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Recognize Client Type & Dialogue Starters
DIALOGUE STARTERS Part 2 of 2 Series

Once you have determined the client type from part 1, use these conversation starters to help you initiate a conversation or overcome objections and stimulate interest.

Blind Date:

“I would like to introduce you to some of the exceptional services we offer in our salon. Your natural hair color is beautiful and I would love to enhance your natural shine and even add to the strength, health, and integrity.”

“Using our Organic Color line, we can enhance your colors natural shine and add to the condition and overall feel and health of your hair; all without the corrosive effects of other ammoniated color lines.”

Color Cautious:
“What if I could make your hair more full of body and shine and show off your already amazing style / cut by adding in some accent pieces of color to detail your cut, brightening your color and adding some intense shine?”

“This hair color will be very easy to maintain and will immediately make your hair feel healthier too.”

Time Challenged:
“I know that time is important but what if we improved the condition of your hair with a glossing today? The treatment will only take less than 30 minute and will add luscious shine to your stylish cut.”

If your client is unable to do the service now, rebook their next appointment with some additional time. Perhaps you could even make it a lunchtime appointment and have lunch waiting for them. They will appreciate your commitment to making them look and feel great with Organic Color.

“Your new fringe / bang is fun, but let’s make it pop a bit more with some color. I have a formula in mind that won’t fade out and will show your edge even more.”

“By choosing a non-ammoniated color line, the cuticle will not be blown open for the color to escape. Therefore, longer lasting color and shinier results can be guaranteed.”

Root Rejection:
“I know how you dislike seeing the difference in your root color when it grows in against your highlights. I have a new Organic alternative that will lightly change your base level minimizing the starkness of your roots between services, you can keep your dimension from your highlights but the regrowth won’t be as drastic as your natural grows in.”

Accelerated Fader:
“I have a great new color service that will keep your hair fresh and will give you longer lasting color results, naturally. You will look as though you have shiny first day color between appointments.”

Cut & Dried:
“I know we are happy with your color the way it is, but what if I had an idea to make you LOVE it? By coloring your hair with Organic Color, I am also going to make the condition, feel, health, shine, and overall look something you will also fall in love with.”

“We could really add to your style by adding just a couple of highlights, just a few shades lighter than your natural color so the regrowth upkeep will be minimal.”

New to Gray:
“I know that going gray can be a little distressing, but I have a solution to blend it and somewhat disguise it.”

“By adding some highlights, we can better blend your natural color to the gray. In doing so, by using an Organic Color or lightener you won’t need to worry about any further damage your natural pigment.”

Price Sensitive:
“I would like to brighten up the hair around your face. By adding just a few highlights, we can accomplish this while keeping the price and maintenance minimal.”

“What if we were to do an allover glossing with our Organic Color? This will reduce the amount of damage and visible regrowth while making your color more reflective, giving the illusion of a much more drastic change.”

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