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Five Things You Need to Know about O&M’s Newest Treatment CØR.restore

In the past, we’ve been led to believe that it’s impossible to condition and nourish the hair during a chemical process. That belief is changing. CØR.restore, Original & Mineral’s new, restorative treatment for all salon color services has arrived in North America.

If you missed yesterday’s O&M CØR.restore Launch & Learn Online Training, you know we got your back! Here are the five things you missed about this exciting new product!

Facts about O&M CØR.restore

O&M CØR.restore is an in-salon 2-step treatment.

The O&M CØR.restore in-salon treatment is composed of a liquid blend of Amino Acids, called Part 1 – Liquid. It is made to be used during a chemical process to protect and nourish the hair. The second component is Part 2 – Balm, a restorative cream designed to replump the keratin protein within the hair. When used together, these two assist the stylist into looking after the condition of hair during or after a service.

It uses a blend of Amino Acids and Organic Elements to re-link hair bonds and preserve the keratin structure during technical services.

The Amino Acids and complex of Organic Elements in O&M CØR.restore aid in building protein and hydrating the hair. This blend is essentially the basic components of a healthy hair that we’re driving back and relinking to the remaining proteins in the fiber. It’s made up of the following:

  • Arginine – Stimulates Hair Growth
  • Glycine – Slows Aging Process
  • Alanine – Helps Retain Color
  • Serine – Strengthens the Hair
  • Valine – Nourishes the Hair Fiber
  • Proline – Builds Collagen
  • Threonine – Provides Protein and Collagen
  • Isoleucine – Plumps and Fills the Hair
  • Histidine – Strengthens the Hair Shaft
  • Aspartic Acid – Conditions Strands
  • Sodium PCA – Preserves Moisture
  • Phenylalanine – Helps Prevent Fading

It works with any salon service.

From lightening, coloring to even using it as a stand-alone treatment, O&M CØR.restore can be used alongside any type of service. Unlike other hair treatments, the chemistry of CØR.restore does not interfere with your lighteners, pigments, perms and activators.

There are different Mixing Ratios for every treatment.

While it can be used with any type of service, there are mixing ratios you need to follow to maximize the benefits of this amazing product. For the detailed step-by-step instructions, watch the video above!







CØR.restore can also help increase the longevity of your hair color.

By adding Part 1 in your client’s lowlights or pastel hair colors, the amino acids in CØR.restore can help bond the hair and the color, locking it in. On the other hand, combining Part 1 and Part 2 will add longevity to all types of hair color.

Apart from these amazing facts, CØR.restore is a profitable addition to your salon services. Because it is exclusive to professionals, adding this treatment alongside your services can help bring in an increase of sales of $2,010/ kit when priced at $30+ per treatment.

Got questions? Check out our introductory specials below!

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O&M Stylist Spotlight: Marie-Anne Tsoukalas


This Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we chatted with Original & Mineral stylist and owner of Alkemi Salon, Marie-Anne Tsoukalas, on what inspired her to become a stylist and how she fell in love with O&M CØR.color.

Read her interview below!

How did you decide that you wanted to be hairdresser?

I’ve wanted to be a hairdresser since I was a little girl. I can’t remember being anything else. Ever. I cut every single doll’s hair that I ever owned. I cut my own hair, my friend’s hair and even children’s hair at my kindergarten. I still have the heads of some of my Barbie dolls that I cut and colored with food coloring.

My passion burned from the pit of my stomach. I would concoct potions out of clothing bleach and household detergents. I would “tone” my hair with mercurochrome and sit for hours in the sun with lemon juice and bicarbonate of soda on my head. I would beg my mother to let me purchase color from the pharmacy, but she would always say no. While she would do her grocery shopping, I would go to the toiletry aisle and look at the back of the Clairol packet and read the list of ingredients. I was enchanted by these boxes of magic. The very idea that you could predict the EXACT outcome was amazing to me.


One day my mother went to the local salon and had a perm. “How does your hair STAY curly?” The hairdresser looked up at me. Her jaw stopped it’s rhythmic chewing. “What?” “How does it stay curly? Even after you wet it?” I had practiced wetting my hair and drying it around pencils but the curls would return after they got wet again. I never really got a satisfactory answer from that black clad stylist. Maybe she was taken back by the fact that I was only 9 years old and had a self-cut asymmetric bob.

My life took many ups and downs but there was one constant. My determination for answers. My yearning to be a hairdresser. I studied after school, got my masters and then studied further to become a color technician. The more I learned the more I wanted to know. I became entranced. I went on to become an educator and won prestigious prizes and accolades. Life has this way of throwing you curve balls and Hairdressing became my silver lining. The light at the end of the tunnel.

Many say that a stylist is only as good as the products and tools they use. Do you agree?


To me, hair is art. And the product I use is my medium. The hair is my canvas. So for me what I use is extremely important. It has a ripple effect. I want the best quality and I dislike not being in control. As a stylist, while we can’t always control our canvas, we can control the paint we use. O&M helps me control my canvas. Nourish it. Make it better.

An artist needs not only good paint with fine pigments, but also the quality of the canvas plays an integral role in the end result. The more I use O&M and the more my client uses O&M at home, the better my canvas. The health of the artist as well as the environment in which the art shall be exhibited are also key factors. If my hands burn while I paint, or my client is not comfortable while I’m being creative, this is not a good sign. And this is where I feel O&M is the ONLY range that meets ALL my needs.

I was also touched by the story of how O&M was created because I also developed contact dermatitis on my hands due to years of exposure to harsh chemicals in the salon. I am blessed to be able to have found O&M. I document every single color I do behind the chair in the hopes of creating awareness of this phenomenal product. I feel that once you have become enlightened and become aware of the difference between O&M and traditional color, you have NO excuse NOT to use it.

What makes O&M such a groundbreaking line for you?

As a product, it is simply superb. It has stunning ingredients, it spreads well, and “paints well”. The mixing ratio makes it affordable and less wasteful. The packaging is recyclable. The colors are predictable and wide-ranging. There are no harsh smells, the color is easy to clean off the bowls and brushes and doesn’t stain the skin or hands easily.

