How to Increase Booking Using Local Facebook Groups

Let’s talk Booking.

Everyone’s booking strategy is different of course, but here are a few tips for finding your ideal client, increasing interest in your business AND engaging your local community!

If you aren’t already on Facebook, start by making an account. It’s free & easy to sign up.

Most cities have active Facebook groups that are moderated by people living and working in the area. A quick search can usually find a group or two. For example, if I live in St. Petersburg, Florida, I would search for general St. Pete groups, but also refine my search further to include local small business groups, professional groups, etc. Niche down if that helps you find your ideal client!

Before joining any groups, be sure to read the guidelines! Some groups do not allow any sort of salesy post, but many do!

If you think your post is too “salesy” take a step back and reformat it to be more of an introduction about you or your business, why you love the city and community you are a part of and then pivot to sharing what you do and whatever you want to offer.

Your offer could include a free treatment or bonus – “Come see me for a cut & color appointment and receive a free scalp treatment or analysis!” OR you could always offer a traditional discount for new guests. “New guests will receive 20% off their first service.” Get as creative as you want!

Other tips for success:
Level up: Create Google or Excel spreadsheets that will help you keep track of the groups you have engaged with and also the people – that way you know who to follow up with.

It’s true, everyone loves a discount. Offer referral discounts to new guests. Give them cards or codes to offer to other friends and family in exchange for a discount on their own services. This can create long term sustained growth in your salon!

Post, Like, Comment. Continue to be active in your community. Engage with other’s posts, answer questions if you think you could be helpful, and support other small businesses that are in your area.

Not only should you gain some new clients, you’ll be amazed at how many new connections and friends you’ll make!

Be respectful. Don’t be pushy, and don’t forget to always be kind when interacting with others. Life is hard, let’s uplift those around us, especially in our local communities.