What is Her Hair Texture?

A common misconception about hair is that it is the amount of hair on someone’s head. That is actually called hair density. Hair texture is  determined by the diameter of each individual strand. Fine textured hair, or hair with a small diameter can be made fuller by lightening it with a bleaching product or coloring it with a permanent tint. The cause behind this is the swelling in the cuticle layer caused by the bleaching or coloring process. Raised cuticles can also cause finer textured hair to retain shape better when styled.


On the other end of the spectrum from fine texture is coarse texture. Coarse textured hair has a larger diameter than fine textured hair and requires a demi color.  These types of hair colors will contain plenty of conditioning agents and no ammonia. Demi colors also make coarse hair appear smoother and healthier than it normally would.