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How to Successfully Give Your Clients a Totally New Color


After a detailed consultation, our client decides to completely transition their existing hair color.  Where do we start first? What do we do? What are our options?  First don’t panic. Decolorizing hair and transitioning to a new hair color can be as easy as 1, 2, 3.  So, take a deep breath!  

Whether highlighting or performing an all over, decolorization/corrective color is a process that some fear. How do we get from such a dark level to much lighter colored locks? You will need to highlight or decolorize with a bleaching system. 

Decolorization is a process

An all over decolorization is a process and we must remember not to be too hard on ourselves. Whether fixing someone else’s mistake or just designing a new look for a client, you must realize that this is truly corrective color and may not be a quick fix. This must be discussed with the client ahead of time in the initial consultation so there are no miscommunications. Some corrective color services can take more than one visit to fully achieve the tone and level desired.  Highlighting or balayage services, on the other hand, are ways to introduce some lighter pieces throughout the hair without such a lengthy process. Highlighting can blend or add dimension to a monochromatic color.


Natural melanin (eumelanin) in the hair is an equal blend of all three primary colors: blue, red, and yellow. It is responsible for creating brown and black hair. The more eumelanin a person has will determine how brown or black the hair will be. A medium amount of eumelanin the hair will be brown. Someone with a lot of eumelanin will appear black but someone with a minimal amount of eumelanin has blonde hair.

Natural red hair has more pheomelanin (red pigment) and minimal eumelanin (brown or black pigment). Did you ever have that one client who just always seem to appear red no matter what you do or how you formulate? This client has more pheomelanin present in their hair.  The less pheomelanin a person has, the less red is visible in their hair color.

When hair is lightened in any way, the warmer tones red and yellow are always exposed.

Blue pigment is the first to leave the hair. To fully understand the lightening process, we must first understand the stages the hair must go through on its journey to becoming the ultimate blonde.  When creating the ultimate blonde, we are first removing the primary colors of blue and red, and depending on what level of blonde we are trying to achieve we might also be removing some of the yellow as well.

There are specific tones you will recognize on your journey. Starting at a level 1, our remaining color is blue. Level 2 we see blue/violet; level 3 we see violet; 4 red/violet. Level 5 us red and seems to be where a lot of us have most of our difficulties. Level 6 red/orange; Level 7 is orange like the outside of an orange. Level 8 is yellow orange like the shade of an apricot. Level 9 is yellow like the outside of a banana, and finally level 10 is pale yellow/white like the inside of a banana.

To successfully decolorize the hair, it is always best to go one level lighter than the level you are lifting to in order to achieve the proper foundation for the desired level.


Example: If my desired level is a level 8 and I am starting from a level 6, I know that when I decolorize the hair, I must expose the remaining color to yellow (like the outside of a banana).  Creating a visual of fruit or other Items is just a way to help you recognize when you have lifted to the level you desired.

Application is key.

Application is also key to a successful decolorization. Analyze the strand before beginning. Is there color on the ends? Is there a virgin new growth? What is the porosity of the hair? We know that virgin hair will lift quickly but hair with artificial pigment will require much more timing.

When dealing with different situations on the same head we must treat them differently.

  • Beginning at the midshaft before applying to the virgin hair will ensure an even decolorization process.
  • Don’t be afraid of using different volumes on the same head. When highlighting, use a lower volume in the back and as you work your way to the front try remix with a higher volume so that both areas finish lightening at the same time.
  • If you have not achieved an even shade of remaining pigment, it might be necessary to reapply the bleach.
  • Always pay attention to the porosity and overall condition of the hair before reapplying bleach. If you have an even bleaching result then your final color will be even. Sometimes additional bleaching is not doable because the hair is compromised. Use your professional judgment but this time realize you may not achieve the desired level in this visit.  Corrective hair color is a process so do not be too tough on yourself.

Once hair is decolorized  to the proper remaining color, you will have to choose whether you would like to enhance your final color or if you would like to refine the remaining color.


Choosing a tone opposite on the color wheel will help you refine unwanted warmth. To enhance the tone remaining after lightening, choose a tonal shade on the same side of the color wheel.


After a decolorizing service (highlighting or corrective work), you will want to thoroughly wash out the bleach with Oway Hbalance Shampoo and follow with Oway Hmilk No Stress to equalize the porosity before toning.

