Hair Stylists: These 3 Questions Will Help You Charge What You Are Worth

Charging what you are worth as a hair stylist is such an important part of professionalism in our industry. Some stylists start the game with confidence and a deeper understanding and comfort with charging for their skills, time, and product. Many stylists, however, struggle with charging what they are worth.

Why is there such disparity in the hair world? Why is charging what you’re worth so hard for so many? Some of this comes from our own sense of professional worth, our beliefs about the clientele we can attract, and the culture around the products we use.

Are You Worthy?

Do you know your stuff? If you want to charge what you’re worth, you need to be worthy and feel worthy.


Being worthy starts with the basics: graduating cosmetology school, maintaining your license in good standing, then taking continuing education every chance you get.

As Holistic Hair Stylists, we take ourselves seriously when it comes to skill and expertise. We take classes to enhance our craft, our skills, and to stay contemporary, inspired, advancing our art.

One of the fundamental aspects of being a holistic hairstylist is INTEGRITY. Continually striving for excellence is a part of that. You are doing the work, you got the skills, you are worthy!

Is Your Vibe Worthy?

As they say, your vibe attracts your tribe. Are you cultivating a clientele that wants what you specifically offer? Are you putting out the vibes to attract what you want?

We are all wonderfully unique and we each have our own special vibe. The vibe you have can either attract or not attract what you want. That energy around us can come from who we are as a person, issues affecting our lives or even what happened to us on the way to work. Having an awareness of what our vibe is in person, online, even on the phone can really be helpful when trying to cultivate a specific professional identity.

Our vibe is connected to our artistic voice.

It is the energy of our personality signature. It is worth exploring and worth nurturing. You have permission to indulge. Do the things that help you feel like the awesome stylist you know you are. Set goals. Participate in self-care. When you show up to work all full of love for yourself and what you do, it’s hard NOT to be attracted to that. Love yourself! You are worthy!

Is Your Product Worthy?

Being a colorist is a magical combination of chemistry, color theory, practical skills, knowledge based on education and experience, and your own personal artistry. You can be limited or given wings to fly with the products you choose. Holistic Hair Stylists who use products that perform at the highest level, enhance the health of the client’s hair and scalp, and provide an environment free of toxins guarantee themselves success in any market.

As an Oway user and stylist, I find extreme benefit in the ability to truly meet my clients’ needs ethically and in a healthy way, for all of us. And how impressed are they when they learn these products aren’t just gorgeous, effective, and organic? The ingredients are farm to chair from Bologna, Italy or fair traded globally!

The more my clients learn about the layers of awesome that is Oway, and how fabulous their hair and scalp feel over time, the more invested they are in me as a stylist and the products they are using. As cheesy as it sounds, the products really do sell themselves. All we need to do as stylists is educate clients on what we are using and why and they happily purchase what they need.

Knowing your product, how it works, why it works, and using it to the best of your professional ability creates value in you as a stylist and helps your clients long term with hair and scalp health. Win-win.

Know Your Worth

You have the skills. You got them good vibes. You are using fabulous products. Now, check in with other professionals in your area, and around the country and set your price points.

You know what you need. You know what you are worth. And you know you are providing an unparalleled experience with the products you have chosen. Charge what you are worth with confidence and pride. And check in each year to see what needs to change.

You are a holistic hairstylist. You are going to grow and change, so price accordingly.

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About The Author

Abigail Waldrum

Abigail Waldrum is a Simply Organic Beauty Educator and Holistic Hair Stylist at Sepulveda Hair Studio in Deland, FL. An active member of our #HolisticHairTribe, she continues to inspire our community with her techniques, wisdom, and willingness to help others. If you want to learn more how to bring organic, eco-friendly hair products to your salon, please contact us at 888-213-4744