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Ultimate 2016 Fall + Winter Hair Color Trends Guide


Our ultimate guide to winter and fall hair color trends has officially landed! In this guide, you’ll find a wide spectrum of fall hair color ideas for brunettes, blondes and reds that are sure to keep you inspired all season long.

If you’re looking to re-create one of these gorgeous hair colors for your hair, be sure to download our 2016 Fall Hair Color Formula Ebook! Here, our contributing hair artists reveal their hair color formulas, and we give you our best tips for achieving and prolonging your favorite fall hair color.

So, grab a warm pumpkin spice latte and get your Pinterest finger ready – these fall hair color trends are going to last right into 2017!


Fall Hair Color Trends for Brunettes


Chocolate Copper Hair Color


Hair By: Holly Wiitala, Smoke & Mirrors Salon (Baltimore, MD) with Oway Hcolor


Hair By: Heather Ford, Ananda Organic Salon (Houma, LA) with Oway Hcolor

Chocolate Copper! This gorgeous fall 2016 hair color trend pairs rich brown tones with ribbons of copper and soft glints of violet.

This is the perfect fall hair color for brunettes looking to embrace those warm, dimensional autumn tones without touching their natural base color. Of course, you can always create a deep chocolate base hair color by choosing either cool, dark chocolate or warm, milk chocolate shades – either way, you can’t go wrong with this color pairing!


Cafe Au Lait Hair Color Trend


Hair By: Meredith Johnson of Abloom Salon (Phoenix, AZ) with Oway Hcolor and Oway Hbleach


Hair By: Summer Reid of Suite Nectar Organic Salon (Tustin, CA) with Oway Hbleach for Balayage

That blend, though. Cafe Au Lait, this hair color term was coined by Hair Stylist, @meredithabloom and is reminiscent of the hot milk that softly blends into your favorite light or dark coffee base. This fall hair color trend is best achieved with your favorite balayage or handpainting technique and a cool combination of ash and violet colors. Both Summer and Meredith created these seamless looks with Oway Hbleach and toned with some Oway Hcolor – 11.17 (want the entire formula? Download our 2016 Fall Hair Color Formula Ebook)!

Terracotta Hair Color Trend


Hair By: Kaila Ward with Oway Hcolor for Base and Toner, Oway Hbleach for Highlights


Hair By: Passang Tsamchoe of Ingenious Organic Concept Salon (San Francisco) with Oway Hbleach for Balayage and Oway Hcolor

Channeling the earthy tones of terracotta clay, this fall hair color trend embraces warm, coppery hues. Another great fall hair color idea for brunettes who want to rock reddish tones without the upkeep that comes with more vibrant shades. Terracotta hair color is also quite versatile – colors can range from burnt orange to delicate peach, depending on your client’s desired hue or level. Both Kaila and Passang used Oway Hcolor’s .35 series to create these gorgeous looks.

Radiant Orchid Hair Color Trend


Hair by: Heather Ford of Ananda Organic Salon (Houma, LA) with Oway Hcolor


Hair By: Jessica Austin of Moss Organic Salon & Spa (Phoenix, NY) – toned with Oway Hcolor

Quite possibly one of the most sought after hair colors for winter and fall 2016 – Radiant Orchid! This vibrant purple hair color blooms with absolute confidence that intrigues both the eyes and creative spirit. Notably, high fashion colors like Radiant Orchid can be prone to fading. We recommend a sulfate-free, organic color protection shampoo and using the least amount of hot tools as possible.