Toning with the chosen shade plus Oway Htone can take anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes. Always be cognitive of the porosity in the hair when choosing a toner.

Hmilk can also be used to equalize your porosity before toning. When toning at the shampoo bowl, you will want to remember to thoroughly towel dry the hair before applying the toner. Excess water can dilute your toner and can cause an uneven result.

So see, it is as easy as 1,2,3 and always remember the education department is here to offer additional support.


Trending Hair Colors This Week


It may have been a stormy weekend but it did not stop our #HolisticHairTribe from putting their best foot forward this week. From perfect plums to fabulous fashion tones, these hues will surely inspire you and give you creative ideas for your hair salon.

Check out the amazing hair colors they created below!


Plum Blossom Hair Color Formula

Hair by Meredith Johnson

That color and shine is everything! We know we can always count on Meredith to give us the ultimate hair candy.

Balayage: Oway Hbleach Butter Cream Lightener + Oway Hcatalyst 30 Volume Cream Developer

Color: Oway Hcolor 11.17 Frosted Platinum + Oway Hcolor 6.77 Deep Purple Dark Blonde + Oway Hcolor 0.7 Purple Booster + Oway Hcolor 0.8 Blue Booster


Platinum Lilac Hair Color Formula

Hair by Amber Lynne Ayala

To get this particular tone, Amber lightened her client as close to white as possible. The result? Absolute perfection.

Lightening: Oway Hbleach Butter Cream Lightener + Oway Hcatalyst 20 Volume Cream Developer

Toner: Oway Hcolor 10.1 Ash Extra Light Blonde + Oway Hcolor 90.11 Intense Ash Super Bleaching Blonde + Oway Htone 9 Volume Cream Developer


Golden Blonde Hair Color Formula

Hair by Lee Anne Lage

Would you believe this client used to be 100% grey? Lee Anne used the formula below to give her hair a golden makeover.

Balayage: Oway Hbleach Butter Cream Lightener with Oway Htone 9 Volume Cream Developer

Roots: Half Oway Hcolor 5.0 Natural Light Brown + Half Oway Hcolor 6.0 Natural Dark Blonde with Oway Hcatalyst 20 Volume Cream Developer


Red Maple Hair Color Formula

Hair by Yasmin Garcia

Fall is definitely in the hair. This maple leaf-inspired hair color got us all excited for autumn!

All-over color (1:1½): Oway Hcolor 6.44 Deep Coppery Dark Blonde with Oway Hcatalyst 20 Volume Cream Developer


Dark Copper Hair Color Formula

Hair by Heather Leigh Ford

To get to this gorgeous copper, Heather applied Formula 1 to the roots and drug it down to mimic a reverse balayage and blend her client’s old color. Toned with Formula 2 and finally styling with Oway Nurturing Drops and Scupting Mist.

Formula 1 Roots (1:1): Oway Hcolor 4.5 Mahogany Brown + Oway Hcolor 5.46 Red Coppery Light Brown with Oway Hcatalyst 20 Volume Cream Developer

Formula 2 (1:1): Oway Hcolor 6.44 Deep Coppery Dark Blonde + Oway Hcolor 6.5 Mahogany Dark Blonde with Oway Htone 9 Volume Cream Developer at the bowl for 10mins

Processed with Oway Hypercolor Drops 15/5


Pink Blush Hair Color Formula

Hair by Nicole Daly

Pink hair for Fall? Why not? It’s great for clients looking for something more offbeat during the cold autumn months. We recommend adding some shadow root action to give it more character.

Highlight: Oway Hbleach Butter Cream Lightener + Oway Hcatalyst 40 Volume Cream Developer

Toner: Oway Hcolor 90.0 Natural Super Bleaching Blonde + Oway Hcolor 90.2 Irisee Super Bleaching Blonde + Oway Hcolor 11.17 Frosted Platinum with a dot of Oway Hcolor 0.6 Red Booster + Oway Hcolor 0.7 Purple Booster

Which hair color do you like best?


Trending Hair Colors This Week


Fall is in the hair, ladies, and we got the most coveted shades this season right here. From warm blondes to rich, striking reds, here are this week’s trending hair colors from our community.

Check out our favorites below!


