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4 Winter Skincare Routine Essentials


Oh, winter. You dry out our skin, make our hair brittle and feel even more damaged than before and make us do extra work and research to keep our bodies hydrated, nourished and glowing on the inside and out.

To make everyone’s life a bit easier this season, we’ve created a custom winter skincare routine (using natural and organic products only, of course) that will not only maintain skin health but completely transform it this season.

1. Always remove your makeup.

It’s important to clear away dirt and oils from the day, but you don’t want to strip away moisture. Using a creamy cleanser like the Oway Perfect Skin Cleansing Cream or an oil based cleanser is perfect when the temperate starts to drop because they are more gentle and keep the skin hydrated. We love the Perfect Skin Cleansing Cream because it contains a boat load of antioxidants and amino acids, including L-Glutamine, which your body actually makes. This will help fight free radicals in the frigid temperatures.


2. Keep exfoliating.

You still need to exfoliate in the winter because of the dry temperature caused by constant heating inside, which causes your skin to dry up. Buffing away these dead skin cells with a gentle exfoliator like the Oway Glowing Face Gommage will get rid of the dead stuff while replenishing moisture thanks to the Alpine Willowherb. This cool little ingredient grows on the edge of glaciers and is rich in mucilage (basically a ton of moisturizing properties.)

3. Treat yourself to a serum.

Using serums such as a ceramide like Oway Ceramides F Treatment or a hyaluronic acid like Oway Hyalominerals Treatment will lock in moisture unlike any other product. Hyaluronic Acid helps the skin capture and preserve water, revealing softness, hydration and elasticity. These are sure to keep your skin hydrated and glowing during the dreary months. 

PRO TIP: you can use either treatment on your hair as well! Try mixing the Ceramides F Treatment with the Hyalominerals Treatment for a custom reparative treatment for super damaged hair.


4. Upgrade your moisturizer.

During the winter or colder months in general, your skin goes into hibernation mode. When this happens, you’ll want to use a thicker moisturizer to protect your skin’s barrier. We love the Oway Radiance Face Balm for the added ingredient of Cistus Incanus. Also known as the Plant of Beauty, this magical ingredient contains a wealth of antioxidants that neutralize DNA damage and preserve skin’s youth and elasticity.

Get what you need for your routine here!


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