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Trending Hair Colors This Week – Vol. 55


We’re halfway through Spring and if this week’s Trending Hair Colors are any indication, it looks like our #HolisticHairTribe is ready to greet the summer season. From fashion colors to cool blondes, you will surely want to re-create these hair colors in your salon.

Check out our favorites below!


Salmon Rose Hair Color Formula

Hair by Kristine Hartman

Pretty in pink. This gorgeous hair color by Kristine Hartman just got us all excited for the rest of spring and summertime.

Full Highlight Balayage: Oway Hbleach Butter Cream Lightener + 15vol (root) and Oway Htone 9 Volume Cream Developer (ends)

Root Smudge: 1/2 Oway Hcolor 11.17 Frosted Platinum  + Oway Htone 9 Volume Cream Developer with Oway Hcolor 9.43 Copper Golden Very Light Blonde + dot of Oway Hcolor 0.6 Red Booster/Tone Corrector

Mids to Ends: O&M CØR.color Dusty Pink Toner + O&M CØR.color Pale Pink Toner + O&M CØR.color Silver Toner with 7vol


Mocha Velvet Hair Color Formula

Hair by Maureen Fox-Meyer of The Change Salon

Are you looking for inspo on how to fix for your sunkissed hair clients? How about colormelting velvet brown to platinum?

Base: Oway Hcolor 3.17 Dark Frosted Brown  + Oway Hcatalyst 20 Volume Cream Developer

Mids: Oway Hcolor 4.1 Ash Brown + Oway Hcatalyst 20 Volume Cream Developer

Ends: O&M Paint Powder Clay Lightener + O&M CØR.color 30 vol Activator

Toner: 1/2 O&M CØR.color Platinum Toner + 1/2 O&M CØR.color Ice Toner with O&M CØR.color 10 vol Activator


Nutmeg Hair Color Formula

Hair by Kristina Fetto of Grow Organic Salon

Cool blondes are great springtime and summertime trends. They offer a perfect contrast with the warmth of the season.

Teased Thin Sections with Balayage Film over Top: Oway Hbleach Butter Cream Lightener + Oway Hcatalyst 30 Volume Cream Developer

Toner: Oway Hcolor 9.1 Ash Very Light Blonde + Oway Hcolor 90.1 Ash Super Bleaching Blonde with Oway Htone 9 Volume Cream Developer


Pensive Purple Hair Color Formula

Hair by Desiree Cerda of The Moon Room Salon

Need to add some tones and dimensions to your fashion hair colors? Why not try using the pinwheel placement technique like how Desiree did this pretty purple?

Lightened hair to a level 9/10

Processed for 30mins

Darker Purple: 2g Oway Hcolor 3.17 Dark Frosted Brown  + 15g Oway Hcolor 9.0 Natural Very Light Blonde + 10g Oway Hcolor 0.7 Purple Booster/Tone Corrector  + 10 drops Oway Hmelt Blue Charm + 40g Oway Htone 9 Volume Cream Developer

Lighter Purple: 18g Oway Hcolor 90.2 Irisee Super Bleaching Blonde + 2g Oway Hcolor – 0.7 Purple Booster/Tone Corrector + 10 drops Oway Hmelt Blue Charm + 30g Oway Htone 9 Volume Cream Developer


Rosewood Hair Color Formula

Hair by Ametrine Salon

Would you believe us when we tell you there are no highlights on this hair? The tones and dimensions you see are a result of adding Oway Hscreen to the formula.

Color: 15g Oway Hcolor 5.0 Natural Light Brown + 10g Oway Hcolor 6.35 BST Tobacco Dark Blonde + 5g Oway Hcolor 5.56 Red Mahogany Light Blonde with 30g Oway Hcatalyst 20 Volume Cream Developer + Oway Hypercolor Process Accelerator Oil + Oway Hscreen Skin + Scalp Protector


Honey Granola Hair Color Formula

Hair by Ashley Saccomanno of Grow Organic Salon

Hair so shiny, you need sunglasses. Just goes to show how extremely nourishing our plant butter-based lightener is. Thanks, Hbleach!