Wild Magenta Hair Color Formula

Hair by Tara Jean May

Magenta is not for the faint of heart. This shade is great for clients who love taking hair color risks and those who understand the level of commitment required to maintaining this hue.

All-over color (1:1): Oway Hcolor 6.77 Deep Purple Dark Blonde + Oway Hcolor 8.66 Deep Red Light Blonde


Sunkissed Hair Color Formula

Hair by Sarah Gedda Finney

Just because summer is almost over doesn’t mean you can’t have sunkissed hair anymore. Just bump up the warmth a little bit and your client’s hair will be ready for Fall.

Balayage: Oway Hbleach Butter Cream Lightener with Oway Hcatalyst 30 Volume Cream Developer

Toner: Oway Hcolor 11.17 Frosted Platinum


Café Latte Hair Color Formula

Hair by Jolie Faulkner

After applying to first 1.5″ regrowth, Jolie recommends adding Oway Hmilk to melt the color. To achieve this exact shade, keep melting through in panels, then mush at the bowl so the micro lights will grab the tone.

Melt Color: Oway Hcolor 6.34 Golden Copper Dark Blonde + Oway Hcolor 6.0 Natural Dark Blonde + Oway Htone 9 Volume Cream Developer

Micro Lights: Oway Hbleach Butter Cream Lightener + Oway Hcatalyst 30 Volume Cream Developer


Caramel Blonde Hair Color Formula

Hair by William Buck

Sombre is out, caramelage is in! A wordplay of the Fall go-to hue caramel and balayage, this new trend is perfect for clients who are going for a warm, low maintenance hair color.

Balayage: O&M Paint Powder Clay Lightener + O&M Mineral.CCT 40 Volume High Lift Cream Activator

Toner (1:1): O&M Mineral.CCT 8/03 Light Beige Blonde + O&M Mineral.CCT 8/73 Light Golden Brunette Blonde with O&M Mineral.CCT 10 Volume DEPOSIT Cream Activator


Red Wine Hair Color Formula

Hair by Moss CNY

Nothing says Fall than a wine-inspired hair color. This delicious, deep red hue was applied to a faded balayage with level 7 regrowth copper mids and blonde ends.

Roots: Oway Hcolor 5.66 Deep Red Light Brown with a splash of Oway Hcolor 0.6 Red Booster

Ends: Oway Hcolor 5.6 Red Light Brown with a splash of Oway Hcolor 5.66 Deep Red Light Brown + Oway Hcolor 7.6 Red Blonde with Oway Htone 9 Volume Cream Developer


Warm Honey Hair Color Formula

Hair by Summer Reid

Honey blonde remains to be one of the most popular color options for Fall. It’s not too light nor too dark – just the right amount of warmth to suit a variety of skin tones.

Balayage: Oway Hbleach Butter Cream Lightener + Oway Hcatalyst 20 Volume Cream Developer

Base: Oway Hcolor 6.34 Golden Copper Dark Blonde + Oway Hcolor 6.0 Natural Dark Blonde

Which are your top picks this week?


5 Hair Care Products Your Salon Should Have This Fall


Seasonal changes can wreak havoc on our hair and scalp. The humidity and air temperatures can be particularly drying, causing hair cuticles to rise and lose moisture. But fear not, because we have all the perfect treatments for your clients’ Fall hair woes right here!

We rounded up the five Oway treatments you need to have in your salon to help curb hair and scalp damage and dehydration.

5 Must-Have Fall Hair Care Products

Oway Smoothing Treatment


While cooler temperatures have less adverse effects on the hair than warmer climates, humidity spikes and rain can cause a lot of frizz. When this happens, the cuticles are raised, allowing moisture to escape. Oway Smoothing Treatment uses the nourishing blend of Organic Damask Rose and extracts from Buriti, Ginger Root, Bergamot, and Caraway.

This formula combines all their antioxidant properties to protect the hair from the harsh fall/winter elements that further dehydrate the hair. The natural emollients leave a protective film which helps close the cuticle, adding intense shine and softness to the strands.

Oway Moisturizing Treatment

During cooler climates, our hair and scalp are at risk of dry hair and itchy scalp. Oway Moisturizing Treatment contains a harmonious blend of botanical ingredients known to effectively replenish moisture in dehydrated hair.

