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4 Reasons After-Sun Care is Important


Although taking precaution while out and about in the sun is necessary, most people are unaware of the lasting damage that could occur without proper after-sun care, a crucial step especially in hotter climates. As we approach the midst of summer, it’s time for a quick reminder on the importance of after-sun maintenance.

Why After-Sun Care is Essential

After an extended amount of time in the sun, hair may become brittle, brassy, frizzy, dry, and overall completely unmanageable. According to the Cleveland Clinic, the sun’s rays parallel the effect of bleach on the hair. A reaction with the melanin creates an irreversible chemical reaction that extracts the color and causes damage to the cuticle. On top of that, salt, sand, and chlorine strip away the hair’s natural oils.

In addition, the sun’s harsh rays put the skin under attack. Burns and other health conditions are more likely to occur if proper aftercare is not taken. To ensure the safety of your health during the summer season, remember these sun care tips.

Summer Hair and Skin Care Tips

1. Prevention is always better than cure. Applying a protective guard on the hair before going outdoors shields the hair from the damaging effects of the sun before they happen. This also reduces the time you’ll need to spend with your after-sun care routine. The energizing oils in the Oway Sunway Sun Protective Elixir provide a nourishing blend of protection and shine, along with providing your hair with color protective filters.

2. Over exposure also increases damage to the cuticle. In fact, excessive amounts of swimming can cause the hair’s protective cuticle to crack due to frequent exposure to the sun, salt and chlorine, ultimately leading to split ends and breakage. With the use of Oway Sunway After Sun Hair Mask, you can mend cuticle scales and replenish the hair with nutrients to give it both hydration and softness. This ultra-restorative conditioner is packed with oils that nourish and moisturize dehydrated hair. The Brazilian Jicama Extract in the mask actually replenishes the hair’s structure each time it’s washed. To ensure the best results, this product is most effective when used immediately after exposure.


3. We all know that dry, gritty feeling from head to toe the moment we leave the beach. Dull hair, rough skin, and in need of an all over detox to bring back the skin and hair’s natural shine and glow. Oway’s After-Sun Hair & Body Bath is both a restorative, moisturizing shampoo and body wash for detoxifying and repairing the skin and hair after days spent at the beach or pool. One of the key ingredients in this product is the Biodynamic Green Anise, which eliminates cancer-causing free radicals in the skin and hair after sun exposure. Additionally, this two-in-one product effectively removes leftover residue from sunscreen and gels without over drying your skin.

4. When the UV index is at an all time high, our skin’s natural oils are dried out so fast that our body doesn’t have the ability to replenish itself quick enough. Due to the lack of moisture, our skin is left tight, itchy, and irritated. On days like this, your body is prone to sunburn, which accelerates the formation of premature wrinkles. The Oway Sunway After Sun Body Balm alleviates and repairs skin after sun exposure. This restorative balm has nourishing capabilities to restore dry, dehydrated skin. The combination of pure oils are full of reparative mechanisms that prevent skin cell damage and add that layer of softness without leaving a thick, greasy residue.

These are just some tips to help you stay on top of your health and wellness throughout the summer season. Do you have an after-sun care routine? Sound off in the comments!

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