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Salon Startup Kit1 – Find a range of products that you believe in. It’s essential that you choose products that you truly believe are the best for your clients. Having a line of products free from sulfates, plastics, and preservatives is a great place to start. Products such as the Organic Care Systems range that contain certified organic ingredients are even better.

2 – Location, Location, Location. Where you locate your retail products within the salon is essential and can make all the difference. Ideally, they should be at the front of the salon, near the reception and, if possible, on the right hand side. People are naturally inclined to go to the right. If you are limited for space, consider using your window area for retail with labels clearly visible from outside. You can also use point of sale material and special promotions to draw people through your door. 3 – Relaxed, Restocked, Renewed. Many salons have good products on shelves behind the front desk or locked in glass cabinets. To a client, this says “DO NOT TOUCH”. So what do successful salons do that works so well? Simple. Their retail area is very inviting, clean, fully stocked, clearly labeled with plenty of information. Retail advisers are on hand to answer any questions and make recommendations. It’s essential that clients can pick up, read the labels, and smell your products. Stock should also be moved around every 4 weeks or so to keep the area fresh and draw clients’ eyes to different products.

4 – Talk to Your Clients. NO TALK, NO SALE. As you cut and color your clients’ hair, you explain what you’re doing and why; so it should be with product use. Every stylist should be explaining what they’re using, why they chose it, how to apply it, etc. Stylists should lead the clients through the retail area reviewing the products they recommended before they check out – if the client does not want to purchase product right away, make use of a prescription pad. This ensures that the client has a reminder of what was discussed.

5 – Make Retailing Fun. Every so often, have a retail promotion for a limited period and run a staff game alongside it. Use your imagination on this one – Anything that provides an incentive to sell will boost your revenue.

6 – Make Training Fun. Retail training doesn’t have to be a drag that no one looks forward to. Have each staff member randomly choose a product and sell it to the team as though they are Billy Mays or on a shopping channel. If successful, allow them to either keep the product or trade it for one they will use at home. Using a product is the best way to sell a product.

7 – Make Buying Fun. Clients are more likely to buy if the perceived value of what’s on offer is high. Encourage your clients to get rid of their old products they don’t use any more by offering them a 15% discount on all retail products when they bring in their old products. Find ways to donate the product they trade in, perhaps to a woman’s shelter or some other similar charity.

By utilizing these 7 steps, any salon can see a noticeable growth in retail sales and, therefore, a growth in revenue, and should also notice a positive change in the way retailing is perceived by their staff.

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