Ingredients such as Fair Trade MuruMuru Butter, Organic Honey, and Macadamia Oil replace the natural oils lost during cleansing, keeping the moisture and pH levels of the hair and scalp balanced.

Oway Rebuilding Treatment

Exposure to the sun, salt, and chlorine during the summer can lead to damage. Doing a repair treatment is highly recommended to rebuild and refortify stressed hair before the temperatures change. Failing to do so may subject the hair to further damage, which can lead to breakage.

The Oway Rebuilding Treatment uses 18 biomimetic acids and proteins that deeply penetrate the hair’s cortex to reproduce the hair’s keratin structure. These acids and proteins act as “intracellular cement” which strengthens the chains within the hair fiber.


Oway Hair Loss Treatment

In a 2011 study published in the Journal of the Dermatology, it has been found that women are more prone to hair loss during autumn. Many females enter the telogen phase in July and start to experience fall outs in October. This phenomenon, along with the gloomy and cooler weather that come with fall and winter, has an effect on women, triggering more clumps of hair to fall out.

Hair care treatments that contain hair stimulating properties like Buddleja Davidii help revitalize hair follicle cells, encouraging hair growth. The Oway Hair Loss Treatment uses this magical ingredient and combines it with Denisplant and Hair Spa Complex™ to restore the scalp’s delicate environment and prolong the hair’s anagen phase.

Oway Silk ‘n Glow Treatment


Tangled hair can be very frustrating to some, especially if your client is prone to frizz. The unpredictable fall weather can exacerbate frizz, you’ll need an ultra-hydrating treatment that performs a detangling action and seals unruly strands.

Oway Silk ‘n Glow Treatment is nourishing oils and butters from Organic Cupuaçu, Biodynamic Oat, and Fair Trade Brazil Nut Oil to tame and soften the cuticles. As the cuticles are closed, the hair becomes more manageable.

Is your salon ready for fall and winter?


Trending Hair Colors This Week


Your clients’ summer blondes might be fading by now and pretty soon they’ll be booking for a touch up. We rounded up six of the most popular hair colors from our community this week that you can use as inspiration.

Check out our top picks below!


Pearl Blonde Hair Color Formula

Hair by Erica Nuhn

Nothing screams “healthy hair” like shiny, soft-looking locks. Add a pump of Oway Hmilk to your balay formula and you’ll get instant gloss and glam finish.

Balayage: Oway Hbleach Butter Cream Lightener with 25vol + Oway Hmilk No Stress Conditioning Treatment

Toner: 1.5oz Oway Hcolor 10.1 Ash Extra Light Blonde + 0.5oz Oway Hcolor 11.17 Frosted Platinum + 0.5oz Oway Hcolor 9.0 Natural Very Light Blonde + Oway Htone 9 Volume Cream Developer


Golden Blonde Hair Color Formula

Hair by Jen Martinez

Don’t you just love how a little balay can give hair dimension? Tone it using Jen’s formula to combat the brass.

Balayage: Oway Hbleach Butter Cream Lightener + Oway Hcatalyst 30 Volume Cream Developer

Toner: Oway Hcolor 7.0 Natural Blonde + Oway Hcolor 8.0 Natural Light Blonde  + Oway Htone 9 Volume Cream Developer + Oway Hypercolor Process Accelerator Oil


Copper Colormelt Hair Color Formula

Hair by Holly Wiitala

With Fall just a few weeks away, you’ll be getting a lot of copper requests. Blonde clients looking to change up their hair would love this stunning colormelt.

Lowlight Colomelt:

1: Part Oway Hcolor 4.6 Red Brown + Oway Hcolor 4.5 Mahogany Brown + little Oway Hcolor 4.0 Natural Brown  with Oway Hcolor 0.6 Red Booster + Oway Hcatalyst 20 Volume Cream Developer

2: Oway Hcolor 5.46 Red Coppery Light Brown + Oway Hcolor 7.6 Red Blonde  + Oway Hcatalyst 20 Volume Cream Developer + Oway Hcolor 0.6 Red Booster

3: Oway Hcolor 8.34 Golden Copper Light Blonde + little Oway Hcolor 8.4 Coppery Light Blonde + 15vol


Lilac Rose Fade Hair Color Formula

Hair by Abigail Waldrum

Fall doesn’t mean you must go dark all the time. This fairy princess-inspired hair color is a fun way to add some pizzazz to your blonde client’s hair.