If you’re addicted to flat irons and curling wands, then be sure to use thermal heat protection products, as well. Another way to let low maintenance clients embrace Radiant Orchid hair color is to opt for soft, balayaged pieces instead of an all over color (seen right from Jessica Austin). While both interpretations of this fall hair color trend are absolutely stunning, one carries less maintenance than the other

Mulberry Hair Color Trend


Hair By: Bailey Simon Sagona of Periwinkle Hair Studio (Geismar, LA) with Oway Hcolor


Hair By: Tyler Fenix of Eco Hair Color Style (Miami, FL) with Oway Hcolor

If there’s one thing we know about 2016 fall hair color trends, it’s this – just about every shade of purple of is in! Mulberry hair color is slightly different than Radiant Orchid, as it’s deep, rich hues are both soulful and enchanting. Both Tyler and Bailey used Oway Hcolor’s 5.77 and 6.77 to create these stunning shades that will stay on trend well into winter 2017.


Fall Hair Color Trends for Blondes


Butter Blonde Hair Color


Hair By: Suzanna Kennedy with Oway Hbleach and Oway Hcolor 9.01 for low lights


Hair by: Jakob Dozen at TMAC’s Hair Studio (Mobile, AL) with Oway Hbleach (no toner!)

Who says you can’t go blonde in the fall? The best way to embrace slightly warmer tones in your blonde hair in fall is going Butter Blonde! What we love most about these Butter Blondes is the health and integrity of the hair. You know what they say, “healthy blondes are the best blondes.”

Nude Blonde Hair Color Trend


Hair By: Lori Babb of Wildflower, an Organic Hair Studio (Chesapeake, VA) with Oway Hbleach and Oway Hcolor


Hair By: Kristin Kneeland of Simply Hair with Oway Hcolor and Hbleach

The perfect blend of warm, cool and neutral tones – Nude hair color for blondes is definitely on trend this fall. This look is best achieved using your favorite balayage or handpainting technique, making it exceptionally low maintenance for most blondes. The seamless blend of varying tones, while dimensional, also has a gorgeous unifying effect. This blonde hair color trend is also quite versatile, allowing both you and your clients to customize a look that can channel more coolness or warmth depending on the desired result.

Honey Bronze Hair Color Trend


Honey Bronze Hair By: Kaila Ward Hair with Oway Hcolor


Hair By: Debra Pedraza of Biologique Organic Beauty  with Oway Hcolor and Hbleach on Natural Level 4, Latin Hair

What better way to transition your summer blondes into a fall hair color trend that’s low maintenance, but also doesn’t make it difficult for them to go lighter in future months (as you know they will). Honey Bronze is the perfect blend of honey hues and bronze/bronde tones. Debra Pedraza did a double-process with our plant butter-based ammonia-free lightener to lift her client’s Natural Level 4 hair to a 9. Then she depositing the colors needed for her flawless colormelt.

Want the entire formula? Be sure to download our 2016 Fall Hair Color Formula Ebook that showcases these amazing Holistic Hair Stylists at the bottom of this article!

Vintage Rose Hair Color Trend


Hair by: Kristine Hartman in Burlingame, CA with Oway Hcolor


Hair By: Anne Henn from Hello Gorgeous Salon (Breda, IA) with Oway Hcolor

We haven’t been able to get enough of the rose gold hair color trend for a few seasons now, and we love to see how it evolves! Introducing Vintage Rose Gold hair color – the perfect winter hair color trend. Vintage Rose is different from your conventional rose gold hair color, as it channels more smokey violet tones.

Rose Quartz Hair Color Trend


Hair By: Leah Taylor of Smoke and Mirrors Salon (Baltimore, MD) with Oway Hbleach and Oway Hcolor


Hair By: Stephanie Cencibaugh with Oway Hcolor for Toner

Chosen as Pantone’s Color of the Year, it’s no wonder Rose Quartz had made its way on the strands of so many clients. This delicate, light pink pastel hair color’s gentle essence embodies the qualities of the rose quartz stone: compassion, peace and love – qualities our world was in dire of need of this year.


Red Hair Color Trends for Fall 2016


Merlot Hair Color Trend


Hair by: Erica Stevens at Artist Endeavor (Statesville,NC) with Oway Hcolor


Hair By: Molly Kuhl, Rock Paper Scissors Salon (SantaRosa, CA) with Oway Hcolor

Hello, Merlot! Speaking of our favorite fall wine, Hair Stylist, Erica Stevens called this fall hair color trend early, and rightfully named her gorgeous work after the iconic red wine. This red hair color is stunning, as it exudes a variety of tones – ranging from violet to copper.

