might have caused the problem scalp in the first place. It is vitally important that, as the last step of the process, you recommend home care products to maintain the results obtained in the salon. For the 4 basic common scalp concerns, these at-home products might include:

Check out our Holistic Scalp Treatment Packages to get started as a tricho-expert in your salon!