As for what is does to my “canvas”, because the color range does not contain Ammonia, PPD, or Resorcinol, the whole experience is so much better for my client. There’s no Gluten or Soy in the formulations so the scalp stays calm during the tinting process. Due to the exclusion of PPD, most allergic reactions are alleviated. Ammonia has been replaced by MEA, a safer alkaline alternative. Ammonia is the conventional catalyst in the oxidation process, which creates harsh fumes and causes irritation, red eyes and hair damage. Most importantly, O&M has also removed Resorcinol from their tints. Resorcinol is a popular coloring agent that is proven to be extremely detrimental to the human immune system and the planet. Now if you can imagine every single hair salon in the world on a Saturday rinsing just one client, and that resorcinol running down the drain…


And then there is the “Free from Five Formulation”, which is the ethos behind all the O&M Care and Styling products:

  1. No SLS
  2. No Parabens
  3. No Propylene Glycol
  4. No MIT
  5. No Triclosan

All the ingredients are vegan and certified by PETA as cruelty-free.

Which EVER way you look at it… Environmentally, ethically, health wise or financially. There is no reason to ever use another brand. Why would you want to use something that damages YOUR health? Why would you want to use something that damages your client’s hair and health? Why would you want something that damages the environment? That is tested on animals?

I use O&M because it would be an ethical crime to use anything else. I’ve been a salon owner, stylist, educator, color technician, worked on shoots, and in every area of the industry. But I think I have truly found my calling. I want to spread awareness not only to my clients but to other stylists as well, so they can share it with their clients. I want to be an O&M advocate. As an industry, we have a responsibility for the footprints we leave behind.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Can you share a Pink Hair Color formula that our Holistic Hair Tribe can re-create in their salons?


Absolutely! For this look, my goal was to achieve a soft hair color that’s feminine and subtle. I wanted to create a look that’s wearable and classy, keeping within the O&M vision of bringing nature and luxury together.

I therefore adapted my technique and color choice accordingly. I specifically chose tones that would flatter my particular model and would help me create enough pink “ribbons” to honor Breast Cancer Awareness, without it being too overpowering and unnatural-looking.

Please describe your process.

I started by cleansing the hair with O&M Original Detox Shampoo and then shampooed once with O&M Fine Intellect Shampoo as I find it helps even out the porosity. No conditioner or treatment was applied. I prefer working on clean blow-dried hair with the basic cut in place as my canvas, then Ieaving the texturizing and personalization for after the color. This way I achieve a far better end result. I know exactly where I want to place my accents, shadows, and sections. I can be very precise and have almost zero waste. This is better for your pocket and the environment. It’s like building a house. First you build the walls, then you paint them.


Sectioning is paramount. Clean sections, combs and clips. This goes hand in hand with your clean products.

Firstly, I sectioned the hair into four quadrants. Making the partings where the model’s hair usually falls open and over the radial line like a hot cross bun. I painted the roots (approximately 5cm) with half O&M CØR.color 7.11 Intense Ash Blonde and half O&M CØR.color 8.16 Light Ash Violet Blonde and O&M CØR.color 10 vol Activator 1:1.5 (referred to as root mixture from now on)


I then mixed:


Bowl 1: O&M CØR.color 9.6 Very Light Violet Blonde with O&M CØR.color 10 vol Activator (Ratio 1:1.5)

(midlength mixture foil #1)

Bowl 2: O&M CØR.color Dusty Pink Toner with 5 vol (Ratio 1:1.5)

(end mixture foil number 1)


Bowl 1: 3/4 O&M CØR.color Pale Pink Toner plus 1/4 O&M CØR.color Lilac Toner with 5vol ratio 1:1.5

(End mixture)

PRO TIP: A good tip is to mark each bowl (I do this with stickers).

I then proceeded to weave sections with my tailcomb and “balayaged” the root mixture a bit further down and applied the 9.6 to half the mid lengths from the direction of the mid lengths up, leaving a tiny gap between the root mixture (this is to ensure the brush stays clean and the colors do not mix). Then, I painted the Dusty Pink about 2mm below where the 9.6 ends and painted it all the way to the ends.

From where the root mixture ends, I blended the darker color downwards with my finger, almost like finger painting. I isolated these in foils, so they did not smudge onto the other hair. I was careful to fold the foils in such a way that the three colors didn’t overlap and mix or press too hard that the product would squish out or leak.


With the second foil, I “dragged” the root smudge about three to four cm’s lower, alternating this measurement as the head shape changes and as I worked up from the nape, making sure that the second foil in my pattern has a longer root mixture application than the first. The reason for this is to create depth and texture. Each foil creates contrast for the next.

I now painted the mixture from Bowl 1 for FOIL TWO, also making sure to apply it a few mm’s from where the root color ended, and then finger blending the colors together and carefully folding and closing the foil in the same way I folded the first one.

I began at the nape so as not to smudge or mess product on the “clean hair”. Then from the hair line around the face, I worked towards the back of each of those squares.


When I had foiled the whole head, alternating between finer and chunkier weaves depending on where I wanted to place my lighter or darker “ribbons”, I mixed my final mixture.

This mixture was for the hair remaining between the foils. I mixed O&M CØR.color 10.6 Lightest Violet Blonde with O&M CØR.color 20 vol Activator with a ratio of 1:1.5. I used 20 vol because I wanted to smooth out any lines that may have formed where the root color had ended because it had already developed by now. I applied it around the face first and worked backwards. I rubbed the color over the line of demarcation where the root color ended on the mid lengths. Then I got a small plastic bag and put a dark towel around my model’s shoulders.