Ronze Hair Hair Color Trend


Hair by: Tatyana Kosogina of Ingenious Organic Salon (San Francisco) with Oway Color


Smokey Ronze Hair Color By: Erin Stevens of Modest Peacock Salon (Marietta, OH) with Oway Hcolor

The perfect blend of copper red and bronze brown, Ronze hair color is right on trend for fall! We’re loving the smokey ronze tones created with our Hcolor line by Tatyana and Erin. Want the formula for their stunning ronze hair color formula? All is revealed in our 2016 Fall Hair Color Formula Ebook!

Pumpkin Spice Hair Color


Hair By: Erica Stevens of Artistic Endeavor (Statesville, NC) with Oway Hcolor


Pumpkin Spice Hair By: Alice Muradyan with Oway Hcolor

Pumpkin spice has seemed to find its way into just about everything these days, but how could you not FALL in love these gorgeous copper tones? We love the tonal reflections achieved above, and could you guess that both Erica and Alice used 8.44 from our ammonia-free Oway Hcolor line? What can we say? We have some beautifully talented hair artists in our Holistic Hair Tribe!

If you enjoyed our 2016 Fall and Winter Hair Color Trends Guide, please SHARE! You’ll be giving well-deserved attention to all of the gifted Hair Stylists who contributed to this article. They even went ahead and shared their fall hair color formulas with you in this Ebook below! So, go ahead, download the Ebook and spread the love and creative inspiration!

Download the 2016 Fall Hair Color Formula Ebook Below (it will be e-mailed to you)!




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5 ‘Must Try’ Bob Hairstyles for Fall

Whether’s it’s textured and tousled or prim and polished, bob hairstyles are the perfect option for those who are looking to lose the long locks this fall.

While there are many bob hairstyles to choose from, here are our top 5 ‘must consider’ bob hairstyles for fall and winter 2016.

Bob Hairstyle #1: “The Julianne”


We’ve deemed this bob, “The Julianne,” after Julianne Hough, who rocks this wavy bob flawlessly!

Characterized by it’s ability to be worn straight or wavy, this bob is both versatile and adorable. So, get ready to break out those razors and texturizing shears, because this bob’s popularity is about to make a WAVE!

Bob Hairstyle #2: “The Kloss Bob”


Inspired by Karlie Kloss’ bang + bob combo, this haircut is ideal for those trendy clients types who aren’t afraid to lose a little length, and add a little fringe!

Karlie Kloss’ bob is another versatile beauty, that can be worn sophisticated and straight or wild and wavy.

Bob Hairstyle #3: “The Inverted Extrovert”


Inverted or A-line bobs, can come in all different lengths and layers. Depending on your client’s face shape; you should tailor your inverted bob to accommodate your client’s best and least favorite features (yep, we all have ’em).

In addition, if your client is really craving a change, consider adding an asymmetrical aspect to your inverted bob.

Which brings us to our next super chic bob hairstyle…

Bob Hairstyle #4: “The Queen Bey Bob”


Spice up that a-line bob with a little asymmetric action!

Beyonce’s bob is chic and sleek, and perfect for those clients looking to add a little edge. However, don’t get it twisted (or do), because with a heavy side bang and some curls, you can really pump up the volume on this bob hairstyle for fall.

Bob Hair Style #5: “Long Like Paltrow”


Here’s the thing about long bobs…

If they are too blunt they can tend to be bland, and nobody wants that.

Ensuring the hair is properly layered in the back and slightly texturized will keep this hair cut from looking less like a “lob” and more of like the long, elegant bob it should be.

