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organicAt Organic Color Systems we feel very strongly about the environment and are continually looking to reduce our impact upon it.

We don’t expect everyone to give up their cars or vacations abroad, but there are a number of small ways that we can all help to minimize waste and cost, which benefit both our planet and our wallets!

Here are our top 10 tips for beginning to be a “Green”, eco-friendly, environmentally conscious, salon:

1. We recommend to all our salons that they should wash out the color, activator, and care bottles for recycling. With Organic Color Systems there is no ammonia being flushed back into the water supply, whch is another benefit.

2. Use full loads when washing towels and set to wash overnight for cheaper electricity rates. If you need to replace your washing machine, look for one with a favorable Energy Star rating, which means that it is energy- efficient.

3.Try to minimise water use. Don’t leave taps running unnecessarily and fix any dripping taps. Plus consider water- saving aerators and cistern water-saving devices.

4. Check and maintain electrical equipment to make sure everything is working correctly and efficiently.

5. Use eco-friendly stationery. There is a vast choice of recycled paper on the market today, plus the performance of vegetable-based inks has improved significantly over the past few years.

6. Investigate alternative options from the electricity and gas suppliers. Several now offer ‘eco’ tarifs.

7. Remove plastic cups from your water cooler and replace them with glasses, which are much nicer to drink from as well!

8. Investigate whether your water cooler can be plumbed into your water supply in the kitchen, to avoid the need for refill bottles of water. This saves on the plastic and the fuel used to deliver them to your salon.

9. Switch off all appliances when not in use and don’t leave TVs and monitors on stand-by overnight.

10. Encourage your staff to ca-pool, use public transport or walk / cycle to work.

Your efforts will most certainly be appreciated by both the environment and your clients.

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