Highlights: Oway Hbleach Butter Cream Lightener + 25vol

Toner (1:1 Mids to Ends): 1.6oz Oway Hcolor 11.17 Frosted Platinum + about an inch of Oway Hcolor 0.7 Purple Booster+ Oway Hcolor 6.77 Deep Purple Dark Blonde with Oway Htone 9 Volume Cream Developer

Processing Time: 20 mins


Golden Sienna Hair Color Formula

Hair by Amanda Kaiser

Don’t you love how balayage can make the hair so multi-tonal? This client’s natural level is a Dark Ash Blonde.

Balayage: Oway Hbleach Butter Cream Lightener + Oway Hcatalyst 40 Volume Cream Developer

Toner: Oway Hcolor 11.17 Frosted Platinum with a pearl of Oway Hcolor 0.8 Blue Booster + a pearl of Oway Hcolor 0.7 Purple Booster


Brownstone Melt Hair Color Formula

Hair by Erica Walker

Now is the perfect time to let your blonde clients grow out their natural hair color. Use the ombre technique to give a soft, seamless transition, and voila!

Previously Balayaged

New Growth (Level 5) Melted Down into Ombre:

Oway Hcolor 5.0 Natural Light Brown + Oway Hcolor 5.17 Light Frosted Brown (1:1)

Which are your favorites this week?


Oway Stylist Spotlight: Erica Walker


Our Stylist of the Month is not your ordinary hair stylist. From vibrant vivids to bombshell beach blondes, Erica Walker, aka magic.maker on Instagram, is one to watch. She does not back down from a challenge and has a bold, fresh style that’s definitely her own.

Check out our interview with Erica below!

Tell us about yourself. How did you get your start in the industry?

I was giving out kitchen scissor haircuts and cap highlights by 12 years old. There is just some kind of therapy in creating. writing, drawing, and painting. I gotta spill my heart out onto a canvas, but hair was the medium that allowed me to grab hold of a livelihood at a young age.

What made you choose holistic hairdressing?

My path actually crossed with Simply Organic 10 years ago when specializing in another non-toxic brand, but when I stumbled across Oway last summer — I was sold! The bar for green chemistry has been set, ladies and gentlemen. With so much in the world out of our control, it is a privilege to get to be mindful of what is going onto and into our bodies. And as if the products don’t already speak for themselves, Owayans pour out support and education.

Your balay work is amazing! Any tips you can share? Do you have a go-to Oway hair color formula?

Trust the trial and error. Develop your skill with patience and practice, and then never stop practicing. Every session can be a lesson. For me, Oway Hbleach is a balayage dream! I think I speak for most of the tribe — Oway Hcolor 11.17 is the go-to toner. The way it can beige and ice your blondes — money, honey!

What are your favorite Oway hair styling products?

Hands down, my number one is Nurturing Drops! No matter if I’m just dusting off the split ends during your lunch break or losing my religion over that all-day color correction, I need the drops to polish and protect the cuticle.

What are the trends should we look out for this fall/winter?


I, at least, predict my clients will have me reaching for the more playful tones at the shampoo bowl rather than the usual neutralizing glazes.

What advice would you give to other stylists who just started carving their own career path?

Coincidentally, I’m in my first two weeks with a brand new salon, BLEACHED. Offered a master styling position by a personal and professional dear friend, we are very much approaching this as an opportunity to build up talent and confidence (because between me and you, I guarantee I was actually more nervous to change salons after 12 years than the fresh-out-of-schooler is during their first client.) You just go for it. Make the magic. Make the mistakes. But by all means, just make something happen!

See Erica's amazing work with Oway below!


6 Things You Must Know When Moving into Your Own Salon Suite

To many stylists, owning a salon is the ultimate goal. Who doesn’t like being your own boss and having the freedom to express your own creativity while making a living? For those starting out, renting a salon suite is a great first step to achieving that dream.

However, it takes more than passion and creativity to become a successful solopreneur. To ensure your success, you must be fully prepared mentally, emotionally, and financially. Below are 6 secrets you must know before moving into your own salon suite.

6 Secrets to Salon Suite Success

Have the right mindset.


Everything begins with the right mindset. Having that drive to succeed no matter what is what separates successful entrepreneurs and those who aren’t.