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The Ultimate 2016 Hair Color Trends Guide


2016 Hair Color Trends Guide

2016 is officially here, and with it a new hair color trends guide to inspire you all yearlong! While last year’s bold, vibrant colors were certainly stunning (we’re looking at you, Galaxy Hair), we predict 2016 hair color to eschew more natural, earthy tones. From antique-brushed blondes to rustic copper reds and browns, this is the only 2016 Hair Color Trends Guide you need this year!

2016 Hair Color Trends for Blondes


Sandstone Blonde


Image Credits: Pinterest

A beautiful blend of beige and taupe-like hues.

Sandstone is a hair color trend inspired by wind swept sands with soft shadowing and ripples of color.

Pair a neutral root feathered down to lighter pieces of wheat and beige blondes to achieve this look.

Honey Butter Blonde


Image Credits: Pinterest

A light golden blonde with warm undertones and strategic platinum placement. For a multi-faceted look, use a honey hue as your base or root and softly weave strands of golden and white blonde. Pay extra attention to face-framing highlights which should accent and enhance your client’s complexion.

Tip: this hair color usually works better on neutral to warm skin tones.


Strawberries & Champagne


Image Credits: Pinterest

What better way to ring in 2016 than with a hair color inspired by New Year’s favorite sparkly sweet drink? Strawberries & Champagne is a dazzling blend of both champagne and strawberry blonde. A great hair color option for blondes who want to dabble in some reddish-gold tones without an overall commitment to “red hair.”

Amber Sunrise


Image Credits: Pinterest

And for those clients who are ready to go on full-on copper blonde, bask in the ambience of Amber Sunrise. Soft and reflective, this color is characterized by it’s golden copper tones.

Imagine the sun at the start of each day – it’s golden gaze and orange embrace is bright and welcoming, but also represents renewal.

There may be no better way to start the year than with an Amber Sunrise.


Crystal Ash


Image Credits: Pinterest

A clean, light blonde with a natural ash base. When trying to achieve this hair color trend for your clients

visualize a crystal’s first emergence from rock: it’s cool, pristine and strong.

The key to Crystal Ash is to lift the hair to a pale, light blonde, while maintaining it’s integrity and strength. Hair won’t embody crystal-like features if it’s over damaged from lightening.

Tip: We recommend lifting with Hbleach (it’s made with kaolin and kukui butter and keeps the hair in amazing condition).

Hair Color Trends for Brunettes


Tiger Eye


Image Credits: Pinterest


An ancient stone worn for protection and confidence, Tiger Eye is known for it’s rich browns and golds.

It’s thought to have healing powers and can be a great color choice for clients who want to begin next year’s journey with courage, strength and willpower. Re-create this hair color with handpainted caramel highlights paired with a warm or dark chocolate base.



Image Credits: Pinterest

A precious gemstone, Topaz can come in a variety of colors. From golden brown to reddish-copper, this color is known for it’s multi-dimensional reflects. Thought to promote self-realization and control, Topaz may be a great choice for clients looking to bring about these qualities in 2016. To re-create this hair color trend, select a mocha brown base and delicately weave copper fine accents through the mids and ends.

Caramel Bronde


Image Credits: Pinterest


A balanced blend of blonde and brown, we’re no stranger to the highly requested “bronde hair color trend.” However, 2016 will be the year of Caramel Bronde. Picture light, caramel browns paired with neutral to golden highlights. Victoria’s Secret model, Gigi Hadid, is widely known for her beachy waves and bronde hair color.




Image Credits: Pinterest

A striking combination of red and bronze tones “Ronde” is another color name mashup that’s bound to get many requests in 2016. This deep copper and warm brown hair color is best suited for warm to golden skin tones, like actress Emma Stone.

Sunkissed Auburn


Image Credits: Pinterest

If you haven’t caught on yet, copper hair color is definitely having a moment in 2016!

Sunkissed Auburn is a delicate blend of soft copper red and gold.

Even celebrity, Lauren Conrad, has opted for sunkissed auburn, as she announced her new hair color on Instagram just a few weeks ago (which just so happens to match her hair stylist’s color, Kristen Ess). To achieve the “sunkissed look” opt for your favorite handpainting or balayage technique.

