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Looking for a fun, innovative way to grow your client base this fall? Try social coupons like Groupon!

Social couponing or group buying is the newest, fastest growing form of promotion and advertising for both small and large businesses! Groupon is currently the dominating force in the social coupon industry, followed closely by Living Social. They connect millions of their world wide subscribers to discounted deals in their local areas daily via the internet. Your salon could be one of the businesses reaching millions of potential clients!

We are not just talking about a few new customers, but numerous amounts of potential long-term customers that will be begging for your time. Groupon, and other social coupon services will give you and your salon the opportunity to turn coupon buyers into lifelong customers after you wow them with your professionalism and unique hair services. Oway and Smooth Rituals Keratin Treatments are both fantastic services to be featured on Groupon and with the help of Simply Organic Beauty, they could do wonders for your salon. Not only could these Groupon buyers become long-term clients, but word of mouth is the strongest, most influential form of advertising for any business. Studies have shown that Groupon users go out two times a week or more; they habitually use Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets to spread their likes and preferences (this could very well be your salon)!

As salon owners and stylists you should know the demographics you’ll be exposing your salon to if you decide to conduct a highly effective Groupon Campaign.

Fast Facts:
• 78% of Groupon buyers are female (most of the hair/beauty industry clientele)
• 20% of Groupon’s coupon offers are hair and beauty related (don’t be left out!)
• 48% of Groupon buyers have an income of $77,000+ annually
• 97% of businesses using Groupon would like to be featured again
• 92% of Businesses claim their Groupon buyers were quality customers
• A random survey of 1,000 salon customers found that an astounding 96% were at their current salon because of a deal found on the internet.

You may be wondering exactly what a Groupon, or social coupon campaign entails and what you need to do to launch a coupon campaign successfully, luckily Simply Organic Beauty has researched social coupons extensively and even has salon success stories to share with you here.

After you get familiar with what has worked for other salons you can then take the plunge and contact your local/regional Groupon sales representative through their website. They will help set up the coupon and you will be on your way to building your client base!

Simply Organic Beauty values you and your clients immensely and would love nothing more than to see you succeed! If you have more questions about anything Groupon or social coupon related please feel free to email, or call us directly! We’d love to assist you during your Groupon campaign process. Good Luck!

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