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Salon Safety Guidelines For Reopening


As businesses open across the country, state by state salons are getting the green light to take on clients—with restrictions. Salon safety and sanitation are at the forefront of the conversation. How are you keeping you hairstylists, clients and yourself safe as your salon business reopens?

Check out some salon safety guidelines for reopening below!

Pre-appointment: Vetting Your Client For Salon Safety

Your salons safety starts with who you let come into your salon and sit in your chair. You can begin the process before any client even has an appointment by having a procedure for vetting potential customers.

Start by asking a series of questions to ensure their health pre-appointment, such as:

  • Have you had a cough in the past 2 weeks?
  • Have you had a fever the past 2 weeks?
  • Where have you frequented the past 2 weeks?
  • Have you been exposed to anyone with symptoms the past 2 weeks?
  • Are you living with a sick or quarantined individual?

Tailor this list based on what you and your staff feel is appropriate and pertinent to ask. Although it adds an extra step, you and clients alike will have peace of mind that necessary precaution are being taken.

Many businesses are required to take patrons temperatures upon opening. Touch-less infrared thermometers are available to ensure no one is exhibiting a fever. If you are not comfortable or required to do this, you can consider asking clients to take and report their temperature before their appointment. Anybody with a temperature of 100 degrees F or above, including salon staff, should be sent home immediately.

If your client is deemed safe and ready for a haircut, send them your new businesses new salon safety guidelines. At this point, your salon should have new rules set in place and will have state-by-state regulations to follow such as:

  • only a certain number of clients and stylists in the area at one time
  • no shampooing, no blow drying, no styling, etc.
  • no guests, children or family allowed
  • no waiting inside or in waiting area before or after appointment

These will differ, again, based on your salon’s preference and state regulations. Whatever they are, type them up in an email, text or even make a cute graphic like the one on the right to send out before clients appointments. This will ensure everyone is on the same page and that your salon safety rules are being respected.


Graphic + image by @blondinatorpaige

Prepping For Your Client

Once your client is cleared, it is time to prep your salon and workspace for their appointment. Having the proper Personal Protective Equipment and disinfecting procedures in place is imperative for salon safety.

Proper protective gear includes:

All PPE should be changed between each and every client. In addition, stylist should come to work showered and in clean clothes and change those clothes before entering their homes at the end of each day.

Your salon should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected prior to reopening. Clean all tools, capes, objects and areas. Some disinfectant tips:

  • Use EPA-registered anti-bacterial. You can check the EPA Website if you are unsure.
  • Disinfect your scissors and any brushes, bowls and tools between every single client.
  • Wipe down your station. Your chair, hot tools, handles, rolling carts, etc. should all be cleaned before your client comes.
  • If shampooing, make sure to sanitize the shampoo bowl and any products you plan to use.
  • Place hand sanitizer and signage reminding clients of proper salon safety and guidelines around the area.
  • Have a plan for checkout: make sure your reception area, card reader or anything else you might use is disinfected and ready to use.

Salon Safety During Your Appointment

During your appointment, it’s important to mainly use common sense and pay very close attention to what you are doing.

  • At the beginning, make sure your client is waiting in their car or at a safe distance outside until you are ready. There should be no lingering in the salon or in waiting areas. When they enter, make sure that they do not touch any retail they don’t plan on buying.
  • When possible, maintain social distancing. Obviously, while servicing your client this isn’t possible, but while processing for example, maintain distance. Consider moving booths and shampoo bowls at least 6 feet apart. In addition, consider putting up barriers between work stations. If nothing else, tape on the floor can help divide areas and keep staff and clients a proper distance apart at all times.
  • Also limit the amount of clients and staff allowed in the salon at one time. Make sure to put a sign on the door saying by appointment only. No walk-ins should be available at this time. Put a notice on your website and on your voicemail to make sure the news is spread. Keeping an appointment-only plan will ensure you know who and how many will be in your space at one time.
  • A big point of cross-contamination in-salon is the restrooms. If you keep your restrooms open to clients, be sure to remove anything unnecessary such as magazines, candles or sprays. Disinfect all surfaces, even the floors, multiple times throughout the day. Store any extra paper products and soap in closed cabinets that only staff has access to and be sure to have plenty of soap on hand at all times.
  • At the end of your service, consider asking for card instead of cash. Dollar bills and coins have been passed around frequently and carry germs so if possible, having clients pay with a card or even an app such as Venmo is best. This is another point you can consider including in your new regulations or sharing pre-appointment.

After The Service

Once your client leaves, start this process all over again! Everything and every area should be wiped down with the proper disinfectant. Go back through your pre-appointment salon safety procedures. Dispose of the clients cape, your smock, any gloves and all items used in a sealed trashcan or container. If you are not using single-use items, wash everything in hot soapy water.

To make sure you are staying on budget and meeting reopening goals, consult our Planning For Profit guide and checklist at the end of each day or week.

As long as you plan, pay very close attention to what you are doing and give clients a realistic expectation of their experience, everything will go smoothly. Try to embrace the change and enjoy having clients back in your chair as much as they will enjoy finally getting that coveted cut!

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