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2011 Hair Color TrendsThis winter the trends are darker, cooler shades like charcoal, sultry chocolates and burnt woods. Brunettes should be dark and solid, and for redheads fiery, deep shades of red and copper are what we’ll be seeing on the runways.  To create these looks with Organic Color Systems I’ve created a few demi-permanent formulas – use 3% 10 vol Activator in equal amounts to the color.  Apply roots to ends.

Rich Brunettes:

  1. Cool, Dark Chocolate: 40 mls of 4MO with 15 mls of Blue Concentrate
  2. Rich, Warm Mahogany: 20 mls of 4MO with 20 mls of 4MH, 15 mls of violet concentrate and 25 pumps of violet intensifier
  3. Slate:  15 mls of 1N, 20 mls of 3N, 20 mls of 4N, 5 mls of blue concentrate

Sultry Reds:

  1. Deep, Fiery Red: 30 mls of 4FR and 30 mls of Red Concentrate with 20 pumps of red intensifier
  2. Burnt Copper: 30 mls of 6CR and 30 mls of 6RC with 15 mls of Red Concentrate

I hope these formulas are an inspiration to you to play with the color and create your own beautiful shades.  I would love to see your creations on our Facebook page and invite you to post your pictures anytime.

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