Being a solo entrepreneur is no easy task. You need to make crucial business decisions and will encounter many challenges. The clearer and stronger your mindset, the more resilient you will become in times of difficulty.

Know your brand.

Developing and maintaining a brand that strongly resonates with your target market helps build customer recognition. If you intend to cater to potential clients who are maintaining a holistic lifestyle, your website, social media, products, and services should be aligned with their values. This helps create an emotional connection that can last a lifetime and earn you more referrals. As an independent hair stylist, having a loyal clientele is essential to your success.

Establish your mission.

In addition, your salon must establish a mission or purpose that represents your goals and values. This should be powerful enough to make you jump out of bed, excited start your day. Are you aiming to be a fully holistic salon? Do you want to be recognized in your local community as a leader in your field?

Having a clear-cut mission and sense of purpose helps establish a solid foundation for your business and guide your professional decisions.

Have a system in place.

As solo suite stylist, you will be working on your own so you need a reliable system that can help you manage all your tasks. From booking, customer relationship management, marketing, to tax planning, there are several business tools that can help you be more productive and efficient.

TIP: As a small, cash-based business, you will be overseeing every aspect of your business. Thus, making you a target of the IRS. We recommend forming a Limited Liability Company (LLC) to give you more flexibility in terms of filing deductions, which include:

  • Hair Care Product and Tools
  • Salon Furniture, Equipment, and Space Rental
  • Training and Continuing Education
  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Licenses and Insurance
  • Meals and Entertainment Deductions
  • Capital Expenses (Start-up Costs, Business Improvements, etc.)

Maximize your space.

Your salon suite will be limited in space, so you should maximize every square foot. Keep it clean and organized by displaying select marketing materials and using shelves to display your products.

Furthermore, your space should reflect your brand identity. Using green decors like plants and sustainable, eco-friendly furnishings send a message that you are fully committed to being a holistic hair salon. Diffuse organic essential oils to ensnare the senses and create a relaxing ambience. And lastly, only display products that are made with biodynamic-organic and fair-trade ingredients.

Sell retail.

Selling retail is crucial to your salon’s growth so even if you are limited in space, it is important that you have a dedicated retail display. Take advantage of your vertical space by installing shelves on the walls and using your wash and work station as your retail area.

Another option is signing up for a dropship program. Simply Organic Beauty allows salon owners to place an order in behalf of their clients and then we ship them directly to the client’s door. This method allows you to keep your suite less cluttered without missing out on that extra income.

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Trending Hair Colors This Week


The last days of summer are upon us, so of course, our #HolisticHairTribe couldn’t pass up the chance to play with cooler, brighter tones while they’re still trendy. From breath-taking blondes to ashy hues, we got the standout hair colors from our community right here.

See our top picks this week!


Vintage Rose Hair Color Formula

Hair by Angela Molina

Odds are you’ve had at least a couple of clients who asked for Rose Gold hair this year. This Vintage Rose formula is a warmer, richer version of the popular trend, making it great color to wear this Fall.

Prelightening: Oway Hbleach Butter Cream Lightener

Toner: Oway Hcolor 11.17 Frosted Platinum + Oway Hcolor 0.1 Ash Booster + Oway Hcolor 0.6 Red Booster + Oway Htone 9 Volume Cream Developer


Macchiato Hair Color Formula

Hair by Christen Papasso

With just a simply balay, you can breathe life into your client’s hair. This client used to have dark brown hair but Christen’s signature soft, natural-looking highlights gave it more oomph.

Balayage: Oway Hbleach Butter Cream Lightener + Oway Hcatalyst 20 Volume Cream Developer

Toner: Oway Hcolor 11.17 Frosted Platinum + Oway Hcolor 9.01 Ash Natural Very Light Blonde + Oway Htone 9 Volume Cream Developer


Honey Blonde Hair Color Formula

Hair by Wendy Pendill

It’s incredible what some foils of Oway lightener can do for the hair. This stylish neutral brings out the natural beauty of the hair – so much so that you won’t need to use gloss.

Natural Level 7

Foils: Oway Hbleach Butter Cream Lightener + Oway Hcatalyst 20 Volume Cream Developer


Smokey Purple Hair Color Formula

Hair by Anna Lundeberg

A fun update on the gray and pastel trend, this hair color delivers a smoked out, rooty version of purple. It suits any skin tone which makes it so in demand these days.