I’m not advocating that you should do the same. This is just how I do it. But to make sure I have a seamless blend, I took off my gloves and got two towels. A wet one and a dry one. And then from the nape, I removed the foils one by one (That’s what the bag is for). As I removed the foil, with my naked hands I blended the colors on the hair, making sure that all the hair is saturated, and the blend is smooth. I feel it is too slippery with gloves and even if you dry your gloves with a towel you can never be sure they are clean. With bare hands I can FEEL the hair, wipe my hands with my wet towel and dry them with the dry one and know for sure my hands are clean and dry between each foil. As a sufferer of contact dermatitis for many years and almost having to end my career, O&M saved me. I believe if you have to wear gloves, it can’t possibly be healthy in the long run.

Once that was done, I took my model to the basin and emulsified the color at her hairline, then rinsed. Shampooed twice with O&M Hydrate & Conquer Shampoo and then ended with the fantastic O&M Seven Day Miracle Moisture Masque.

This way of dimensional foiling, or “foiliage” as I like to call it, is a very good way to do color corrections or big changes that would usually require multiple services in one application. It takes much longer but the results are worth it. You only have to process each strand once and have absolute control.


Another reason I love O&M is that I have the confidence to do hair painting and “repair work”. Knowing that the products I use do not have ammonia and unnecessary chemicals, the hair is not compromised as it would be with traditional brands. I can mix creativity and innovation to produce high-quality work while maintaining the integrity of then hair. Most importantly, I do not have to rush against the clock because I know it’s gentle on the hair and scalp, and won’t over process.

Check out Marie-Anne’s Pink Ribbon Hair Color Creation for Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

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Meet O&M Q.color — Quick, Clean Hair Color For Men

In recent years, more men have become increasingly conscious about beauty and grooming. In fact, men receiving salon color services have increased by 50% since 2008. With this trend growing each year, Statista predicts that by 2024, the men’s grooming market is estimated to be worth $29.14 billion dollars due to the shift in male pampering culture.

In this article, we break down the facts surrounding this trend, and why it’s the perfect opportunity to get involved.


Men’s Grooming Facts & Figures

On average, men receive haircuts every 3.8 weeks, and 43% of them request for color services. These clients typically remain loyal for at least 7 years.

However, for so long, men have thought that hair salons are exclusively for women, and the only place they can go to get their hair done is a barbershop. Unfortunately, this perception is all because of lack of marketing. 81% of salons do not do any men-focused marketing, aside from the fact that men do not have a lot of options when it comes to hair color.

While it’s true that most men do not like spending hours sitting in a chair, they are equally concerned about their hair (greys and hair loss in particular) as women do. This is why we developed Q.color with Original & Mineral.


What is O&M Q.color?

O&M Q.color is a “quick” gel-based color formula that’s filled with amino acids and anti-aging properties. It features 4 intermixable shades that can provide fast, effective grey coverage in under 10 minutes and a developer specifically designed to be used with the Q.color for a natural deposit:

Clean Color Technology

Like O&M COR.color, Q.color does NOT contain Ammonia, PPDs, Resorcinol, Soy and Gluten. Instead it’s formulated with these four key ingredients to help strengthen the hair fiber and follicles:

  • Taurine is what powers this line. A naturally occurring amino acid, it does not only help deposit color, but it also helps stimulate hair growth.
  • Certified Organic Macadamia Oil nourishes the hair and scalp with Omega 3 and 6, delivering incredible shine and protection.
  • Szechuan Pepper Fruit Extract encourages micro-circulation of the scalp, preventing hair loss.
  • Certified Organic Coconut Oil’s unique molecular structure assists in color penetration. It’s also added to soften and keep the hair frizz-free.

How to Use Q.color

Most men prefer soft, natural-looking tones, so we developed four cool-based shades that can provide a grey blend or a full coverage, depending on your client’s preference.

Here are some tips to maximize the benefits of this innovative color.

  1. Always go one shade lighter than the client’s natural level on the first application for a natural tone, then assess it from there.
  2. Processing for five minutes is normally enough to blend hair. Men with resistant hair and prefer full coverage need to process for 10 minutes.
  3. The activator is a liquid product, so always use a whisk to mix the color and activator to blend them completely.
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5 Surprising Benefits of Australian Native Lilly Pilly


You might have seen the ingredient Lilly Pilly in your favorite Original & Mineral hairstyling and hair care products, and wondered why O&M loves including it in formulas.

Here are some facts: This superplant is harvested from a Myrtaceae. S. paniculatum tree, which is endemic to New South Wales. You can find them along a coastal strip in five separate geographical areas: Jervis Bay, Coalcliff, Botany Bay, Central Coast and Seal Rocks.


Also called Riberry, Lilly Pillies were regularly consumed as food and medicine by the Aboriginal people in Australia. Because of its sweet, tarty taste children loved to snack on them, while the adults turned to them for medicinal purposes. Today, because the plant’s fruits and flowers are rich in nutrients and anti-aging properties, it has now become a highly sought-after component in hair care products.

Below, we share the five reasons why Lilly Pilly is a beloved ingredient by holistic hair stylists.

Benefits of Lilly Pilly

1.      It emits a clove-like fragrance.

Ever wonder where Original & Mineral gets that floral-like scent in their products? The aroma of Lilly Pilly flowers resembles that of cloves with some fruity top notes. So now you know the secret. 😊

2.      It is a natural hair plumper due to it rich astringent content.

Famous for its rich astringent content, Lilly Pilly helps build firmness into the hair, making it a great ingredient for hair sprays. This is also why you can find Lilly Pilly in O&M Rootalicious – the Vitamin C and fruit acids in the plant assist in pumping up the fullness and volume of the strands especially fine ones.

3.      It protects the hair and scalp from free radicals.

Apart from its astringent properties, Lilly Pilly is also rich in antioxidants like anthocyanins that help create a protective barrier against free radicals and oxidative stress. In fact, studies have shown that Lilly Pilly has 2 times higher oxygen radical absorbance capacity than blueberries.

4.      It slows down hair aging.

Due to its high antioxidant content, it helps neutralize “reactive oxygen species” in the body that cause hair aging. These reactive oxygen species damage the cellular structures in the body, causing problems such as hair loss and premature greying.