Balayage: Oway Hbleach Butter Cream Lightener

Toner: Oway Hcolor 8.31 Beige Light Blonde

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Air Quality Awareness Week: 5 Salon Solutions for Clean Indoor Air


As salon owners and hairstylists, we work with chemicals all the time and without proper ventilation and indoor air quality control, these chemicals can cause various illnesses.

This Air Quality Awareness Week, create a healthy environment for your colleagues and clients with these salon solutions for managing indoor air quality.

How to Improve Your Salon’s Indoor Air Quality

Avoid products with high Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

Volatile Organic Compounds are gases produced by a variety of chemicals. Two of the best-known VOCs are formaldehyde and chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs).

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, studies have found that levels of VOCs average at about 2 to 5 times higher indoors than outdoors. When consistently exposed to high levels of VOCs, they can cause adverse health effects in humans such as throat irritation, breathing issues, damage to the central nervous system and possible carcinogenic effects


Use ammonia-free salon products.

Like VOCs, ammonia in salon products can also cause detrimental effects not just on the hair, but also on our health and environment. This caustic substance emits a pungent, irritating odor and long-term exposure to the fumes can cause a host of health issues such as obesity, skin complications, allergies, and many more.

Once you remove salon products with high concentrations of VOCs and ammonia, you’ll be surprised at how easily you and clients can breathe and enjoy your time together.


Detoxify your salon with air-purifying plants.

Adding plants in the salon is the most eco-friendly and cost-effective way to purify the air. According to research, house plants like Peace Lily and Weeping Fig are effective at removing VOCs from the air. Dracaena and spider plants are also known to be exceptionally good at eliminating harsh fumes in the air. Check out this chart for a list of aesthetically pleasing plants that help eliminate common air pollutants.

Minimize leaks or spills.

As salon professionals who work with liquids, leaks and spills are common occurrences. But because salon products contain chemicals, compounds from these chemicals evaporate and remain in the air for a long time.

To prevent air pollution inside your business, make sure hair products are sealed tight and spills are cleaned and handled properly. Do you have a spill kit in the salon? This kit can come in handy in times like this.

Invest in an exhaust system and HVAC with multi-stage filtration system.

The best way to combat indoor air pollution is to have top-notch ventilation. HVACs with multi-stage filtration system contain layers of filters which include a pre-filter to remove large particles; then a HEPA (high efficiency particle arrestor) filter which extracts particles from the air equivalent to 1/100th the diameter of human hair; and finally an activated carbon filter which help trap respirable particles and gases.

Dealing with chemicals is part of our profession. But that does not mean there’s nothing we can do to lessen our toxin exposure. Thankfully, there are holistic salon brands like Oway and Original & Mineral that are working hard to eliminate harsh chemicals such as ammonia and formaldehyde in their products. Because of these brands, hair stylists can now create beautiful hair without having to inhale toxic fumes.

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5 Mother’s Day Marketing Ideas for Holistic Salons and Spas


Mother’s Day is only a few weeks away so it’s time to start planning your salon’s Mother’s Day Specials.

Here’s a fact: Clients are more likely in a gift-buying mood on Mother’s Day than Valentine’s Day. Therefore, it’s important that you have your promotional campaign already in place.

If you have not started planning yet, we rounded up 5 tried-and-tested Mother’s Day salon marketing ideas that will surely make your mommy clients or their loved ones smile on their special day.

Mother’s Day Salon Marketing Ideas

Tip #1. Run a Mother’s Day offer.

Everyone loves getting freebies or a discount. But what makes an offer EVEN more appealing is if it comes with an added value. An added value is a benefit that clients receive that they may not be able to get anywhere else. It can be anything that the client can’t necessarily buy, such as an experience.

Promos such as offering to upgrade your client and her mom with a free hair cut if they book a hair treatment together not only allows them to get a free service, but they also get to spend quality time together.

Tip #2. Create Mother’s Day Gift Baskets.

Mother’s Day gifts are arguably the hardest to find. Creating Mother’s Day gift baskets, like the Oway Skincare Grab ‘N Go Bag and Oway Body + Mind Care Gift Box, takes the guesswork out of gift-giving. These Oway gift sets come in eco-friendly gift packaging as well, which holistic moms will surely appreciate.


Tip #3. Spread the word through email marketing.