Roots: Oway Hcolor 5.1 Ash Light Brown  + Oway Hcolor 0.8 Blue Booster with Oway Htone 9 Volume Cream Developer

Purple: Oway Hcolor 11.17 Frosted Platinum + Oway Hcolor 0.1 Ash Booster + Oway Hcolor 0.7 Purple Booster with Oway Htone 9 Volume Cream Developer


Blue Slate Hair Color Formula

Hair by Carol Anne Horne

Don’t you love it when accidents turn into happy mistakes? Carol Anne was initially aiming for a pastel lavender but turned out to be a stunning silvery blue.

Natural Level 7

Previously Lifted with Oway Hbleach Butter Cream Lightener

Base: New Growth

Color: Oway Hcolor 90.2 Irisee Super Bleaching Blonde + Oway Hcolor 0.7 Purple Booster


Ash Blonde Hair Color Formula

Hair by Summer Reid

To some, ash blonde may seem like a demure and conservative color, but when you got the right technique and stylist, it can turn out beautifully. We recommend doing a nice rootmelt to give it more character and dimension.

Roots: Oway Hbleach Butter Cream Lightener + 35vol

Ends: Oway Hbleach Butter Cream Lightener + Oway Hcatalyst 20 Volume Cream Developer

Toner: O&M Mineral.CCT 10/16 Lightest Ash Violet Blonde

Which hair color do you like most?


5 Essential Steps to Creating an Effective Retail Design for Salons

In the past, salons relied more on their staff to sell products, but as the retail landscape continues to shift, businesses need to rethink how to attract customer attention. Nowadays, people prefer to shop online for its convenience but despite that, one thing remains the same: customers will come back for an engaging, interactive shopping experience.

And that’s where proper visual merchandising and retail design for salons can become the best retail “salesperson” you never knew you had. 😉

With the right design, you can create this ultimate shopping experience by literally putting a retail store inside your salon. But in order for this to be effective and profitable, you’ll need to implement these five essential components of visual merchandising and salon retail design.

5 Ways to Create an Effective Salon Retail Display

1. Plan and assess.


As soon as the client enters your salon, you have about five to ten minutes to make your first sale. With proper planning, you can turn those five minutes into gold.

Once you’ve figured out which retail products you would sell in your salon, take time to develop a retail merchandising master plan. This includes assessing whether your display is:

  • Clean. Nobody likes a dirty or dusty space, so be sure to prioritize the cleanliness of your area.
  • Accessible. Your retail area should be in a place that customers can easily access, otherwise they won’t bother looking at it.
  • Informative. Most clients won’t ask about products, so use shelf talkers to inform them about the items, their benefits, and pricing.
  • Abundant. Fully stocked shelves sends a message that you’re fully committed to your retail line.
  • Sensible. Are you merchandising by categories? This makes it easy for them to navigate your retail space.
  • Narrative. Don’t just display. Explain the story behind the products.
  • Interactive. Have a Try Me area so clients can see, smell, and experience the products for themselves.

2. Organize.

By taking appropriate measures to organize your retail space, you encourage shoppers to make purchases. But first, you must identify your salon’s selling zones and take advantage of them. Utilize areas like the lounge, entrance, and window to entice clients and passersby. Then, put your display/promo table near the entrance and your retail shelves in front of the salon. Workstations are also a perfect area to display specific products.

In fact, 80-85% of retail sales happen in the workstation.

Do not forget to incorporate images. It’s a great way to showcase your branding and what your salon is all about.

3. Tell a story.

We process and retain information when it’s in a form of a story. When creating that story, you will have to carefully choose the products that you are going to display. Consider the color and theme you would like to showcase. Ideally, your salon should have 6 themes per year with no more than 3 colors per display.

Once you’ve figured all that out, it’s now time to tell your story. You need to think like a designer and create a visual experience in order to convey your narrative effectively. A successful design follows the following principles:

  • Repetition. Repeat themes and objects.
  • Unity. Use like-minded objects or props.
  • Contrast. Create visual interest by highlighting different retail areas with the use of colors, textures, and shapes.
  • Rhythm. Incorporate movement by using a variety of shapes and sizes.
  • Balance. Distribute products, objects, colors, and space evenly throughout the retail area.
  • Harmony. Be sure that the props and colors create an overall cohesive effect.

