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7 Steps to Salon Retail Success

Salon Startup Kit1 – Find a range of products that you believe in. It’s essential that you choose products that you truly believe are the best for your clients. Having a line of products free from sulfates, plastics, and preservatives is a great place to start. Products such as the Organic Care Systems range that contain certified organic ingredients are even better.

2 – Location, Location, Location. Where you locate your retail products within the salon is essential and can make all the difference. Ideally, they should be at the front of the salon, near the reception and, if possible, on the right hand side. People are naturally inclined to go to the right. If you are limited for space, consider using your window area for retail with labels clearly visible from outside. You can also use point of sale material and special promotions to draw people through your door. Continue reading…

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2013 Salon Business Trends

2013 Salon Business TrendsAny salon professional, stylist, colorist, or salon owner who has weathered the storm of the salon industry over the last couple of years can tell you one thing for certain; the industry has changed.  If you want to be a successful salon professional in 2013 you have to be intimately familiar and fully understand the top 5 trends that will have a profound impact on the salon industry in 2013.

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1. Big Beauty is a Big Liability for Salons

[blockquote type=”blockquote_line” align=”left”] In 2013 salon owners are quickly learning about how important it is to maintain their independence. Click here to see what drastic changes companies like Este Lauder, L’Oreal, and Proctor & Gamble have in store for their salons in 2013! Restrictive policies by Big Beauty companies makes the independent creative hair colorist that more valuable. [/blockquote]

In 2013, salon professionals will learn that only transparent niche boutique brands will serve to enhance their image and reputation.  Big beauty brands will only increase the skepticism of their already untrusting clientele. Continue reading…

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Brazilian Blowout has Dangerously High Levels of Formaldehyde According to Recent Government Report

brazilian blowout formaldehyde oshaSalons across the United States and Canada are now wondering what to do with the expensive product purchased from Brazilian Blowout which the government has issues a warning that salon may need to put proper hazardous chemical precautions in place which may be impractical for most salons. The Brazilian Blowout company has not publicly agreed to returns or refunds and its probably too early to accurately assess the legal liability salons may face by continuing to use this product on their clients. This incident has left salon professionals in a very bad situation as keratin treatments are often among the highest priced services they offer.

Government issues “cease” warning to salons.A couple of days ago, a state government agency report revealing that the popular Brazilian Blowout product, which advertises itself as being “Formaldehyde Free”, actually contains potentially dangerously high concentration of formaldehyde and OSHA’s COERT has issued an official warning to salons on their website.
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Organic Salon Systems is Recognized by PETA as a Provider of Cruelty-Free and Vegan Professional Salon Products

Cruelty-Free and Vegan

Organic Salon Systems, a distributor of non-diverted, high-performance salon products that maximize the use of gentle, nourishing, organic, and natural ingredients; is approved by PETA’s Leaping Bunny Program that administers a cruelty-free and vegan standard. Continue reading…

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Salon Hair Color Revelation

karine jacksonSummer hadn’t been kind to my locks and they were in need of a serious perking up – cue a hair education for flat, dull color at Karine Jackson’s Hair and Beauty Salon in London’s West End.

My days of dipping my locks into any old color pool are about to be numbered…

The Treatment:

Karine believes in organic hair color, courtesy of Organic Color Systems, so I’m intrigued to see whether this really is any different to the usual colors I have slathered on in the past. The organic colors use naturally derived ingredients and have been featured in the likes of Tatler and Vogue.

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Top 6 Myths and Facts about Professional Salon Products and Cosmetics

salon hair color products myths and factsOrganic Color Systems offers a more natural, organic, safer alternative to fantastic permanent professional hair color.  Believing in the merits of providing information about the dangerous chemicals and toxins that poison salons throughout the world, we are committed to providing useful information and clearing up the myths that provide salon professionals and consumers with a false sense of safety.

Myth: If products are at a Salon by a professional and licensed cosmetologist, they must be safe. Continue reading…

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Hair color without tears or fears

organic hair colorEach day hair stylists throughout the world are applying dangerous and carcinogenic chemicals on the heads of their clients.  Additionally, the toxins that are released into the air damage the lungs of hair sylist and other salon clients.  The dangerous chemicals in hair colors are consistently tied to breast cancer and other diseases.  Organic COlor Systems is a solution that performs far better than any ammoniated hair color.  It removes the tears and fears from the hair color experience.   Continue reading…

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