While social media is a great tool for putting the word out at lightning speed, email marketing remains to be one of the most effective ways to reach your clients. It gives you more space to discuss your Mother’s Day promos in detail and send traffic to different parts of your website or online shop.

PRO TIP: Always include an eye-catching visual and/or heartwarming quote to generate more interest.

Tip # 4. Go social.

Utilize all your social media accounts to get the word out: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – you name it. But make sure to keep your social media campaign fun and engaging. Many potential clients are easily put off when they see a very salesy post. You can post funny “bad childhood haircut” memes or do a throwback of their favorite retro hair do’s and seamlessly insert your ad in the caption.


Tip #5. Appeal to men as well.

Did you know: According to statistics, men actually spend more on Mother’s Day gifts than daughters. This is a great opportunity to tap into a whole new demographic. You can partner with a business dedicated to men and create a campaign together. Then, provide an incentive that will allow them to come back to your business on another day, like Father’s Day.

Is your salon ready for the Mother’s Day rush? Having a well thought-out Mother’s Day campaign will not only help your business, but dedicating this special day to your clients will also strengthen your relationship with them.

Check out our Mother’s Day Specials from Oway below!

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Trending Hair Colors This Week – Vol. 54


As hairdressers, tending to our clients’ needs day in, day out can take a toll on our creativity. This week, we’re sharing some of the best hair colors our #HolisticHairTribe has created to give you some inspiration.

Check out their incredible work below!


Sandbar Hair Color Formula

Hair by Janelle Chaplin of O&M NYC

Need to give your ash blonde some extra kick? Mix your toner formula with our O&M Silver Toner and watch it work its magic.

Bleach: O&M Ammonia Free Keratin Powder Lightener

Toner: O&M CØR.color 8.81 Light Pearl Ash Blonde and O&M CØR.color Silver Toner Equal Parts + Double O&M CØR.color 5 vol Activator


Blood Rush Hair Color Formula

Hair by Amy Miller of AMOS Studio

There’s nothing more beautiful than a multi-tonal redhead. Balayaging some pieces helps give the hair beautiful dimension and depth.

Balayage: Oway Hbleach Butter Cream Lightener

Toner: Oway Hcolor 8.66 Deep Red Light Blonde + Oway Hcolor 5.66 Deep Red Light Brown + 5 drops Oway Hmelt Red Energy with Oway Htone 9 Volume Cream Developer


Café Brulee Hair Color Formula

Hair by Abigail Waldrum of Lucky Cat Salon

Cool-toned blondes are in season once again! Our O&M Platinum Toner is the perfect toner to neutralize any warmth after lightening the hair.

Prelightening: O&M Paint Powder Clay Lightener + O&M CØR.color 20 vol Activator then O&M CØR.color 30 vol Activator

Toner: O&M CØR.color Platinum Toner + O&M CØR.color 5 vol Activator


Syrup Hair Color Formula

Hair by Maren McKenna

Got a previously highlighted client wanting to try a new look this season? Give her the sunkissed look using Maren’s formula!

Base: Oway Hcolor 6.01 Ash Natural Dark Blonde + Oway Hcatalyst 30 Volume Cream Developer

Toner over Highlighted Hair: Oway Hcolor 7.35 BT Tobacco Blonde + Oway Hcolor 7.03 BM Mocha Blonde with Oway Htone 9 Volume Cream Developer


Caramel Truffle Hair Color Formula

Hair by Holly Burnham

That shine though! Oway Hnectar’s organic sugars give the hair extra nourishment and hydration, leaving it super shiny and healthy.

Balayage: Oway Hbleach Butter Cream Lightener

Toner: ½ Oway Hnectar 8.34 Cinnamon Light Blonde + ¼ Oway Hnectar 7.9 Marron Glace Blonde + ¼ Oway Hnectar 7.5 Burgundy Blonde + a splash of Oway Hnectar 6.77 Blueberry Dark Blonde + Oway Htone 9 Volume Cream Developer

Which are your picks this week?

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7 Major Things You Need to Know about the Organic Way of Skincare

If you missed yesterday’s free online training on Oway’s latest organic skincare products for salons and spas, we rounded up the top 7 facts every holistic beauty provider should know about.