5.      It is anti-inflammatory.

In traditional medicine, Lilly Pilly pulp is popular for its ability to treat sore ears. Aboriginal Australians relied on the plant to fight illnesses and strengthen their immune system as well. The vitamin E and anthocyanins, as well as the essential minerals like magnesium and potassium effectively reduce inflammation, which speeds up healing of wounds. So if you or your client has scalp issues like eczema and dermatitis, using hair products that contain Lilly Pilly could help diminish the swelling and the likelihood of them ever coming back.

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How to Create the Perfect Classic Chignon for Weddings

Chignon is a French word that means ‘bun’. This classic updo is generally done by creating a bun at the back of the head, but there are several ways of doing this wedding hair favorite. We teamed up with Becky Huffman of Wildflower Hair Studio to demonstrate how you can create this popular bridal ‘do using our O&M Spring Wedding Kit.

How to Create a Bridal Chignon

1. Prep the hair with O&M Atonic Thickening Spritz to give the hair some volume and texture. This non-toxic thickening spray is perfect for setting a nice foundation for building the chignon, especially for fine and medium-density hair.

PRO TIP: Always be mindful of the hair texture when prepping the hair to ensure the longevity of the chignon.

2. Part the hair according to what your client desires with a tail comb. Then separate the hair in front starting from the end of the part down to the ear, and clip away.

3. Next, take a small section at the crown and carefully backcomb the hair, then take another section right behind it, joining it with the previous section.


Repeat the backcombing and spritz some O&M Original Queenie in between to create some height and softness through the crown.

4. Gently smooth the surface with the O&M Detangler Brush, making sure not to take away the height and cushion you’ve created.

5. Spray the top layer with O&M Frizzy Logic Shine Spray to smooth and control flyaways, as well give the hair some hold and a gorgeous luster.

6. Once that’s done, gather the rest of the hair to create a nice and tight low ponytail.


PRO TIP: We recommend using two elastics for the ponytail. This ensures that the ponytail stays in place in case the other elastic breaks.

7. Take small sections of the ponytail, gently clipping up the rest.

8. Then, backcomb each section halfway down to create shape. Spray O&M Original Queenie in between sections.

PRO TIP: The O&M Original Queenie is a firm hold spray that doesn’t leave any undesirable flakes on the hair. Some stylists use a sock bun or donut bun, and lay the ponytail over it to create the shape. But if you don’t have any of those, don’t worry – because O&M Original Queenie is perfect for giving the volume needed to create a chignon.

9. Smooth out the flyways, then gather the bottom of the ponytail, tying it with two elastics.
10. Flip the ponytail and secure the ends using a few bobby pins. Spritz the hair with O&M Frizzy Logic Shine Spray once again to tame some flyaway pieces and add shine.

11. To make sure there are no gaps in the bun, use the tail of of your comb to go in and fix any splits and gaps.

12. Next, take the hair in front of the ear and spray a little bit of Original Queenie in the direction of the hair. Comb and pull that panel across the top of your chignon, then pin. Repeat on the other side.

13. Hide the remaining tails by tucking them underneath the bun with a bobby pin.

14. Add some floral or sparkles and voila! Your bride is ready to walk the aisle.


Re-create this elegant chignon using these products from O&M!

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Talking Shop: Interview with O&M Founder Jose Bryce Smith

Last week, Original & Mineral Founder Jose Bryce Smith stopped by Simply Organic Beauty HQ and we had a blast chatting with her! We talked about how O&M began, the new O&M CØR.color, and what to expect in the coming months.

Read her interview below!

Tell us about your journey. How did Original & Mineral begin?

My hairdressing journey started when I worked at a reception of a salon. Me and my partner set up a salon in Sydney 17 years ago, and he had very bad contact dermatitis. He couldn’t use normal hair color, particularly ammonia. So, we found this ammonia-free hair color and we brought it to our salon.

We were Sydney’s first organic salon and we got a huge amount of press from that. There was a lot of excitement [about it] that the business grew really quickly. We kept it to ourselves for seven years, and then eventually we started selling it to other salons. I was the first sales representative and we were packing [the products] in the salon.

From working in a salon, I learned about the needs of a salon and how hairdressers work. My background actually had been in marketing so I combined that – and O&M was born.

Now that you’ve launched O&M’s new CØR.color. We want to know – how came about wanting to launch another color brand?

I’ve always been about natural and low-chemical, so the ethos of the brand is we bridge the gap between natural and luxury. As we know, hair color is a chemical reaction. But if you can color your hair with less chemicals and no smell/fumes – that was our aim.

CØR.color, our next-generation professional hair color, is basically PPD-, Ammonia-, and Resorcinol-free. But my aim was to get the best grey coverage, the brightest reds and blondes, etc. We have 106 shades that you can do anything that a salon needed.


Tell us how CØR.color differs from Mineral.CCT?

It’s called CØR.color because the core of the brand has always been hair color. We used Clean Color Technology (which means Ammonia-, PPD-, and Resorcinol-free), but CØR.color got Molecular Blend Technology in it.

One of the challenges of ammonia-free hair color was scalp irritation so that was something that we were determined to address. Pigments are pre-mixed in the lab. Scalp irritation is caused by free radicals and rogue pigments, so because [CØR.color] is pre-mixed, you don’t get scalp irritation.

Also, pre-mixing means all colors are blended (base color, reflect, etc), which gives improved grey coverage. Grey coverage has always been the biggest challenge for any ammonia-free color. That’s why all the testing that we did was against ammoniated color. We wanted [CØR.color] to perform exactly like ammoniated color. As a hairdresser, I don’t want to breathe [ammonia] if I didn’t have to. As a client, I don’t want that on my hair. That’s the philosophy of the brand.

The packaging looks cool. With the hair care, we’re all about it looking luxury where people can use it, Instagram it, and put it in their bathroom. I thought: Why does the hair color have to look like a backroom product that can be hidden away. It needs to come out the front.