Rustic Copper


Image Credits: Pinterest

Rustic copper is one of the metals considered to be a “healing metal,” and is both energizing and grounding. With it’s spicy, energetic gold hues, any client willing to go for this deep copper hair color will notice a spike in attention and overall energy. This color is best suited for skin tones with warm undertones.

Purple Dahlia


Image Credits: Instagram via @Guy_tang, Pinterest

Dahlia flowers grow in a vivid array of shapes and colors. From pre-dominantly red or fuchsia hues,

Purple Dahlia is a versatile, violet-red hair color.

Depending on your client’s preference or skin tone, it can be formulated to focus more purple or red.

Antique Rose


Image Credits: Pinterest


We mentioned bright, bold fashion colors are going to take a backseat in 2016, but don’t count out all pastel colors.

Instead of ultra vivid colors that are quick-to-fade, expect more muted pastels. Think of dusty pinks and vintage washed blues that are soft and subtle.

One color in particular is Antique Rose – a mixture of soft copper and pink tones.

If you need more proof that pastels will be soft and subtle in 2016, check out Pantone’s colors of the Year: Serenity and Rose Quartz.



Image Credits: Pinterest


A bluish-lavender color that can be interpreted to be more powder blue or lavender. Above are a few ways this color trend may unfold.

Rose Quartz


Image Credits: Pinterest


A soft, muted powder pink. Rose Quartz is known as the “love stone,” and can be a beautiful color to attract romance into your client’s life. This light pink can be used as an all over color for your fashion-forward clients or a few streaks can be added to pique interest in your blondes.

2016 Hair Color Techniques

Shadow Root


Image Credits: Instagram via @Meredithabloom, Pinterest


Roots aren’t just for trees. Whether your’e creating a bright, fashion colored root (like this stunning purple) or just trying to ease the regrowth for your blonde clientele, shadow rooting is a great technique to add to your arsenal in 2016.



Image Credits: Via Instagram @HairAndMakeupBySteph, Pinterest


You read correctly. Contouring isn’t just the latest, greatest makeup trend, it’s also being requested by color clients. So, what is it exactly? It’s the next step up from face-framing highlights and is custom for each client. Contouring with hair color can be a great way to enhance or draw attention away from your client’s features.

Tip: Use darker tones to create shadows to narrow or shorten face shapes. Use lighter colors to elongate and illuminate certain areas of the face.

***Note: This is a compilation of trends our experts have spotted through our own salons, social media and celebrities. In order for our clients to get the most out of these articles, we provide a guide to formulating these beautiful 2016 Hair Color Trends with the color lines we offer: Organic Way (Oway) and Original & Mineral (O&M).***

2016 Hair Color Formula Guide

Download the FREE Color Formulation Guide!


Get tips, tricks and formulas!

(It’s FREE and for Hair Stylists ONLY!)

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Summer Hairstyles and Haircuts for Women

The sweet, sultry air of summer goes hand-in-hand with windswept waves, boho braids, and layered haircuts.

With long days and humid nights ahead, you’ll need sun-sational summer hairstyles that embrace the freedoms of the season.

So, go ahead and Choose an epilator guide – indulge. Take a look at the hottest hair trends summer has to offer:

Braided Summer Hairstyles

Half Crown Braid

The half crown braid is the perfect summer hairstyle for keeping hair out of the face and in the spotlight.

If french braiding isn’t in your repertoire, try its twisted sister counterpart. Instead of braiding, simply twist the hair back from each side, then pin into place.

braided summer hair stylessummer hairstyles 2014

Butterfly Fishtail Braid

This braided hairstyle is great for loose, low hanging hairstyles that don’t tug or pull the hair.

