Hydro-Balance Scalp Gel

The ultimate scalp spa experience, our new Oway Hydro-Balance Scalp Gel is a must have for guests who have scalp concerns, those with active lifestyles or those who experience excess sweating. It works hard to rebalance good bacteria and leaves hair feeling fresh & clean!

Even better?

It minimizes the frequency of washes needed weekly by counteracting the presence of lactic acid on the scalp, which leaves hair feeling cleaner, longer.

One of its core ingredients, Biodynamic Sage, activates circulation through a natural stimulating process and improves the scalp’s skin functions. Thanks to the presence of phenols, it also has an antiseptic, purifying and antibacterial action. It fights dehydration and promotes scalp balance, while reviving dull and weakened hair, giving it a healthy, shiny look.

97.7% Naturally Derived Ingredients

Vegan & Cruelty Free

Dermatologically and Nickel tested

Signature Scent: The herbaceous, sweet and aromatic scent of Sage meets the spicy intensity of Anise, for a rebalancing and refreshing aroma therapeutic experience.

How To Use:

Before shampooing, apply product directly to dry scalp and massage. Leave on for 15/20 minutes, rinse and wash using FREQUENT USE HAIR & SCALP BATH or SEBUM BALANCE HAIR BATH.

Additional tip:

In cases of particularly prominent hyperhidrosis, a special application can be carried out during the night: apply hydro-balance scalp gel before going to sleep, so that the product can be absorbed adequately / leave the product in all night. In the morning, rinse and shampoo / style as usual.

Suggested Frequency:

Phase 1: Twice a week for 4 weeks

Phase 2: Once a week for 2 weeks

Phase 3: Once every 3/4 weeks (approx.)

Tube with dispensing cannula included for direct application on the scalp. The size of this product allows approximately 10 applications.