O&M has always been so great about being fashion-forward. Now you have green chemistry, along with this new Molecular Blend Technology that no one has in the market. As the exclusive distributor in North America, we’re excited about our partnership. What excites you about being partners with Simply Organic Beauty?

With Simply Organic, I really love the philosophy of the company. You only distribute natural and organic products, which is exactly where O&M sits. Also, you’re very technology-focused. I love the way you educate and how you use the internet to reach your customers on a daily basis. Whereas traditionally, sales reps would visit salons once a month.

There’s so much information available online. It’s 2017, and traditional models of distribution [are not as effective anymore]. The world is changing, and [the internet] just makes it more immediate for us to be able to get our message across a wide audience. I think Simply Organic is the leader of that in America.

Thank you for that. What do you see next for Original & Mineral?

In the first quarter of next year, we’ll be launching a men’s range of hair color, which I’m super excited about. It’s called Q.color which is Quick Color (5-10 minutes). It’s grey blending. Five shades. I really think the men’s market is a huge growing market. Obviously, it’s ammonia-, PPD-, and resorcinol-free, but it gives really good coverage, but natural.

We’re also bringing out CØR.rebond, which is our rebonding system that you can use with all of our lighteners. It stops the hair from breaking. Balayage is a huge trend, and Paint Powder is our balayage bleach. It just means you’re gonna be able to look after the integrity of the hair. We’re all about healthy hair that’s free from stress, and CØR.rebond will fit into that.

We got some stuff coming out in the hair care line as well next year. I’m always obsessed with volume because I’ve got, like, five hairs, and I try to make them look like I got more. So, we’ll be having a dry shampoo coming out very soon.

You guys don’t stop do you?

No, we don’t. Actually, I get my best feedback in salons. I’m very lucky I get to travel a lot. I go to a lot of salons, and hairdressers are opinionated people. They tell you when they hate it, they tell you when they love it, and they tell you what they want. It just makes it so much easier. A lot of the products that we develop is actually from feedback.

So, where do you see hair color is headed?

10 years ago when we started this, people looked at me like I was an alien. Even when I first came to the US, they were like, “you’re actually a bit ahead of your time. You might not get there.” But if you look at all the major companies now they’re all going this way. Even in Europe, a lot of these chemicals are getting banned. It’s just that we are small and progressive enough. We’re doing it long enough that we’ve made enough mistakes to know how to get it right.

So I think this is the future. This is the trend. Generally, hairdressing will be going much more low-chemical, environmentally friendly, and sustainable. So many trends are going that way.

I also think there is a shift away from the major companies and the old way of doing things. We love that fashion element and keeping it cool. We’re working a lot with key influencers, hairdressers, and New York Fashion Week. Smaller brands tend to have a story people can relate to, which makes you more approachable. That’s why so many people tell me when they don’t like something. I really don’t mind. I’m not emotionally attached to anything other than being the best that I can be for the brand and making the products the best that I can.

What’s one piece of advice that you’ve really appreciated somebody has given you?

Somebody once told me, because I’ve been through so many ups and downs and we started this and founded this all from a hair salon: You’re standing on a frozen lake and you got an ice pick, and you’re trying to crack the ice. So what are you going to do? You should jump up and down. And if you haven’t gotten through the ice, you just gotta keep jumping.

I think with CØR.color, I’ve dented the ice. So I feel it’s a journey. You ought to enjoy it, but you got to crack through the ice. And I think knowing what you’re good at and surrounding yourself with people who are better than you and who have got different skills [is important], because you can’t do everything. I thought I could do everything. I even had to go do some color and I thought – okay, best to leave that to the experts.

So if you weren’t so lovely as a blonde, what color would you choose?

A few times, Wayne [Lewis] our Technical Director had said to me, darling, you should be a redhead. So I think I’d probably go copper because I’m pale and it will probably make me less washed out. I did once go dark. I had a very Cleopatra kind of hair and I couldn’t cope with it. It took me so long to get it all out.

What are your top styling products?


If I was on a desert island, the three that I would pick would be Know Knott first which is our detangling spray. I don’t use any conditioner on my hair because it’s so fine and I don’t want to weigh it down. I  spray Know Knott in which is a lightweight leave-in conditioner then I blast dry my hair off. And then I spray Atonic, which is our thickening spray. It’s got Lilly Pilly, a natural collagen, so it plumps up my hair and I blowdry it. I always finish off with our Original Queenie which is our hair spray. I actually use that in a non-traditional way. I spray it in my roots and I spray underneath to get texture.

I know you mentioned the Lilly Pilly, but there are a lot of new ingredients in the brand and the new line.

Yeah, I was so obsessed with scalp irritation because that was the one thing that was coming through for hairdressers. What I really noticed with that is there’s a lot of factors that can affect it so we wanted to stabilize that – and that was our main thing. Molecular Blend Technology does that as I explained but we also use certified organic macadamia oil, which is very soothing on the scalp but also gives massive gloss and shine. Then we use coconut oil. I’m absolutely obsessed with coconut oil, I put it on my skin. It’s a superfood. So that’s our oil blend which we have in CØR.color that helps with the scalp and keeps the integrity of the hair because we want the hair to be healthy and in good condition.

I’m obsessed with the developers and how they work with the new color. So are there any new ingredients too?

The coconut oil is actually in the developer. We also have quite a few native Australian ingredients that we use in there that add a lot of moisture, which is actually quite amazing. Very powerful ingredients from Australia that are high in Vitamin C, like the Wild Seed Harvest. We got to keep our Australian roots.

A lot of those [ingredients] were borne out of the desert where you have to have hydration. So I know those ingredients were chosen for the added hydration to the color?

Yes, it’s the Wattle Seed that gives a thousand times moisture. It’s all about keeping the hair in healthy condition and super hydrated.

I used it the other day and wanted to test it without styling products. Hair was just extremely glossy and shiny and hydrated, so I know that these ingredients are just really a true bonus.

Yeah, I think obviously when you’re taking out so many chemicals, you’re looking to replace it with ingredients that will improve the product. Technology has improved so much that naturals can be high-performing and active.


