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Consulting Spaces Part 1 : Color

Many salons do not have the space to allot consultations their own area. However, if you can make it work at all you need to. It helps to escape the busyness of your chair and those around it. We will focus on creating the best consultation area possible for the next couple weeks. These tips should be helpful even if you don’t have the extra space to set aside.

Our first tip: Color!

White. If possible, all your walls should be white to make the clients’ hair look the best. Colored walls tint the hair and detract from it’s brightness. If you must use color, keep it as light and warm as possible. Some good alternatives to white are ivory, peach, beige, etc. The farther from white you go the more the hair will loose its lightness.

Until next time: Think White!

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Hot Trends In Hair Color For 2013

With the New Year upon us, many of our clients have been asking what trends in hair color we are predicting for 2013. While the basics will always be popular, there are many different variations for stylists to offer their clients that will take plain brown hair and spice it up a little or brighten up basic blondes. Consultations are always the first step in finding out just how far the person in the chair is willing to go and also guarantee a happy, returning customer. Below are a few of the trends that we have noticed and salons have been buzzing about. Continue reading…

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Organic Salon Systems is Recognized by PETA as a Provider of Cruelty-Free and Vegan Professional Salon Products

Cruelty-Free and Vegan

Organic Salon Systems, a distributor of non-diverted, high-performance salon products that maximize the use of gentle, nourishing, organic, and natural ingredients; is approved by PETA’s Leaping Bunny Program that administers a cruelty-free and vegan standard. Continue reading…

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Dangerous Toxins In Your Salon

There is a very simple principle known as “Toxins In, Toxins Out” That this video does such a fantastic job of simply demonstrating to us.  While this video relates specifically to chemicals in cosmetics, the implications for professional salon products are even more profound.  After watching it, please give us a call and talk to us about improving the health, safety, and wellness of your salon. Continue reading…

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Hair color without tears or fears

organic hair colorEach day hair stylists throughout the world are applying dangerous and carcinogenic chemicals on the heads of their clients.  Additionally, the toxins that are released into the air damage the lungs of hair sylist and other salon clients.  The dangerous chemicals in hair colors are consistently tied to breast cancer and other diseases.  Organic COlor Systems is a solution that performs far better than any ammoniated hair color.  It removes the tears and fears from the hair color experience.   Continue reading…

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