4. Connect with clients.

So you’ve got your merchandising master plan and your story figured out. But how do you showcase those in a way that speaks to the client?

According to a 2015 study by Event Marketing Institute, about 75% of clients say they’re more likely to buy a product being promoted if a store offers an engaging shopping experience.1 This includes displays and promotions that appeal to all the senses, including the use of proper lighting.


5. Convert and measure.

It is recommended that 20% of your salon’s area be dedicated to retail with a goal of turning over your inventory four and a half times a year. For example, converting your waiting area into your retail store allows clients to interact more with the products, which increases the chances of them purchasing.

Of course, all these are tips are futile if you are not getting any returns on your investment. So make sure to measure your ROI to determine the success of your retail space or if there are any changes you need to make.


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Owayans: The Next-Gen Hairdressers Who Are Changing the Face of the Beauty Industry

As Hair Stylists, we – as well as our clients – are exposed to an alarming amount of chemicals. Some of these chemicals come with links to allergies, irritants, and carcinogens. And worse, these toxins don’t just attack the body, they also cause severe damage and harm to the planet.

While there isn’t 100% organic hair color  available to us yet, Oway has managed to create the cleanest professional salon products in the industry through green chemistry and biodynamic farming.

But the Oway brand is more than its products. It’s meant to represent a way of being. Individuals who subscribe to this kind of lifestyle make up the Owayans, a community of passionate hairdressers whose sole purpose is to promote a healthy, positive way of living. Below, we break down what it truly means to be part of this revolutionary movement.

Holistic Beauty

For Owayans, beauty transcends far beyond the surface. To them, hairdressing is more than creating beautiful hair. It’s also about nourishing the body from the inside.

Beauty is a clear indicator of health, so when we’re healthy on the inside – it radiates on the outside.

Activities such as meditation, eating organic, and even the most mundane things like reading your favorite book or listening to wonderful music can relax the body and take away the negative energy that’s building up within.


Green Chemistry

Part of the Owayan lifestyle is to make sure products are free from health-damaging ingredients. Products containing ingredients such as the 5 toxic Ps, ammonia, SLS, among others belong to the Owayan no-fly list.

In place of these chemicals, Oway uses gentler, safer alternatives through natural and naturally derived sources. These are specified in the product labels, along with other nutritional and safety information, which include where and how ingredients are obtained and how products should be disposed.

With Oway, you’ll find that all the necessary product information you need are clearly indicated in the labels.

Ecology and Conservation

Owayans believe that the environment greatly impacts our quality of life. And nothing can be truer than that. In order to have a better, healthier life, we need to constantly incorporate environmentally friendly practices in everything that we do.

Simple things such as adding plants in the salon or growing a green space on a rooftop, backyard, or balcony help absorb all the chemicals in the air and turn them into oxygen, thus preserving the sustainability of the environmental systems around them.

Oway’s products are also packaged in reusable amber glass jars. From flower vases to storage, their containers can serve a variety of purposes. By upcycling them, Owayans are able to reduce their ecological footprint as well as not contribute to the millions of tons of waste that we already have.


Global Well-Being

Owayans believe in the transformative power of inclusive and sustainable economic development. This involves purchasing via fair trade networks as well as responsible production to ensure that natural resources are used rationally and efficiently.

Sustainability is governed by three basic pillars: environmental, economic, and social dimensions. These dimensions need to be kept balanced in order for the planet to subsist. And Fair Trade plays a major role in this.

Through Fair Trade, disadvantaged producers are able to enjoy secure and sustainable livelihoods and, at the same time, provide for the needs of consumers.1

While Oway grows its active ingredients on their biodynamic farm in Bologna, Italy, other ingredients are sourced from international fair-trade networks. Natural raw materials are obtained from Africa, Amazonia, Indonesia, Indochina and Aboriginal Australia, supporting over 800 poor communities.

The Organic Way of life goes beyond eating clean food and using organic products. It’s about taking a stand on important issues and creating positive change in our local community and the world around us, one head of hair at a time.


1 Fair Trade International. Fairtrade’s Contribution to a More Sustainable World. Available: https://www.fairtrade.net/fileadmin/user_upload/content/2009/resources/2010-12-31_flo-sustainability-position-paper.pdf