What are the craziest old wives’ tales about hair color that you’ve heard? For me, it’s that organic and natural luxury products don’t work.

Oh yeah, that’s a complete myth. But that’s how I started. I walked into a salon and say my hair is an ammonia-free high-lift blonde. And they would go, “No it isn’t.” And I would go, “Oh yeah it is.” I would just say, “You’re the expert here. You try it and you let me know.”

We spent a long time dispelling the myth that ammonia-free didn’t work. Really, ammonia is an alkaline agent and we’re just using another alkaline agent. It just happens to have no smell and no fumes. So if you’re making a choice, why wouldn’t you choose that?

What’s happening is you’re opening the cuticle but you’re not doing it as fast as you do with ammonia. The process and time is the same but it’s just putting less stress on the hair. So yeah, we’ve been busting that myth for 10 years.

I know before you were addicted to the high-lift series. Is that still true?

No, actually about three months ago, one of the hairdressers that worked for me said [about my hair], “Darling, it’s making you look old and we need to get rid of that tint.” I was coloring it every two weeks for 10 years, so they swayed me to do lowlights and to be honest, I nearly had a heart attack. It was so dark!

But now I’m using ammonia-free lightener [Keratin Lightener]. Apparently, I’m 50% grey which is quite distressing as well. But when you have streaks you can hardly see the grey in between. I only discovered this when I took the tint off because I’ve never seen my roots for 10 years! So, I highlight my hair with a Keratin Lightener.

But you still have a 12 series?

Oh yes. The high-lift blondes are really great part of the range. And now we got the pastel toners as well. We’ve never had those before. I’m really excited [about them]. The pinks, mauves, apricots. I actually might try one of those coppers – would it be apricot?


Yeah, it’s pretty! It’s nice and sheer.

Okay, I might try that. We’ve actually launched CØR.color in 9 countries in the last 6 weeks and the biggest feedback is around grey coverage. You know if we’re all honest, every ammonia-free brand because of the nature of the alkaline agent, that’s been the biggest struggle, particularly in the lighter shades because dark shades tend to cover anyway. In a 7, 8, 9 when we’re doing the testing, we had a lady called Maureen and Paul the hairdresser doing the testing said to me, “Darling, you gotta come and see Maureen’s hair. It’s an 8.0 – it’s covered 100%!” And so that’s been the biggest difference.

We do very well in Scandinavia, Sweden, Denmark, Norway. They’re very knowledgeable about chemicals. Their governments have several chemicals banned that are not banned in the US. And it has gone so well for them there and they’ve given us such amazing feedback.

What is it about hairdressers that you really adore as far as characteristics of hairdressers are concerned?

I think most hairdressers are an eighth crazy. And to be honest, I’m about an eight crazy. You gotta be crazy to do hair color! But I think they are creative geniuses. Until you’ve really worked in it, you don’t really realize how creative they are and how much they can change women’s lives, [including] men’s lives. So from a product perspective, no one would do something like this unless they absolutely loved it. But when people tell you they love it or they don’t love it… hairdressers are just so expressive and honest. It’s been an amazing ride. My best friends are all hairdressers and I met so many amazing people. There’s never a dull day when you work in hairdressing.

Ashley would like to know: Where do you see the educational platform for the world going?

All hair colors are education-based. We run globally a traditional education model where we have educators on the road. But I think online is becoming so much more important. We’ve got videos for each of our retail products that are on the Simply Organic website. If there’s something you want to see, you can watch a little how-to video on how to do [a certain hair style]. We’re constantly developing more videos. We’re actually about to launch the videos for CØR.Color as well. I see videos as really important.

Also, I really want to work with hairdressers who love the product. So if you are a hairdresser and you have a great social media following, you should definitely contact us because we would love to work with you and hear what you like about it and see your video content. I absolutely think that that is the way that it’s going. We’ll soon use Fashion Week. We’re gonna be running competitions where stylists can go to New York Fashion Week, which we do twice a year. We’d really like to run a competition as well where you can come to Australia and I will host you.

Education is the most important thing. But the thing that I really love about CØR.color is it’s actually really easy. To be completely honest, I’ve been doing this for 10 years so I can say this and I know every ammonia-free line has had this, there’s been always [a lot of] tips and tricks that you have to do to get better grey coverage and to get more vibrancy in the reds, but now with the way this is [formulated] and Molecular Blend Technology – we’ve got the maximum amount of pyresol, which is the red. It’s really user-friendly that I don’t think we’re gonna need anywhere near as much education as before.

She’s right. This is like a point-and-click system where you can make anything out of all these shades and just as easily use and get your grey coverage just like that. I also know you’ve changed the timing a little bit?

Yeah, we’ve gone 1:1.5 as well in the mixing ratio, which makes it more cost-effective for the hairdresser.

And the +15 minutes model. With the new developer and 1:1.5 ratio that sort of made the education easy and switch up, too. How long from start to finish when you decided to jump back into developing a new color line?

It took us two years from when we found the right manufacturer. I went to a lot of different factories. We did all our due diligence. Ammonia-free is quite specialist and I wanted somebody who really had knowledge in this. I found a chemist we could really work with and we basically spent two years doing testing and developing the line.

Paul, who is my long-suffering hairdresser in Australia, was actually no longer working for me. He opened a salon and was having a break from products. I went to him and I said, “Please, please you’re the only one who knows it.” So he did all the testing in his salon. That worked really well because they were using it every single day, and we did hundreds and hundreds of heads and lots of comparisons.

We got a lot of new shades that we didn’t have before. And then some of the shades from Mineral.CCT, we kept those. It’s been a very long process. But, we will not stop moving. We’re always looking for ways to remove chemicals and we’re always looking for ways to improve the product. So we’ll be bringing out new shades every year. The Men’s Color that I was talking about earlier – that’s coming out the first quarter of next year. We’re really excited about that.

That’s pretty brilliant. All the barbers who do quick color for the men – it’s a huge market.

