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New Style, New Year: How To Highlight You


We all have favorite and, admittedly, least-favorite parts about our appearances. Our hair and the way we cut and style it plays a huge role in how we see ourselves which is great news, because a good hairstyle alone can work wonders. It can hide wrinkles, define your jawline, enhance your cheekbones and all-around help you to highlight or disguise what you want, when you want. 

We’re taking the power back this New Year! We’ve all heard the “New Year, New Me” sentiment, but our goal here is to give you the knowledge to take tangible steps towards what will make you look and feel the best based on your guidelines–nobody else’s–this coming year and beyond. Here are eight varying hairstyles you can try for a quick transformation depending on what you want out of your look this season.

Blended Pixie Cut

If you are looking for a shorter hairstyle, you can ask your stylist for a pixie cut. You will look fresher and brighter with the right pixie, which your trained stylist will know how to provide based on your face shape and what you are looking for. A pixie will perfectly frame your face and make your cheekbones pop. If you want a carefree and confident look, ask about soft layers without edges.





Soft Bangs

Soft and wispy bangs might feel like a leap if you’ve never had a shag before, but trust us—you’ll have an instantly softer, more playful and youthful look on your hands. To switch things up day-to-day you can swipe your fringe to the side. And if you’re feeling extreme, talk to your stylist about baby bangs. Although daunting, your stylist will work with you for the right look to pull them off confidently.

Edgy Cropped Bob

The edgy cropped bob is a universally cute hairstyle perfect for all our fine haired friends out there.

When they are styled with the appropriate products (try O&M Atonic Thickening Spritz and Oway Shabby Mud), the chopped ends effortlessly bounce off each other, creating the illusion of thicker texture.

If your New Year mood is pulling you to shed some baggage and beckoning you to hit the refresh button, the edgy cropped bob is for you. 





Asymmetrical Bob

There’s no shame in wanting to drop a few pounds, as most people desire especially towards the New Year. Let the asymmetrical bob help you in your journey. It is short in length and cut into an uneven bob, where one side is shorter than the other. This surprisingly caters to many face shapes and does not need too much maintenance, so if you’re unsure about your new ‘do, the asymmetrical bob is for you.

Face Framing Layers

The layers of hair around your face can balance the weight of your hair and that of your face too by giving you an elegant look. When they are parted at the middle, long layers fall along your face and below your chin which lower your jawline (aka make your face look slimmer)—some pretty great benefits, if you ask us.






Highlights with brighter colors draw up attention to your beautiful face and naturally brighten your appearance. The best way to rock this look is to use the money piece hair technique. Adding highlights to your hair is one of the simpler hair coloring techniques, yet will instantly transform your hair for a brand new look.


This is an excellent style to add the appearance of length. The eyes are drawn upwards by the direction of your hair which naturally has a slimming effect. This style shifts attention towards your upper body, so if that is something you want to highlight this year, give the vertical updo a try! Consider using hair clips for a more striking look.






Many people leave braids behind in their past, possibly because it’s a common hairstyle for young girls. But we say bring back the braid! A braid across the crown of your head can add the sense of a whimsical and youthful appearance. Plus, it makes your hair curly naturally. You can also try braids that are side swept with textured ends for a faster go-to style.


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