Start with your normal part, then pull back hair from both sides of the head, and secure it neatly in place with a small plastic band. You’ll then begin your fish braid; once complete, simply lock in the braid with another small plastic band, and snip the previous one that was holding the hair in place.

braided summer hair stylessummer hairstyles for long hair

Best Summer Updo – The Braided Bun

Also known as the upsidedown french braid, this hairstyle is ideal for keeping the hair off the neck during the hot days of summer.

Bonus points if you add a bow. 🙂

summer 2014 hairstylesummer updo

French Braid Fringe

Ladies who are growing out your bangs, listen up!

This summer hairstyle is great for long and short hair lengths, or just about anyone who doesn’t want frizzy bangs blocking their view.

summer 2014 hairstylesummer-hairstyle-for-bangs

Summer Haircuts for Medium Hair

Shoulder-length Wavy Hair

Kill the flat iron already, or at least stick in a drawer until fall!

Summer is the time to embrace your hair’s naturally flowing waves. For a long lasting look, lock it in with a sea salt or texturing spray.

PRO TIP: Be sure to use a spray with added moisture, since salt can dry out the hair.


Wavy Bob Haircut

We’re calling 2014, the year of the wavy bobs!

Quite possibly the most sought-after haircut of summer, wavy bobs embrace the hair’s natural shape, making it your super secret weapon against the relentless heat and humidity of the season.


Summer Hairstyles for Short Hair

Short Asymmetrical Bobs

This is the wavy lob (long bob) with a slight edge!

Short asymmetrical bobs keep it cool in the back, and throw a party in the front. Basically, your favorite friend this summer.


The Classic Pixie

The pixie is a classic, and what better time to give it a try than summertime?

Short strands may keep heat a bay, but make no doubt about it, this summer hairstyle is nothing but hot!


Summer Haircuts for Long Hair

Simply Long Layers

Just because it’s summer, doesn’t mean all hair should lose length.

If you’re a long-haired beauty looking to change things up, add some long, face-framing layers!


Long Side Bangs with Layers

Is just long layers too boring for you?

Try adding side-swept bangs for the perfect match to your long layers. Note: Save the bold, blunt bangs for fall – sweaty bangs are 1) annoying 2) dreadful.


Did we miss any summer hairstyles? How about your favorite summer haircut? We’d love to hear from you!



Fall/Winter 2013 Hair Color and Style Lookbook

Fall 2013 Hair Trends

Fall 2013 Hair Trends, Hair Colors, and Hairstyles – what’s next?

Fall is in the ‘hair’!

It’s time to trade in beach towels for boots, lemonades for lattes, and most importantly, summer tangles for fall tresses!

As beauty enthusiasts and salon industry professionals, we have compiled this complete Fall/Winter 2013 Hair Lookbook for you to share with your clients and colleagues.

Fall 2013 Hair Color Trends
Fall 2013 Hair Color #1: Plum Browns!
Winter 2013 Hair Trends

We predict this will be one of the hottest hair color trends of the Fall and Winter season!

Plum browns, with their gorgeous violet and red undertones, are a great option for your brunette clients who are looking for an edgy, yet professional look. This type of brown is highly customizable, allowing you to use more violet or more red, depending on your client’s desired result.

Celebrities who have successfully pulled off a shade of plum brown are Lana Del Ray and Kelly Osbourne.


Fall 2013 Hair Color #2: Cherry Cola Brown!
Fall 2013 Hair Trends

With the colder months upon us, try warming up your clients hair with our FR series and Violet and Red Concentrates to achieve this beautiful Cherry Cola Red hair!

The queen of cherry cola hair color is Cheryl Cole (pictured left)! Her olive skin tone paired with this reddish brown hair color is perfect for fall, and is a great model to suggest to your dark hair colored clients looking to add some spice to their hair color!

However, this color is so versatile, feel free to suggest it to your fair-skinned clients, as well!

Fall 2013 Hair Color #3: Copper Reds!
Fall 2013 Hair Trends

2013 has definitely been the year of the redhead, and this classic color trend doesn’t show any signs of slowing down!