Yeah, and just being able to increase their service so quickly. I think a lot of men want grey blending now. They want that salt and pepper look. [Q.color] only stays on for 5 – 10 minutes because men aren’t gonna sit around for longer.

Anything else you wanna share with our Tribe out there?

I just wanna say thank you to all the O&M friends. Thanks for being on the journey and supporting us. We’re more enough to care and big enough to be growing. We’re excited about that. We’re getting O&M in salons around the world. I just really appreciate it. Thank you.

Curious about the new O&M CØR.color? Try our Starter Kits and Packages!

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10 Major Things You Need to Know About the New Original & Mineral CØR.COLOR

Yesterday, we, together with Original & Mineral Australia’s brand ambassador Wayne Lewis, have officially launched O&M CØR.COLOR in North America!

We named it CØR because color is the core of our brand. The Ø represents our long-standing commitment to keeping O&M clear of harsh chemicals.

Missed yesterday’s Launch & Learn session? Don’t worry – we got all the juicy details right here! Here are the top 10 things you need to know about one of the industry’s cleanest professional hair color:

1.    It has ZERO Ammonia, Resorcinol, and PPD.

O&M is one of the first brands to exclude professional-grade Ammonia, Resorcinol, and PPD from their formula. CØR.COLOR stays true to that commitment and uses very minimal levels of MEA, PTDS, and 2-Methylresorcinol or 4-Chlororesorcinol – which are much gentler, safer, and kinder to the stylist, client, and the environment.

O&M is serious about low-chemical solutions for today’s conscious salon clients and committed hair stylists.

2.    It’s gluten and soy-free!

We’ve kept the common hair color allergens out of our formula – then we removed some more! CØR.color’s formula contains zero gluten and soy so more clients can safely experience and enjoy a hair color session without the itching and tingling.

3.    It comes in 102 beautiful shades.

From cool to neutral naturals to stunningly vibrant copper and violet hair colors, there’s more than 100 shades to mix to your hearts content (plus a new 0.00 Clear)! View the entire CØR.color shade range here.


3.    Which includes Pre-Mixed Pastel Tones.

Unicorn hair lovers – rejoice! Designed specifically for pre-lightened hair, CØR.Pastels are composed of 9 flexible toners that can be used for creating soft natural colors or reflective fashion colors.

4.    The formula is powered by O&M’s Molecular Blend Technology (MBT).

MBT is a revolutionary new hair color technology developed by O&M after years of research and in-salon testing. This technology allows for superior coverage and less or zero scalp irritation by pre-linking base and reflect color pigments. This process ensures that all pigments are fully developed and oxidized during the color process.

5.    Its active Desert Harvest Botanical Blend was used by Aboriginal Australians for more than 40,000 years.

Our Desert Harvest Botanical Blend is a traditional food that combines exotic fruits and seeds from the Australian desert: Quandong or Desert Peach, Desert Lime, and Wattle Seed. These food sources once consumed by the Aboriginal Australians due to their nourishing and healthful benefits, give CØR.COLOR its protective and hydrating properties.

6.    Nourishing, New CØR.color Activators

The new ultra-rich and creamy CØR.color activators use less water and more conditioning agents, driving the color into the hair shaft more effectively without compromising the integrity of the hair. Rice protein has been added as a plant protein to strengthen the hair shaft, while our Signature Oil Blend of Organic Coconut and Macadamia Oils provide cell regeneration and synthesis of keratin, while providing nourishment to the hair and scalp. Oh, and the shine!

Bonus: This new formula allowed O&M to reduce its mixing ratio to 1:1.5 – even in grey coverage scenarios. This provides more cost-savings to salons and stylists, and because they’re Ammonia-free, stylists can use them for hybrid color range offering for both permanent and semi-permanent shades.


8.    O&M Signature Oil Blend in Hair Color & Activators.

Our CØR.color and Activators use a special blend of certified Organic Coconut Oil and Macadamia oil to deliver enhanced vibrancy, color longevity, and deep hydration and conditioning benefits. This nourishing blend also ensures enhanced scalp comfort and amazing shine.

CØR.color Activators are available in 5, 10, 20, 30 and 40 volume strengths.

9.    Timing color is made easier.

With the new O&M CØR.COLOR, there’s no need for confusing timing charts. All you have to do is add +15 to the activator you’re using. You won’t ever have to worry about over-processing hair ever again!

Example: 4.13 + 4.0 mixed with CØR. Activator 20vol (20vol + 15mins = 35mins processing time).


10.    CØR.COLOR is certified vegan and cruelty-free.

O&M CØR.COLORr has no animal-derived ingredients and are not tested on animals. All colors are tested on human hair before they go out in the market.

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O&M Stylist Spotlight: Courtney Curtis

Courtney Curtis


Let’s give big Internet high-fives to our June 2016’s Stylist of the Month: Courtney Curtis!

She’s always catching our eye with her gorgeous blondes and creative fashion colors, but this young, talented Hair Stylist is wise beyond her years. In this month’s interview, she not only shares some of her favorite Original & Mineral products, but also a valuable perspective on chemicals in the beauty industry.

As always, the answer is knowledge, education and courage!

Check out Courtney's interview below!



1) Tell us about yourself! How long have you been a Hair Stylist / where do you work?

I am 22 years old and I have been doing hair for 4 years. I work at a salon in St George Utah called Destinations Organic Salon and Spa. It’s the only organic salon in our area!

2) Why clean, non-toxic hair color from O&M? Why do you think this is important for the industry?

When I worked at my old salon I learned a lot about what’s in hair color and obviously when you start to learn about what’s going into them and getting on your skin and on your clients skin it’s kind of scary! When I found this salon I figured if I’m going to do this the rest of my life I need to do it with something that won’t hurt me or my clients. And the more I’ve learned the more and more passionate I’ve became about it. I will never go back!

Working in an all organic salon I have heard some crazy stories about how non organic hair product has had long term effects. I’ve heard about clients and hairstylist BOTH being affected.

