What to Know: Oway Rebuilding Line

This September, we are featuring the Oway Rebuilding line. After the long summer months, it’s time to focus on rehydrating and repairing dry, damaged hair. One of client’s biggest hair concerns, Oway Rebuilding starts in the salon and continues with at home hair care. Our Oway Rebuilding Treatment Kit harnesses the restorative power of plant-based Phytokeratin, Hyalominerals and Ceramides paired with Ultrasonic Infrared Technology to deeply repair damaged hair. While most hair repair products focus on replenishing the hair’s moisture or protein levels, our Rebuilding Treatment regenerates ALL components of the hair with an extraordinary collection of plant keratin, oligoelements, minerals, water and lipid reserves.


Our cold fusion Ultrasonic Infrared Remedy Iron works to infuse the hair with our reparative products, while sealing cuticle scales and preventing further breakage. The Infrared Hair Remedy Iron is a state-of-the-art tool that harnesses the power of ultrasonic vibrations and cold fusion therapy to repair the hair’s internal structure. It ensures optimal absorption of products, while sealing cuticle scales and restoring hair fibers. It’s innovative technology helps products deeply penetrate the hair’s cortex and cuticle layers, taking your in-salon treatments to the next level of effectiveness.


Hydrolyzed vegetable proteins give the hair body and resistance. It contains Vitamin A, which fights hair breakage and contributes to scalp health. The Vitamin E within this system has an antioxidant action that fights free radicals. This combination contributes to stronger hair, less prone to breakage. 


Oway Rebuilding Serum is made with an innovative Phytokeratin™ complex of 18 biomimetic acids that exactly reproduce the hair’s keratin structure. It strengthens the hair by acting as “intracellular cement” for the cuticle and cortex to refill and reinforce the chains of the hair.


Did you know? You can also use Hyalominerals and Ceramides F on the skin – specifically the face and hands. This provides extra nourishment, softness, and protection. It’s a great finish to your in-salon service! 

Oway Ceramides F restore and strengthen both the skin and hair with a revolutionary botanical-based concentrate. Vitamin F Forte restores the skin and hair’s delicate lipid barrier, creating a protective layer around the cuticle to prevent further damage. Ceramides penetrate the lipid barrier to regenerate and “fill in” missing pieces of the hair.

Oway Hyalominerals hydrate and repair both the skin and hair with a revolutionary remineralization process. Hyaluronic Acid seals cuticle scales and binds to the hair and skin, allowing it to retain moisture and softness. Trace minerals restore the hair’s matrix and help nutrients penetrate the hair.


So who are you marketing to? Clients with damaged, weak hair that is lacking substance. The Oway Rebuilding line reconstructs its protein and lipid structure for a long-lasting effect. 


Note: This is not your average protein shampoo and conditioner – the innovative formula of Oway Rebuilding Hair Bath and Mask revives the hair with the perfect balance of essential phytokeratin and hydrolipidic ingredients. Hair is never left starchy or dry. 


How to: Salon Treatment

  1. Intensive repair treatment with application of a custom hair pack [Rebuilding Serum + Ceramides F and/or Hyalominerals] on the lengths of dry hair.
  2. Use the infrared iron – section by section. [Duration of treatment approximately 15 mins.]
  3. Wash hair with Rebuilding Hair Bath. Application of the Rebuilding Hair Mask with sectioned hair massage leaving the mask in for 5-10 minutes. Rinse.
  4. Suggest at home routine of Rebuilding Hair Bath & Mask, no more than 3x weekly. 

Check out the tutorial on YouTube, HERE