According to market research, organic skincare will comprise almost 1/3 of the total organic beauty market in 2024.

With organic skincare expected to dominate the beauty market in the next few years, this your chance to offer organic skincare services in the salon. Organic skincare products that WORK are rare in our industry, and with Oway launching their Natrue-certified skincare line, there would never be a better opportunity than right now.

Oway’s organic skincare line is certified. is one of the few cosmetic certifying bodies known for its strict criteria and clearly defined procedures in differentiating true natural cosmetic products from greenwashed ones. Being certified by Natrue means that the product contains 98.6% – 100% biodynamic, organic, natural, and naturally derived ingredients. With Oway, you know you are TRULY getting the full botanical benefits and potency of each ingredient.


The Oway Beauty active ingredients are made from raw materials and plants grown biodynamically in Ortofficina.

Ortofficina is Oway’s biodynamic family farm in Bologna, Italy where ZERO pesticides and polluting farm machinery are used. The farm plants and harvests its active ingredients in conjunction with the lunar phases to increase their potency and effectiveness. Ingredients that aren’t grown in Ortofficina are sourced from verified Fair Trade networks in South America and South East Asia.

For example, we source our Pataua Oil and Green Clay from our partners in the Amazon region, while we get our Purple Rice from Southeast Asia.

All products are nickel-tested and dermatologist-tested.

Each production batch of the Oway Skincare line undergoes nickel-testing and monitoring. We make sure that each product complies with regulations and safe for all skin types.

Oway uses twice pure water.

The water in every Oway Skincare product undergoes two purification processes called reverse osmosis and ozonation (or ozone generation). These two processes not only remove foreign substances in the water such as heavy metals and nuclear waste, but they also disinfect the water, creating a microbiologically pure water.

The line contains a collection of about 20+ skin-perfecting products for face and body.

Made for all skin types including those with specific skin concerns, the Oway Facial Remedies collection is composed of:

These facial products contain nourishing plant superactives that protect, hydrate and revitalize the skin.

Similarly, the Oway Body Remedies are great for cleansing the skin of dead skin cells and impurities as well as reverse the signs of aging. These are:


You can combine these products to create the ultimate in-salon beauty treatments.

For instance, the Summer and Winter Solstice Blends can be used as a pre-cleansing ritual, followed by the Oway Perfect Cleansing Cream and Tonic Potion, Gommage, and Mask. If you offer a body wrap service in your salon or spa, the Winter Solstice Blend, Beautifying Body Peeling, Ultra-Rich Body Oil, Slim & Shape Booster, Detox Body Bath, and Velvet Body Fluid are the products you need.

To learn more about the Oway skin care recipes and menus, our Oway Skincare Kits comes with a free Oway Beauty Book. Please call your Account Manager at 888-213-4744 for more information.

Check out the following Organic Skincare Kits and Packages for your salon:

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6 Stunning Ammonia-Free Hair Color Transformations You Must See


Curious about what happens during our Simply Organic certification classes? You don’t only get to learn about our ammonia-free hair color lines, and each brand’s philosophy and green chemistry – but you also get to formulate and play with the colors on real models.

Here are the stunning hair colors our new Holistic Hair Tribe members created during our Certification Class in New York City early this month!

Check them out below!


Honey Bronze Hair Color Formula

Halo Section + Around the Face: O&M Paint Powder Clay Lightener with O&M CØR.color 30 vol Activator

Toner: O&M CØR.color 9.5 Very Light Red Blonde and O&M CØR.color 5 vol Activator

Hair Styling

  1. Use O&M Know Knott Detangling Spray to add nourishment to the hair while taking out excess moisture.
  2. Then, use O&M Know Knott Detangling Spray and O&M Style Guru Styling Cream to blow out and keep the hair nourished while smoothing it out. Perfect for creating a silky effect to thick, course hair.
  3. Spray O&M Atonic Hair Thickening Spritz onto dry hair as a heat protectant, then create a wave with a large barrel curling iron.
  4. Use O&M Frizzy Logic Finishing Shine Spray to lock out moisture and prevent frizz.
  5. Comb through with a large wide tooth basin comb to loosen the wave.