It’s important for the industry because obviously hair stylist can’t keep putting these bad toxins in our body and we shouldn’t be doing that to our clients either if we are we are doing them a disservice. The industry will not change unless hair stylist get on board and make them change! We have the right to safe product! (though we’ve noticed it’s been VERY hard to make stylist switch) it’s out salons goal to educate everyone and introduce them to a way better way!

3) What’s your favorite O&M styling product or cocktail?

I’m REALLY in love with Project Sukuroi and Style GuruSukuroi adds the perfect amount of shine moisture without getting to heavy plus it smells amazing. And style guru gives a perfect base to my blowouts.

4) What is your favorite feature in the O&M product lineup?

I’m a blonde and I love Blondes so the conquer blonde is one of the best purple shampoos I’ve ever used!


5) You’ve done some beautiful fashion colors with O&M. Do you have any tips for your fellow stylists to achieve their best fashion color yet?

With fashion colors or any color is don’t rush it, don’t compromise the hair trying to get there. Take your time and really study your color theory and color wheel and practice, practice and keep pushing yourself!


6) What’s your favorite quote to live by?

“Decisions Determine Destiny.”


Check out Courtney's work with O&M!

Join Courtney and other like-minded stylists in our O&M Hair Color Forum here!

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O&M Stylist Spotlight: Meredith Johnson

Meredith Johnson


For the month of March the Spotlight is on Meredith Johnson, congratulations!

She is the newest O&M Colorist of the month. She has been sharing some killer fashion shades that she created and we just couldn’t get enough! Below we interviewed her on her O&M journey and where she plans to go next.

Don’t forget to take a look at her gorgeous work at the bottom, you might just find some spring inspiration!

Get to know Meredith!

Meredith Johnson

In the world of non toxic hair color what about O&M CCT stands out to you?

O&M stands out because it’s a very wide range of tones, the possibilities are endless and that’s exactly what the stylist needs in this creative color era.

Do you have any tips or tricks you could give to a new O&M stylist?

I myself am fairly new to O&M , I would say the color chart is key. Understanding the undertones and using them to your advantage will guarantee success.

Also, O&M tends to look dark when processing, do not feel fearful and rinse before the recommended processing time has been fulfilled .

Do you have any favorite styling products?

My favorite product is the O&M Surf Bomb.

Once I’ve curled the hair in a wave pattern, I let the curls cool, then I tousle them and spray the Surf Bomb simultaneously to create the perfect beachy look.

O&M Surf Bomb

Your work is flawless! Where do you find inspiration for these beautiful fashion shades and do you have any favorite O&M colors or formulations?

That’s the compliment all stylists want to hear but never think we deserve. Thank you so much.
I could say I draw most of my inspiration from nature, which is true, but my clients inspire me more than anything else.

Their individual beauty, personalities, and triumphs through life give me all the inspiration I think I’ll ever need.
My absolute favorite in the O&M line right now are the Pearl tones .

For example, 8/81 + 9/8 + 10/16 is the perfect toner for a pearlescent blonde.

What color trends do you foresee for spring 2016?

2016 is already a rebellious year in the hair world. Playing with warm and cool tones in a way that they compliment each-other without clashing. Creating fantasy colors at every level, fun colors aren’t just for blondes anymore .

Check out Meredith's work with O&M!

You have been awesome with sharing your work in the online forum, what about the online community do you enjoy the most?

I love the online forum! It is vital for stylists to be able to communicate, formulate and problem solve together. The O&M forum gives us a fun, judgement free zone to do just that.

Join Meredith and other like-minded stylists in the O&M Hair Color Forum here!

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O&M Stylist Spotlight: Patty Brown

Patty Brown


O&M Colorist of the Month for February 2016 is Patty Brown!

We have been in awe of the beautiful hair color makeovers that she’s been sharing in our online Facebook forum. If you missed it now is your chance to get in on the fun. Patty recently took the time to share some words of wisdom with us too!

Check out our interview and some examples of her latest work below.

Get to know Patty!



How did you become interested in the world of healthier hair color and products?


In September 2015 I was diagnosed with a benign tumor in my parotid gland and had to have surgery to remove it.

It was quite an ordeal and while recovering I started researching the chemicals I’ve been exposed to the last 30 years as a hair stylist. Believing there was a connection between the tumor and chemical use, I began setting my sights on trying to find a color line that would have less of a chemical load, as well as healthier ingredients.

I loved what I found in O&M for the full spectrum of color, lighteners and styling products but also the fact that there is no odor and no ammonia.


What do you like most about O&M color?

Other than knowing O&M is better for my health and for my clients, what I like best about O&M color is the hair is healthier after the color service than before. I can see that the hair shaft does not have any brittleness even after lightening the hair. The color retains its depth and shine in between appointments.

Are there any favorite styling or care products you have? And why?

I love the Detox shampoo and conditioner because the aroma is amazing. Maintain the Mane cleans well and conditions. I Love Frizzy Logic to calm my frizzy hair.

Frizzy Logic Hair Lotion

Do you have any go to color formulas you can recommend to other stylists?


Using the color concentrates 0/33 and 0/43 have helped to cover grey and add depth to the neutral line. Less developer has been useful to cover those stubborn grays as well.

I love the /73 and /75 tones, but the most successful color has been on my daughter. I use half 7/4 and 77/45  with 5 volume and her level 7 gold copper color does not fade like it used to and looks healthier and shiny. I recently used the velvet line and was very pleased!


What keeps you inspired in this ever-changing hair industry?

What has kept me inspired and loving my job is keeping up with the ever-changing hair industry. Instead of shying away from new techniques, styles and latest products, I am more than willing to learn and grow from them. I can’t tell you how happy I am discovering a healthier way to treat hair and the bonus has been my client’s hair color has improved ten fold, they look amazing and are very happy with the change.

Of course, that makes me happy too!

Check out Patty's work with O&M!

Join Patty and other like-minded stylists in our O&M Hair Color Forum here!

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