If your client’s aren’t looking for a deep fiery red, try suggesting the cinnamon strands of the copper red family!

Copper red hair color is a perfect choice for your fair-skinned clients who may be weighed down with too dark of a red. To achieve a beautifully dimensional copper color, try mixing XBO (Xtra bright orange) for a pop of color with our CR series!

P.S. Our Hairmonics developer is perfect for exposing more warmth, and will give long, lasting results to the “color that is the fasted to fade.”

Fall 2013 Hair Color #4: Butter Blondes!
Fall 2013 Hair Trends

While fall and winter usually entails most clients opting for darker shades, you will always have those clients who will stay blonde!

This hair color trend is optimal for those clients who love to rock a light blonde year round!

Butter blondes are characterized by their platinum blonde highlights, accentuated with golden yellow pieces. While the upkeep may be a bit more demanding during winter, this is still a very trendy option for those blonde bombshells who love to “light” up a room!

Fall 2013 Hair Color #5: Bronde (Blonde + Brown)!
Fall 2013 Hair Trends


Also known as the perfect combination of brown and blonde hues, bronde is perfect for darker haired clients who want to try out a lighter color, or for those typically blonde clients who desire a darker shade of blonde.

Bronde hair color can take many forms and can have ashy or golden undertones. The best way to achieve the bronde hair color for your clients is to stay lighter through the face and ends with well-blended highlights, creating a subtle ombre look.

Fall 2013 Hair Color #6: Honey Blondes!
Fall 2013 Hair Trends

The perfect middle ground between a butter blonde and a bronde hair color is honey blonde!

Honey blonde hair color was first popularizd by Jennifer Aniston in the mid 2000s and is definitely making another comeback!

Honey blonde hair color is characterized by predominantly warm hues, paired with well-placed, toned highlights. As a cousin of the bronde hair color trend, this look is best achieved with your ombre/balayage technique.

Fall 2013 Hair Color #7: Chocolate Caramel!
Fall 2013 Hair Trends

Perfect for your naturally dark leveled clients, chocolate brown paired with warm copper highlights through the mid shaft and ends is a gorgeous fall hair color.

Consider doing a full head of micro-highlights or a well-blended ombre to achieve this delectable fall beauty. These techniques will also maximize their color service, as regrowth tends to stay darker through the winter months with less sun.

Celebrities that pull this fall hair color off flawlessly are: Jessica Alba, Mila Kunis, and Megan Fox.

Fall 2013 Hair Color #8: Neutral Browns!
Fall 2013 Hair Trends

To really bring hair back to life after a summer of sun and heat, is a dark, rich neutral brown hair color!

No need to add any highlights for this one, this sleek and sexy hair color will draw from summer’s lighter pieces to create a shiny, multidimensional look.

This hair color is perfect for those clients desiring to go darker in fall, and don’t necessarily want warm/copper hues.

Celebs that wear this hair trend perfectly are Jessica Biel and Adriana Lima!

Fall 2013 Hairstyles
Fall 2013 Hair Style #1: Loose Waves
Fall 2013 Hair Trends

We’re not talking beach waves, ladies!

Loose, polished waves are in!

Fall and winter is a time to let your hair shine and not embrace the frizz! Smooth, loose waves can come in all shapes and sizes, and can be worn casually with knitted hats or at formal fall events.

Fall 2013 Hair Style #2: Texturized bobs!
Fall 2013 Haircuts

Although fall is perfect long hair weather, not everyone will opt to keep their locks long.

In come the texturized bobs!

This adorable fall haircut is low maintenance and is complemented by your fall ombre color palette.

Celebs that know how to rock the messy bob are Ashley Greene, Jennifer Lawrence, and ScarJo!

Fall 2013 Hair Style #3: Sleek and Straight!
Fall 2013 Hairstyles

Kiss the hot steamy, humid months of summer goodbye!

Fall and winter are the perfect months to wear sleek, straight hair that lasts all day and radiates shine and health!