Spanish Red Hair Color Formula

Starting level 5 natural

Desired color: A soft velvet red formula that was rich but not too intense

Formula: 40g Oway Hcolor 6.62 Irisee Red Dark Blonde + 20g Oway Hcatalyst 20 Volume Cream Developer + 20g Oway Hcatalyst 30 Volume Cream Developer

Use a combination of Hcatalyst volumes to lift the level slightly without exposing too much warmth and add a pop of brightness to the red she desired.

Hair Styling

  1. To impart additional shine and additional nourishment, use Oway Glossy Nectar to style the hair on slightly damp hair. Glossy Nectar helps in accelerating the drying time and add a bit of thermal protection too.
  2. Once the hair is almost 100% dry, spritz the hair with Oway Thermal Stress Protector and finish the blow dry. The Thermal Stress Protector protects the hair from hot tools used to add a bit of glamorous vertical curls to the hair.
  3. Then, use a medium barrel curling iron held horizontally about 3 inches from the scalp to add some spice to the style.
  4. Finish the look with light mists of Oway Sea Salt Spray to separate the curls and give a medium hold to the hair style.

Shoreline Hair Color Formula

Roots: 1/2 O&M CØR.color 9.0 Very Light Blonde + 1/2 O&M CØR.color 8.0 Light Blonde with O&M CØR.color 20 vol Activator

Ends: 1/2 Oway Hcolor 8.0 Natural Light Blonde + 1/2 Oway Hcolor 0.0 Bleaching Booster with O&M CØR.color 5 vol Activator

Treatment: O&M The Power Base Protein Treatment

Hair Styling

  1. Spray with O&M Atonic Hair Thickening Spritz and remove moisture at 80%.
  2. Apply O&M Rootalicious Root Lift Spray and use the large O&M Volume Curve Hair Brush to give the hair some bend.
  3. Spray with more Atonic and use a tong to add extra support to the wave.
  4. Finish with O&M Original Queenie Firm Hold Hair Spray to set style. Brush through with a classic styling brush and the look is complete.

Glowing Dune Hair Color Formula

Full Head Paint: O&M Paint Powder Clay Lightener and O&M CØR.color 40 vol Activator for 50 mins

Toner: O&M CØR.color 9.11 Intense Ash Very Light Blonde and O&M CØR.color 5 vol Activator roots first, then ends

Treatment: O&M The Power Base Protein Treatment

Hair Styling Products

  1. Start by spraying some O&M Atonic Hair Thickening Spritz, then spritz some O&M Rootalicious Root Lift Spray from roots to ends
  2. Use the large O&M Volume Curve Hair Brush to add body and wave to the hair taking small sections to keep the volume.
  3. Use Atonic to act as heat protectant onto dry hair and use a large barrel curling iron to add definition to ends
  4. Seal the hair with O&M Frizzy Logic Shine Serum to add moisture with organic Argan and Macadamia Oil.

Truffle Brown Hair Color Formula

Starting Level: 80% resistant white/grey at new growth inch

Ends: A faded level 6

Retouch Application: 20g Oway Hcolor 5.0 Natural Light Brown + 10g Oway Hcolor 6.0 Natural Dark Blonde with 30 grams Oway Hcatalyst 20 Volume Cream Developer

Mids + Ends: 20g Oway Hnectar 6.0 Natural Dark Blonde + 20g Oway Hnectar 5.9 Marron Glace Light Brown + 30g Oway Htone 9 Volume Cream Developer and 20g 10 volume

Hair Styling

  1. Style with Oway Glossy Nectar and Oway Smoothing Cream to add hydration and shine while refurbishing the hair texture and porosity.
  2. After the hair is styled in a sleek polished manner, spray Oway Glamshine Cloud to lock out humidity and smooth any flyaways around the hairline.

