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Do you ever wonder why your hair is more fragile during the summer? Even though our locks are comprised of keratinized, non-living cells, it is still prone to various issues caused by the harmful rays of the sun.

Hence why it is important that the hair and scalp are completely protected, and steps are taken to care for those delicate strands after exposure. Still not convinced? Below are major reasons your hair needs sunscreen, too.

Why Your Hair Needs Sun Protection

It fades hair color, fast.

Whether you have virgin hair or color-treated hair, you will notice that your hair slightly changes in shade during the summer. This is because the sun’s rays combine with the oxygen in the air, which causes the melanin in the hair to react and fade.

This phenomenon gives a highlight effect to untreated hair, while color-treated hair will notice some fading. To prevent this from happening, apply a sun protective product that contains ingredients that act as UV filters, like Biodynamic Green Anise.

Exposure to UV rays makes the hair brittle and prone to damage.

More than color fading, the summer also brings free-radical producing elements that attack the hair and cause oxidative stress.

Elements like saltwater, chlorine and environmental aggressors weaken the hair’s structure, causing brittle strands. Going out without sun protection can be a kiss of death, especially for those with already compromised hair.

It dehydrates the hair.

Extreme temperatures can suck the moisture out of the hair. But what many people are not aware of is that elements like saltwater, chlorine and hair products can build up on the hair and scalp, which worsens the situation.

Unless washed off, these elements can suffocate the hair and disrupt its natural pH, leading to dry, dehydrated hair. Using an after-sun shampoo and conditioner filled with antioxidants and vitamin C after a day in the sun will effectively remove all the buildup in the hair and restore it to its former health.


The scalp is composed of living cells that need to be protected.

Much like our skin, the scalp is comprised of living cells that are prone to oxidative stress. Even though the scalp is basically covered with hair, without ample protection, UV rays can target those living cells causing sun burn or worse, skin cancer.


Wearing a hat is great for filtering the ultra-violet radiation, but adding an extra layer of protection is never a bad thing. If possible, style the hair in a way that doesn’t expose the scalp. But if you’re in the mood for a new hairstyle, make sure to spray some sun protection like Oway’s Sun Protective Elixir to any exposed parting.

In the summer, damage is an all-too-common problem. Apart from wearing sun protective accessories, there are also many non-toxic hair care products that will help shield the hair and scalp from harmful UV rays.

Check out our Sun Protective Hair Products from Oway below!

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