Style your clients with an awesome blow dry cream, and send them home with a moisturizing oil to lock in this fall style!

P.S. For a super sophisticated look, pair those polished strands with a deep side or middle part!

Fall 2013 Hair Style #4: Break out the bangs!
Fall 2013 Hairstyles

Whether they’re straight across or to the side, bangs are always a great addition to any fall or winter style!

Depending on your client’s features and preferences, be sure to recommend the right type of fringe! Wispy or bold bangs can be the difference between a cut that your client loves or hates!

Fall 2013 Hair Style #5: Braids!
Fall 2013 Hairstyles

Fall is the season for perfect waterfall braids or even a fishtail!

Braided styles that are able to be worn with long (or short) hair will be much sought after this fall!

We hope you found our Fall/Winter 2013 hair trend lookbook to be both informative and inspiring! Are there any popular hair trends for fall that we missed? SHARE!


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3 Red Carpet Looks From Iron Man 3


The Iron Age of Hollywood

Robert Downey Jr. Iron Man 3 Premeire

Robert Downey Jr. No Fuss, No Muss

By now, there isn’t a person on the planet who has’t heard about the the first summer blockbuster of 2013, Iron Man 3. This movie is setting the tone for not only summer entertainment, but also for hot summer his and her looks. Iron Man 3 stars the handsomely aged Robert Downey Jr., as multimillionaire entrepreneur and super hero, Tony Stark.

While in Iron Man 3 Robert might be the slick, confident man’s man, in real life he is down to earth, a bit goofy and un-fussed. This has been evident at his recent publicity appearances for Iron Man 3. For example, at red carpert premiere of Iron Man 3, Robert Downey Jr. was wearing a messy, pushed up and forward hairstyle that is well suited for his personality.

Get the Look: This look can be easily achieved and held in place with O’right’s eco-friendly Ultra Free Mud. Ultra Free Mud offers excellent, hold and superb memory that takes on an eventful night to keep up those winning movie star looks.

Gwyneth Paltrow Iron Man 3 Premeire

Carefree Gwyneth Paltrow

There has been a lot of talk lately about Iron Man 3 star, Gwyneth Paltrow’s home (non) beauty regimen. She has a carefree, natural look and spirit to match. Plus she was voted People Magazine’s World’s Most Beautiful Woman! In Iron Man 3 Gwyneth plays Tony Stark’s love interest Pepper Potts. At the Iron Man 3 premiere Gwyneth looked stunning as ever with her sleek. blonde locks and couture style. Traditional haircare and styling products with sulfates, parabens and plastics are detrimental to maintaining a clear, crystalline blonde. Sulfates can make color appear dull and lack luster. While, parabens and plastics will create buildup that will make the hair look lifeless and weight it down. Not to mention, that parabens when absorbed through the pores and compounded in the body can mimic estrogen. So the path to healthy, natural looking blondes is to seek out hair products free from these ingredients.

Get the Look: A combination of Organic Connect Silver Shampoo, Organic Care Systems Protect leave-in conditioner and Organic Control Systems Spray gloss will provide clean, clear blondes with a silky, no-frizz finish!

Rebecca Hall Iron Man 3 Premeire

Iron Lady Rebecca Hall

New to the summer Hollywood blockbuster scene is Rebecca Hall, who plays scientist, Maya Hansen – a former love interest of Iron Man, Tony Stark. This seasoned British actress arrived ready for action with breezy, scrunch and go hairstyle. This beach-wavy look added an extra dimension to Rebecca’s supple, golden brunette hue, and is one of our top 2013 hair trends this year.

Get the Look: This color be achieved in a single process with Organic Color Systems shade 8CA (Caramel) and finished by spraying the hair with O’right curl activating mist and then scrunching in O’right’s Flexible Styling gel while using a hairdryer on medium/low.

Compared to award show red carpet style, the Iron Man 3 premiere offered a peek at the laid back looks sure to follow this summer.