Crimson Bliss Hair Color Formula

Partial Foils: O&M Ammonia Free Keratin Powder Lightener + O&M CØR.color 20 vol Activator

Roots: O&M CØR.color 4.0 Brown + O&M CØR.color 20 vol Activator

Shampoo + Conditioner: O&M Original Detox Shampoo and O&M Fine Intellect Conditioner

Toner: O&M CØR.color 66.46 Dark Red Intense Blonde + O&M CØR.color 5 vol Activator

Hair Styling

  1. Layer with O&M Know Knott Detangling Spray and remove moisture until 80% dry.
  2. Use O&M Project Sukuroi Gold Smoothing Hair Balm and smooth hair until 100% dry.
  3. Place more Sukuroi through hair and iron small sections to act as an intense keratin treatment, lock moisture in, and defrizz hair.
  4. Then finish with a spray of O&M Frizzy Logic Finishing Shine Spray onto hair to give incredible shine.
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How to Create the Perfect Classic Chignon for Weddings

Chignon is a French word that means ‘bun’. This classic updo is generally done by creating a bun at the back of the head, but there are several ways of doing this wedding hair favorite. We teamed up with Becky Huffman of Wildflower Hair Studio to demonstrate how you can create this popular bridal ‘do using our O&M Spring Wedding Kit.

How to Create a Bridal Chignon

1. Prep the hair with O&M Atonic Thickening Spritz to give the hair some volume and texture. This non-toxic thickening spray is perfect for setting a nice foundation for building the chignon, especially for fine and medium-density hair.

PRO TIP: Always be mindful of the hair texture when prepping the hair to ensure the longevity of the chignon.

2. Part the hair according to what your client desires with a tail comb. Then separate the hair in front starting from the end of the part down to the ear, and clip away.

3. Next, take a small section at the crown and carefully backcomb the hair, then take another section right behind it, joining it with the previous section.


Repeat the backcombing and spritz some O&M Original Queenie in between to create some height and softness through the crown.

4. Gently smooth the surface with the O&M Detangler Brush, making sure not to take away the height and cushion you’ve created.

5. Spray the top layer with O&M Frizzy Logic Shine Spray to smooth and control flyaways, as well give the hair some hold and a gorgeous luster.

6. Once that’s done, gather the rest of the hair to create a nice and tight low ponytail.


PRO TIP: We recommend using two elastics for the ponytail. This ensures that the ponytail stays in place in case the other elastic breaks.

7. Take small sections of the ponytail, gently clipping up the rest.

8. Then, backcomb each section halfway down to create shape. Spray O&M Original Queenie in between sections.

PRO TIP: The O&M Original Queenie is a firm hold spray that doesn’t leave any undesirable flakes on the hair. Some stylists use a sock bun or donut bun, and lay the ponytail over it to create the shape. But if you don’t have any of those, don’t worry – because O&M Original Queenie is perfect for giving the volume needed to create a chignon.

9. Smooth out the flyways, then gather the bottom of the ponytail, tying it with two elastics.
10. Flip the ponytail and secure the ends using a few bobby pins. Spritz the hair with O&M Frizzy Logic Shine Spray once again to tame some flyaway pieces and add shine.

11. To make sure there are no gaps in the bun, use the tail of of your comb to go in and fix any splits and gaps.

12. Next, take the hair in front of the ear and spray a little bit of Original Queenie in the direction of the hair. Comb and pull that panel across the top of your chignon, then pin. Repeat on the other side.

13. Hide the remaining tails by tucking them underneath the bun with a bobby pin.

14. Add some floral or sparkles and voila! Your bride is ready to walk the aisle.


Re-create this elegant chignon using these products from O&M!

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Trending Hair Colors This Week – Vol. 53


Spring may be a season for vivids and pastels, but this week we’re paying homage to blondes, brunettes and redheads. If your clients are looking for something more I-lowkey-had-my-hair-done this season, then these trends are for you!

Check out our favorite hair colors this week!


Du Jour Hair Color Formula

Hair by Kaila Ward

Platinum blonde is high maintenance but keeping the roots (if the client has a beautiful base) makes it so much easier to manage.

Regrowth to Ends: Oway Hbleach Butter Cream Lightener + 15vol

Toner: Equal Parts Oway Hcolor 11.17 Frosted Platinum + Oway Hcolor 10.1 Ash Extra Light Blonde with Oway Htone 9 Volume Cream Developer for 10-15mins


Sly Fox Hair Color Formula

Hair by Tassja Lisle of Sweetwater Hair & Bodyworks

Sunkissed brunettes are in season once again! When doing balayage, lighten strokes when at the blending area to create a seamless transition.

