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Low-Tox Purple Shampoos for the Brightest Blonde


Which purple shampoo is right for you?

With spring and summer just around the corner, everyone wants to start going lighter and brighter. That means the proper at-home hair care needs to be established. With the launch of the new Oway Hblonde purple shampoo in both retail (240ml) and backbar (950ml) size, there is no better time to break down each of our low-tox purple shampoos and decide which one is right for you.

Learn more about our low-tox purple shampoos!

1. New Oway Hblonde Hair Bath


Hblonde Hair Bath is Oway’s newest anti-yellow illuminating purple shampoo. Hblonde eliminates impurities and pollutants in blonde, lightened, grey and white hair.

It’s ingredients list touts purple shampoo must-haves, like Biodynamic Dock and Ethical Date Oil.

  • BIODYNAMIC DOCK has high concentrations of iron, magnesium, potassium and calcium that work together to strengthen and revitalize the hair fiber. Ideal amounts of Vitamins A and C regenerate strands and provide antioxidants to compromised locks.
  • ETHICAL DATE OIL is an ultra-moisturizing and restorative elixir that helps hair maintain ultimate hydration levels. It nourishes for long lasting improvement of the hair, while flavonoids protect against environmental aggressors.

Basically, you can expect this deeply restorative blend to be super purple and ultra-nourishing, plus perfect at contrasting pesky yellow and gold pigments for the purest, truest blonde.

The Perfect HBlonde Client:


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✔️️ Yellow / orange tones are apparent, they carry a lot of brass and warmth in their hair

✔️️ They need a lot of nourishing love and moisture after a lightening service

✔️️ A lot of time is spent in the sun, pool or ocean and require strong refining power

Hblonde is going to be ideal for the brassiest of brassy clients. This purple shampoo is the most refining of the bunch. It’s 100% pure essential oil fragrance gives it a much more floral scent than the other eco purple shampoos. And finally, there is both a retail and a backbar size, so clients can carry their in-salon maintenance home with them.

2. Oway Silver Steel Hair Bath


Oway Silver Steel Hair Bath was Oway’s first holistic purple shampoo. It’s a gentle purple shampoo that gently combats brassiness and enhances the shine of locks.

The great combination of Biodynamic Rice, Organic Agrimony, Ethical Carambola and Phyto-Peptides cleanse and nourish the hair from the inside out to keep it looking healthy and strong.

  • ZEOLITE performs an anti-stress, re-mineralizing and detoxifying action on the hair scalp. It’s particularly effective for sensitive scalp and skin.
  • BIOFERMENTS are remarkable techno-botanicals that supply essential nutrients to the hair. They strengthen the cellular cohesion of the tissues, making them more firm and compact. They also stimulate the repair and regeneration of the skin.

This purple shampoo is going to purify silver hair and deeply cleanse for strength and structure.

Perfect For Silver Steel:

✔️️ Grey or white hair that could use light refinement

✔️️ Lightest shades of gold that need a refresh

✔️️ They have thinning hair or would like extra help with hair growth

Silver Steel is ideal for those with grey, white or light gold hair that are looking for added brightness and light refinement. It is in Oway’s Men’s Line due to its dual focus of promoting hair growth, but it can and is used for all gender identities! It’s custom 100% pure essential oil blend makes for a much more woodsy scent. Silver Steel is only available in a retail size.


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3. O&M Conquer Blonde Silver Shampoo


Original & Minerals Conquer Blonde Silver Shampoo keeps blonde and natural grey hair luminous and bright by eliminating yellow tones. This purple shampoo is both gentle and effective, helping to maintain those cool tones from their cool-based CØR.color line.

Jojoba Esters and UV Protection are key players in this formula that help set it apart from its purple shampoo counterparts.

  • JOJOBA ESTERS are naturally derived from Jojoba oil. The esters help retain color and prevent fading.
  • UV PROTECTION guards the scalp and hair against fading and damage.

This purple shampoo will simultaneously brighten and refine while also adding an extra boost of color protection from external aggressors like the sun and repeated washes in the shower.

Ideal Conquer Blonde Client:


✔️️ Yellow / orange tones are fair and need medium refinement

✔️️ Scalp buildup is an issue—they need gentle cleansing power

✔️️ They are shower junkies and love washing their hair more than is recommended

Conquer Blonde is a great mix of both purple shampoo power and color protection all-in-one. It’ll banish brass and pesky undertones that pop up while also guarding against things like the sun and showers, which can’t be avoided. The essential oil blend gives it a subtle clean smell. This purple shampoo comes in THREE sizes! You have your backbar, retail and mini travel size (1.7oz) available.

Want to try them all? Shop our low-tox purple shampoos below!

Oway Silver Steel Hair Bath

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