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How To Banish Brass The Non-Toxic Way

As summer winds down and fun-in-the-sun starts getting old, you’ll be sure to start getting endless inquiries from clients on how to remove brassy tones from long days spent in the sun and at the pool. While Original & Mineral Conquer Blonde Silver Shampoo gets the job done, a conditioner is essential to lock in the moisture and nutrients that help sustain the color and keep it looking pristine.

Original & Mineral Conquer Blonde Silver Masque purple conditioner completes the O&M blonde hair care system. It is specifically formulated to restore the health and brilliance of blonde and grey hair by eliminating those unsightly yellow tones.

This is a duo that every salon needs. We’ve put together the O&M Conquer Blonde Backbar & Retail Kit so that you can save on both must-have brass fighting formulas for clients in need of some serious summertime help.

Why Does Blonde Turn Brassy?

To understand how purple shampoos and conditioners work, it’s important to know first what causes blonde hair to look dull or brassy.

People with light-colored hair are more susceptible to discoloration for various reasons—frequent heat styling, product buildup and exposure to elements (like sun, salt, chlorine and pollution) all affect the hair’s condition and brightness.

To neutralize unwanted yellow tones, you need a color that is on the opposite end of the hair color spectrum wheel: PURPLE. But unlike commercial brass-eliminating hair care products, O&M’s Conquer Blonde Silver Shampoo and Masque formulas are infused with deep, non-toxic violet pigments and organic Australian naturals like Coconut Oil, Macadamia Oil, and Quandong Fruit. These additional ingredients not only eliminate brassiness, but they also keep the hair moisturized and protected from free radicals that dull the hair.


How to Banish the Brass with O&M

1. Cleanse the hair first to remove dirt and product buildup.

2. Next, depending on the thickness of the hair, take 2-3 pumps of O&M Conquer Blonde Silver Shampoo and run through the hair.

3. Gently massage the hair and scalp to lather up and evenly distribute the product.

4. Rinse well, making sure there is no purple shampoo left.

5. Using a towel, squeeze the moisture out of the hair for even consistency. Comb the hair with O&M Detangler Brush to prepare the hair for the next step.

6. Follow with O&M Conquer Blonde Masque to bring back the scalp’s natural balance and tone the hair, working your way through the mids and ends.


PROTIP: If you’re toning cool, you can layer in the O&M Conquer System first before applying your toner. Doing so will help improve the porosity of the hair, shift the brassiness and revitalize the color you’ve just done.

7. Depending on the fabric of the hair and the shift you want to make, leave the Masque on for 3-10 minutes, brushing the hair with the Detangler Brush to evenly distribute the product. You can also do a little massage while waiting for the masque to work its magic for a more holistic experience.

8. Rinse, blow-dry and style to finish. Your blonde client is now ready for a fun-filled fall season!

Before-and-after Shot Of O&M Conquer Blonde Treatment:


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