Balayage (1:2): Oway Hbleach Butter Cream Lightener + Oway Hcatalyst 30 Volume Cream Developer

Toner: 15g Oway Hcolor 7.1 Ash Blonde + 15g Oway Hcolor 8.31 Beige Light Blonde with Oway Htone 9 Volume Cream Developer + a pump of Oway Glossy Nectar


Decadent Red Hair Color Formula

Hair by Hannah Millsy of The Salon California

Many brunettes are predicted to go richer this Spring and Summer. And what’s richer and more vibrant than O&M COR.color’s intense reds?

Base: O&M CØR.color 66.46 Dark Red Intense Blonde with O&M CØR.color 10 vol Activator

Ends: O&M CØR.color 66.46 Dark Red Intense Blonde + O&M CØR.color 77.45 Red Intense Blonde with O&M CØR.color 20 vol Activator


Cocoa Hair Color Formula

Hair by Jessica Mattevi of Hustle + Heart Salon

Give dimension and brightness to your brunettes by taking some pieces and lightening them up with Oway Hbleach. Tone with 8.16 for a more natural look.

Full Foilage: Oway Hbleach Butter Cream Lightener + O&M CØR.color 40 vol Activator

Glaze: O&M CØR.color 8.16 Light Ash Violet Blonde with O&M CØR.color 5 vol Activator for 15mins


Tomcat Hair Color Formula

Hair by Meredith Blake

Curly hair is probably one of the most difficult hair types to color due to its delicate composition. Oway Hbleach is the perfect lightener to use for curls as it contains zero ammonia and infused with organic hydrating botanicals.

Painted & Foiled: Oway Hbleach Butter Cream Lightener + Oway Hcatalyst 30 Volume Cream Developer

Lowlight Toner: Oway Hcolor 7.3 Golden Blonde

Lightened Pieces Toner: Oway Hcolor 6.1 Ash Dark Blonde

Which are your picks this week?

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How to Create a Salon Refill Product Program


Now more than ever, consumers are becoming more aware of the environmental impact of the goods they are buying. Today’s savvy clients are leaning towards businesses who are making valid efforts in cutting their environmental impact. And as holistic hair stylists, we are in the best position to turn their awareness into action.

Research shows that compared with other recyclable materials, plastic takes the longest to decompose. Thus, experts are predicting that in 2050, plastic packaging will outnumber marine life if we don’t make changes to our plastic consumption soon.

Our solution: A Salon Refill Product Program. Implementing this Program will not only benefit your business sales-wise but, more importantly, it also allows you to become a more sustainable, eco-friendly salon.

Grab our ultra useful Salon Refill Product Program Tips!


Create an eye-catching product refill station.

Your display area is often the first and last thing your clients see when they enter and exit your salon, so it is important to create an eye-catching display area for your Refill Station. This helps generate enough curiosity and interest to get your clients to check out how it works and jump on your newest initiative.

You can either make your own shelves or purchase from thrift stores and craft stores, then neatly arrange the products.

Limited on space? Not a problem! You can use your back bar area as your Refill Station area by simply stocking up on your best-selling products that come in professional sizes, like Hair Baths and Conditioners.

Create an attention grabbing Refill Station Sign.

A Refill Station Sign or shelf talkers are integral to the success of your Refill Station, so make sure they stand out. Place a “Refill Station” sign above the products so clients immediately know what the shelf is for. You can also add business cards and product labels that your clients can read while waiting to be serviced, but be sure to keep the message short and simple. Many salons use Green as font color for their shelf talkers as it’s often associated with being Eco-Friendly.

Make it interactive.

Allow your clients to experience refilling their own salon containers, or watch their stylist do so. This makes them an active participant in solving environmental problems, thus keeping them involved and invested in your initiative.

The Program is also a great opportunity to introduce other Oway and O&M products and their benefits to your clients. Let them smell and test the products and you’ll be surprised how this practice can boost your salon retail sales.

Explain your eco-initiative.

Highlighting the benefits of the Refill Station to your clients and how they’re helping the environment by participating is a sure-fire way to get them on board. Below are some of the Program’s benefits to your clients and the environment:

Benefits For Your Clients

  • Decrease Product Cost by 15%
  • Feel Good About Being More Eco-Friendly
  • Have Fun Interacting with Refill Station Display

Benefits For the Environment

  • Decrease Carbon Emissions
  • Decrease Consumption of Finite Resources
  • Increase Natural Purity of Animal Habitats

The production, transportation, and consumption of  a single plastic container produces an estimated carbon footprint equal to 82.8 grams (about 3 ounces) of carbon dioxide. Multiply that to the billions of tons of plastic waste in our landfills and we got astronomically high quantities of greenhouse gases crowding the Earth’s atmosphere, resulting in global warming.

Encouraging clients to participate in your Refill Program allows them to cut their plastic consumption and reduce their carbon footprint in the process.


Reward your clients.

Offering rewards is a proven way to entice clients into participating in your Refill Program. Put up signs like: “Bring me back to be refilled and receive 15% OFF” and you won’t even have to convince them.

Start your own Refill Station with these kits!

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Hair Stylist + Salon 2018 Tax Deduction Checklist


Tax Day is upon us, and if you’re reading this – chances are you’re still struggling with your taxes. But fret not because we have you covered! Below are some acceptable deductions for salons that will help you get more back on your taxes.

What are acceptable deductions?

Generally, deductions are the things you spent on for your business to make money. This can either be the most mundane objects or absolute necessities for your salon to run smoothly. However, it is important to remember that these things should be appropriate for business.

Because hair stylists are categorically self-employed, we are often a target for IRS audits. Declaring items that are not part of your salon’s expenses will only trigger an audit.

Below are some acceptable expenses you can declare on your tax return

Hair Care Products and Tools

• Shampoo, conditioner, styling products, hair color and wax removal
• Styling tools
• Salon supplies like towels, caps, clips, among others

Salon Furniture, Equipment and Space

• Chairs, stools, carts and trays
• Waiting room area items including furniture and magazines
• Salon space is deductible whether it is owned or rented
• You can also deduct if space in home is used (portion deducted of house expenses such as cooling, heating and insurance)


Training and Continuing Education

• You cannot deduct for education expenses “to qualify you for a new trade or business”. However, after you are licensed, you can deduct the cost of classes to improve your job skills or that your employer requires.
• Subscriptions to trade magazines and journals
• Online CD’s and videos
• Trade shows and certifications (if you traveled to attend, you can deduct travel expenses to include transportation, meals, mileage and hotel)


Employee Expenses

• Salon owners with employees can deduct salaries, benefit plans and uniform expense


• Deduct any expenses associated with advertising your business in trade magazines, cards, flyers, and social media, as well as business cards, business website.

Capital Expenses

• Make sure to keep records of your capital expenses as you can write off your business start-up costs, business assets and improvements. Portion of start-up costs are written off in the first year with the remainder depreciated annually over the next 15 years.
• With Section 179, can write off new purchased equipment up to $500,000. This includes furniture, salon equipment and office equipment like computers, scanners and printers.


• Clothing, such as beauty tunics and salon uniforms, is deductible if they cannot be worn off the job.


• Both business and professional license


• Services that you utilize to keep your business running smoothly, like sharpening scissors and salon cleaning services, are also deductible.


• Liability insurance and healthcare

Charitable Deductions

• If your business donates to the community which include out-of-pocket costs, you can also deduct them from your return.


Meals and Entertainment Deductions

• To qualify, be sure to keep detailed records that document for each expense the amount, the place, the people attending and the business purpose. Without that documentation, you get no deduction.
• Receipt scanner can be your best friend. Scan receipts and save on Dropbox or any online cloud storage services. Backup on thumb drive. You can sort receipts by date or class. Be sure to make note on receipt the people who attended the event and the business purpose.


Energy Efficiency Improvements

• Are you using solar technology for your business? Being an eco-friendly salon has its benefits. If you’ve made energy improvements to your salon or building before 2016, you may qualify for a tax credit. While different from a tax deduction, tax credit allows you to get a dollar-for-dollar discount on your federal taxes.

Ready to file your taxes? Download your Hair Stylist/Salon Tax Deduction Checklist below!

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